iTunes Podcast Channel: #SPAITGIRL Talk Show by Yvette Le Blowitz

#SPAITGIRL Talk Show by Yvette Le Blowitz

One of the Things I love to do when I am going for my Morning Walk is Listen to uplifting and inspiring motivational talks.

There are so many amazing motivational talks on youtube and so many inspiring iTunes Podcast channels that can help take you to the next level when it comes to become your own best version.

For anyone who has followed me for some time now you know I love to TALK and TALK and TALK.  I perhaps developed this love for talking thanks to watching the Oprah Winfrey Talk Show Growing Up and yes she was my Ultimate I wanna be like her when I grow up inspiration!

I also love to share not only my own GO-TO Tips to help other people, but also finding out other people’s GO-TO Tips that could help other people too.

I truly believe that we can learn so much from one another and that we can all add to each others life.  Life is about learning and growing.

One of my greatest belief’s is that those you surround yourself with you become.  So it’s with great please that I get to share with you today my very own iTunes Podcast Channel which is the:

#SPAITGIRL Talk Show by Yvette Le Blowitz you can click here to subscribe  and you will be notified every time, I add a new podcast to my iTunes channel.

Each year I get to do many Motivational Guest Speaking Talks with all kinds of Community Groups, Businesses and different causes and since the launch of my brand new book: It Starts With Me: Feel Good Within and Become Your Happiest, Healthiest Self I have been doing even more motivational talks about how everything starts from within and if you want to make something happen it starts from within and only you can make it happen, you have get clear on what you want and have certanity it’s going to happen.

I truly love being a Guest Speaker and if you have ever watched me on stage! I’ve been referred as turning into a GIRL Version of Tony Robbins  (which can I say is a very big OMG compliment!) I on the other hand think I just turn into a GIRL Version of myself as I simply just talk from my own heart and soul and without most times any notes at all as it just flows!

I am so passionate and energetic about helping other people to feel good from within and for them to become the best version of themselves that now having my own iTunes podcast Channel is amazing as it means I can reach even more people worldwide so I would love for you to re-share this post because you never know who might be needing a little bit more Spa it Girl Motivation in their life in 2018!

Everything I have created isn’t by luck or chance, or it was given to me, I simply worked for it and showed up on the days to work my craft when I could have said this is all to hard why I am even bothering.

I believe attitude is everything and despite how you are feeling today you have the ability in a moment to change the way you feel and you life too.

It is never to late to start over.  I am turning 40 this year and I seriously think I am only getting started when it comes to taking what I love to do to the next level when it comes to helping even more people tap into their true inner self and unlimited potential.

I have seen so many transformations over the many years and I have to say it always makes me happy to see someone going from living in self doubt and fear to being courageous and living their ultimate dreams and feeling good from within.

I really love also catching up with other Wellness, Spiritual, Health, Spa, Yoga Experts and finding out their words of wisdom so I can share with you and my Spa it Girl Community and Global Audience and if you are wondering why I am always doing this, it’s because I love to give.

My Latest iTunes Podcast is about What Mirror Meditation is? and How you Can Practice it and what are the benefits of it.  I caught up with the Creator of Mirror Meditation Tara Well and she gives myself and my Spa it Girl Blog readers and audience the low down.

I have had this belief and it’s my ultimate certainity that if I give more then I get the universe has my back and so far from looking at all of the amazing things I have been able to experience in my life I have to say that this is still my certainity.

I never take on a project and go wow let’s calculate how much money I can make from these people or take from these people who turn up to my Wellness Events, or who buy my Book, or listen to my talks, or want me to create their social media content and campaigns but instead I have the mindset of I am going to give more then I can and how can I honestly help these people.

Once you know your Why is then it becomes your MUST that’s when the real magic happens.

I’ve listen to so many motivational speakers over the money years and even grew up listening to the great Motivational Speakers and Teachers and the one common message is Money doesn’t buy you happiness but living your Why and Staying True to your Purpose and Your Must Do’s is what does.

I am off to record my next iTunes Podcast #SPAITGIRL Talk Show!! Stay tuned it’s going to be a very passion, uplifting and passionate go getter 2018 one!

I will see you on my iTunes podcast channel in 2018: #SPAITGIRL Talk Show by Yvette Le Blowitz 

Love & Light Always
Yvette xoxo