Self Love: Karuna Renewal + Eye Mask

When it comes to my Self Love Sunday Rituals I love popping on all kinds of masks and if you follow me live on my instagram account @Spaitgirl or facebook page: Spa it Girl you will notice I am always trying new masks or skincare products.

Now that I have turned 40 I must admit I need to do more for taking care of my under eye skin!

Popping on a weekly facemask is great but it still doesn’t target and help with my under eye skincare concerns which for me have been puffy eyes and dark circles.

I have noticed that since I started doing weekly eye masks that it has actually helped to reduce my puffy eyes and dark circles which is great.

I am not going to continue to include into my Self Love Sunday Rituals a weekly eye mask and I will make sure that I share with you any masks that you might be able to try and do at home also.   So here goes meet:

Karuna it was the first sheet mask brand to launch in the US and all of their products are paraben-free, dye-free, mineral and castor oil free and contain our exclusive Beauty Complex to HYDRATE, SOOTHE AND RENEW.

I first spotted this Skincare brand actually at the Brisbane Airport in the Mecca Store and I thought what a great product to use at home as part of my Self Love Sunday Rituals.

The Karuna Renewal Eye Mask helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine line and wrinkles. To use it you simply pop it underneath your eyes and leave it on for 20 minutes.

After I have popped my Self Love Sunday Eye Mask on, I lay back on the couch or my yoga mat and simply let go and relax for the next 20 minutes and it is absolute Spa it Girl Bliss!

It’s the best feeling ever doing absolutely nothing and I think it’s so important we spend time each week to simply BE.

If you would like to introduce an eye mask to your Self Love Sunday rituals then Click Here To Buy the Karuna Renewal + Eye Mask or look out for this product in your Mecca or Sephora store.

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Photo Credits: Karuna