Herbivore PINK CLOUD is a Brand New Self Care Ritual

It’s official  Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme has LAUNCHED and Spa it Girl is Beyond Excited. 

After receiving hundreds of requests for a cream moisturiser over the past few years Julia and Alex, founders of Herbivore who create safe, non-toxic, highly effective, cruelty free, natural products decided it was time to make their customer requests happen.

During a creative formulating process they knew they needed to innovate because they were trying to create something that didn’t exist and had never been created before:

A lightweight,100% natural, truly synthetic-free moisturizing cream with a dewy finish that easily blends into skin leaving it perfectly moisturized. 

Pink Cloud which has been created to hydrate, plump and smooth skin leaving it with a glowing + slightly dewy finish.

Pink Cloud Includes Rosewater, Aloe Water, and White Tea Extract to moisturise, soothe and reduce appearance of redness.

It’s Formulated for all skin types, not greasy, oily, or sticky and perfect under make-up or worn alone to let your skin breathe.

Julia and Alex, co-founders of Herbivore wanted it to be light and have a dewy finish, and most importantly to be truly good for your skin, not packed with synthetics like 99% of the cream moisturisers that you tend to find.

After many months of research and development they made Pink Cloud into its own unique texture – light weight, creamy, blend-able and breathe-able, with no harmful synthetic ingredients at all so you and your skin can relax (and breathe).

High in active natural ingredients like Rose Water, Aloe Water, Kukui Oil and White Tea Extract, Pink Cloud melts into skin to create a dewy, bouncy, hydrated smooth canvas. Never heavy, greasy, sticky or oily. Welcome to the future of skin care. Truly Natural. Very Effective. Good for you.

K E Y   I N G R E D I N T S :

Rose Water – Naturally high in anti-oxidants and excellent for reducing appearance of redness in skin. This is also where Pink Cloud’s natural scent comes from.

Aloe Water – Lightweight, skin soothing and hydrating. Aloe is also naturally rich in salycilic acid making it great for preventing blemishes.

White Tea Extract – Youth preserving, rich in anti-oxidants which protect skin from pigmentation and fine lines.

Kukui Oil – Rich in linoleic acid, it is great for  hydrating and balancing all skin types, plus it adds a subtle dewy glow.

Sodium Hyaluronate – Vegetable sourced, it penetrates deeply into the skin to attract and retain water for maximum hydration.

Rice Extract – Improves texture and clarity of skin by smoothing and brightening dark spots.

Ingredients in bold are Certified Organic

Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl shares “that it’s not everyday you get to see such a beautiful product like Pink Cloud be created and become available” “It ticks all the natural skincare spots”

“I think it’s amazing that Pink Cloud has been created thanks to Julia and Alex, Founders of Herbivore, it’s the most exciting thing that has happen in the Beauty Industry in a very long time”

“They have only just launched Pink Cloud and already it’s getting raving reviews”  “Pink Cloud is going to be the perfect self care, self love product for any natural beauty”

“Get ready to hear a lot about Pink Cloud across the Beauty Social Media Channels”

“I am super excited to be part of the Pink Cloud Herbivore Launch and to be sharing this beautiful product and brand with you”

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