SELF CARE is the No.1 Global Spa & Wellness Trend in 2018

Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl just named the No.1 SPA, Beauty, Wellness Global Trend in 2018 and it’s SELF CARE.

JOIN #SPAITGIRL and become your own Self Care Beauty in 2018.

Get Ready to Wake Up Every Day and Cultivate Your Own Self Care Rituals.

Get Ready to Practice Self Care Saturday along with Self Love Sunday.

Yes that’s right Spa it Girl is taking Self Care and Self Love to the next level in 2018!!! and she is giving you even more permission to take care of yourself in 2018!!

Spa it Girl believes that everything starts from within and yes that even means Beauty!!

Become Your Own Best Version in 2018 and show up for yourself every single day.

I believe that each and every one of us are beautiful, unique and authentic.

I believe we all have our own unique talents and we all have the potential to live our wildest dreams.

I believe that everything Starts From Within and yes that even means Beauty!

I believe that we are more then our Body, Shape or Size.

I believe we all deserve to Feel Good From Within and To Become Our Happiest, Healthiest Self and To Live Our Own Dreams.

I believe that when we connect with our true loving inner self that is when the real magic happens.

I believe we all have the power create the life we truly want and it starts with waking up every day and choosing to take care of ourselves no mater what.

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I believe that Self Care is going to be the Biggest Global Spa, Beauty, Wellness Trend in 2018.

Each Year I get to name and say what I think the Global Trend really is and I am so excited that in 2018 it’s Self Care! It’s so empowering for everyone in our global community and it’s a great global message that it’s not about looking good, it’s about feeling good and taking care of yourself the best you can each and every waking day by practicing simply little acts of self care and self love.

So on that note have a Happy Holiday and I will see you in 2018! Live across all our Spa it Girl Social Media Channels.

Keep using our Social Hashtag of #spaitgirl and #iamaspaitgirl as I absolutely love seeing what you are up to because each and everyone of you inspire ME.

Love & Light
Yvette Le Blowitz