Joanna Vargas a GO-TO for Natural & Organic Facials

photo credit: Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas is a Celebrity facials & skincare guru in New York City known for her results driven, non-invasive facials, natural and organic skincare products.

Joanna Vargas created her own signature services, and combined all natural skincare products with proven techniques including micro current, microdermabrasion, oxygen infusions, and LED light therapy to deliver immediate results.

Today, Joanna’s results-driven treatments and products are a favorite among celebrities, supermodels, socialites, editors, and women who simply want the best for their skin.

Joanna believes beauty is more than just a pretty face. Beauty is the words we speak, the actions we take, and the choices we make every day which Spa it Girl absolutely loves.

Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl tells us that: “Joanna Vargas is Spa Industry Icon and I love her strong powerful empowering messages about skincare, beauty, wellness also”

“I love how she offers non-invasive facials that deliver real skincare results so her clients don’t need to worry about having Botox”

“I love how she has created her own natural organic skincare products and how she has a cult following for her sheet face masks which are perfect for Spa it Girls”.

Joanna Vargas is know for her signature TRIPLE CROWN FACIAL treatment which is a unique combination of microdermabrasion, micro current, and oxygen-infused therapy to refine, lift, and tone your skin.

This facial treatment delivers visible results of smooth, firm, youthful-looking skin with a radiant glow and it’s a favourite with celebrities too.  Every session triggers collagen and elastin production and over time you receive even more skincare benefits.

Joanna Vargas Salon is conveniently located directly across from the New York City Public Library at Bryant Park. High above it all on the 12th floor of a historic office building, the day spa is a tranquil escape. That has 7 well-appointed, private treatment rooms feature fine art from our clients and Joanna’s personal collection.

To Be a Spa it Girl at Joanna Vargas in New York City call 212 / 949 – 2350 or email  SALON@JOANNAVARGAS.COM to make an appointment.

Besure to hashtag #spaitgirl #iamaspaitgirl when being at Spa it Girl at Joanna Vargas in NYC we can’t wait to see your beautiful glowing natural skin.

photo credits: Joanna Vargas @jvskincare