Top 2018 Beauty Trend a Sunday Face Mask

Every Sunday I love to pop on a Face Mask to celebrate #Spaitgirl #SelfLoveSunday.

I also love seeing when you pop on a face mask too.

I even remember when we use to catch up live on my Spa it Girl facebook page at 4pm on a Self Love Sunday to pop on a Facemask together.

Popping on a Sunday Face Mask has been part of our #Spaitgirl Self Love Sunday Rituals for sometime now and I even shared this in my book: It Starts With Me as one of my GO-TO Self Love Sunday rituals.

So with that in mind I am super excited to share with you that the No.1 Beauty Industry Trend for 2018 is popping on a Sunday Face Mask and then sharing that on Instagram.

Thanks to the Face Mask instagram selfie appeal and the rise of hashtag’s like: #SelfLoveSunday #Spaitgirl #iamaspaitgirl #SundayFacial #facemask #facemasks this has all helped to create such a trend.

I couldn’t be happier because even the likes of Harpers Bazaar UK have now named popping on a Sunday Mask or any kind of mask to be the No.1 Beauty Industry Trend in 2018 and a trend that is on the rise and here to stay! yes!!!

I am totally over the moon because as an old school blogger at heart, to see now that Beauty, Fashion Industry can see what I can see what I could always see – is a real Spa it Girl pinch me Moment! yes!!

If you watched my instagram @Spaitgirl video stories on Self Love Sunday you would have seen that I was wearing a lip, eye and face masks on all at the same time! I love trying new facemasks out.

I absolutely love practicing Self Love Sunday because it’s the one day of the week, when I too take time out to practice self care and love by popping on face mask.

Popping on a face mask for me at home always makes me feel good within and it does wonders for my skin.  I credit practicing Self Love Sunday thanks to my Mum because it was actually from watching her that I learnt Sunday should be a day that we take care of ourselves no matter what!

Thanks to every Spa it Girl & Boy who has been joining me and popping on a Self Love Sunday Face Mask too.

You Rock because you just helped create the No.1 Beauty Industry Trend for 2018 – not just in Australia but Globally too!!!

I can’t wait to see what face mask you pop on next, Hashtag #spaitgirl #spaitboy #SelfLoveSunday #SundayFacial #facemask #facemasks to share.

Love Yvette

Spa it Girl xoxo