Meet: Hayley Wood, Founder of Therapeutic Skin Coach

Photo Credit: Taylor Souza (insta credit @taylornsouza)

Spa it Girl caught up with Hayley Wood the Founder of Therapeutic Skin Coach to find out her Go-To Skincare, Wellness, Self Care Rituals and Tips.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Hayley Wood and I am the founder of Therapeutic Skin Coach.

I am a naturalized American citizen who was born in New-Brunswick, Canada and moved to Wisconsin with my family at age 10. That was also the year that I started breaking out and suffering from acne which was rooted in digestive health issues and hormone imbalances. I suffered with skin issues until I was 21 and because of my struggle was always fascinated with discovering a solution for my skin imbalance. I always felt called to look deeper than topical care in order to help someone get to the root of their issues.

There are so many aspects of our health to consider when dealing with our skin, whether it’s a change in environment, hormone health, digestive issues, sleep patterns, stress and/or our genetics. I realized that I was getting to the root of issues much faster and that the resolve on how it reflected on the skin wasn’t overnight, but it was much more effective. I first became a licensed esthetician at 19 years old after my first year of college and I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

I signed up for a summer course at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, which is an Aveda beauty school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin back in 2006 and it felt like I had found my mecca. I fell in love with the profession and it honestly feels like it’s an extension of my being at this point.

Photo Credit: Taylor Souza (insta credit @taylornsouza)

What Inspired you to Want to Become a Therapeutic Skin Coach and start up your own #GIRLBOSS Business? I was struck by the shingles virus over 3 years ago when I was 27 which was the catalyst to push me to start my own business. I quit my spa job at the time to give me space in order to heal and in order to pay the bills I was working at a green beauty store called The Detox Market as an assistant manager.

This store carries all non-toxic products in all categories of health and cosmetics including makeup, skincare, body and hair care, supplements and household items. The education I had on the skin with the education I gained on the toxicity of certain ingredients helped me develop my practice which focuses on the safety of all my clients so I don’t use any conventional products but all natural ingredients, and non-toxic skincare instead.

It started with taking my existing clients out of my living room and then progressing into a weekly blog about how to use your skin as a guide for bettering your health and also a full-fledged practice where I also help estheticians with their practices as well. I always felt called to look deeper than topical care in order to help someone get to the root of their issues.

There are so many aspects of our health to consider when dealing with our skin, whether it’s a change in environment, hormone health, digestive issues, sleep patterns, stress and/or our genetics. I realized that I was getting to the root of issues much faster and that the resolve on how it reflected on the skin wasn’t overnight, but it was much more effective.

I channelled that type of care in my practice and people really took to my approach. I’m so grateful and never expected to be my own boss but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What does your Daily Skincare Routine Look Like? My skincare routine changes all the time because I believe in tuning into my skin and listening to what my intuition is telling me about it. Most of the time if I have an issue and don’t fixate on it I can usually shift my what the root cause may be.

This helps empower me to make more mindful and healthy decisions for myself. I also communicate many self-loving mantra to myself about what I love about my skin. If I focus on the positive then the imbalances don’t feel as frustrating. But as a go-to rule I tend to keep my skincare simple.

I use a gentle cleanser such as the One Love Organics’ Easy Does it, followed by a rose hydrosol to hydrate and balance my skin. I then layer my antioxidant serum of choice like the Pai Rosehip oil or one of Marie Veronique + Kristina Holey’s serums. From there I seal everything off with a moisturizer from Osea or the Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream since it has SPF.

Why do you choose to use natural skincare? I believe in using natural products for multiple reasons. One, I never personally reacted well to most of the brands that promised to change my skin. And I tried everything from luxe spa brands, over-the-counter cult favorites, dermatologist prescriptions etc. etc. The first time my acne actually cleared up from any inflammation was when I started washing my face with a jojoba oil.

I also suffer from major endocrine imbalances such as adrenal fatigue and a sluggish thyroid so I feel most comfortable using products without endocrine disruptors. Most of my clients have a condition that led them to me where they have tried everything else first, so they trust that I can treat them in a safe manner.

This includes people with highly sensitive disorders that are allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients or women who are pregnant and want a safe option for their baby. I also believe that the skin recognizes the molecules of natural ingredients instead of man-made synthetics so it responds in a way that self-healing. Sort of like how you do much better with whole foods instead of processed foods.

What are some great foods we can include into our Natural Skincare Routine? Everyone is so individual so depending on their constitution it can change. I like to look at someone’s ancestry and where they are from originally and try to encourage them to stick with foods that are naturally sourced in those areas.

A great example was when quinoa was all the rage several years ago and I thought I was making a mindful choice in switching that over to my grain of choice.

My body didn’t recognize it and so I had a really hard time breaking it down. In general though, lots of water based veggies such as cucumber, celery, leafy greens with anything high in beta-carotene (like carrots) are excellent for skin. I also love organic blueberries since they have so many wonderful antioxidants.

A few facial spots are left for the weekend! Check out my availability in my bio.

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When it comes to Having a Facial how often should we aim to have one?  What I tell my clients is that in a perfect world it would be great to get a treatment once a month for self-care, consistenty in your skin routine and proper maintenance of our barrier since our cells turnover every 28-31 days (this depends on age and lifestyle).

However we don’t live in a perfect world. If you have a condition that requires extra attention try to dedicate a visit every 2-3 weeks until the skin starts to turn a corner. Once you have reached your skin goals and have a proper routine for homecare, I would suggest at least once a quarter to reevaluate any changes and get a full deep clean. So it’s very dependant on the person and their needs.

What is one of your Favourite GO-TO Facial or Treatment to Give? and why? Every facial I have is customized because I have to tune into what the skin is telling me but I do love when I first get a new client. Whether it’s their first facial with me or ever, I provide such a different approach which includes a full skin analysis and I write out all of my notes into a document the client can reference as a guide. This is always so fun for me to put together because it helps empower my clients to feel their best with my support.

Do you have any tips for anyone struggling with Acne Skin? Acne is a really hard condition that is often minimized by brands and people underestimating it’s devastation. If you breakout that doesn’t necessarily mean you have acne. So having that understanding is key to start with. But when it comes to true acne cases the very first thing to do is eliminate any potential causes of inflammation. This could start with diet, skincare products, stress, etc.

If you fight inflammation with inflammation you won’t get far. If you calm the skin and work to create a balance and calm, it will start to repair itself. Typically most cases of acne are also attributed to stagnantion in the lymphatic system so supporting that is key to recovery.

What about uneven skin tone? There are several causes to uneven skin as well as different types of responses based on your ethnicity. Everyone is so different but it usually starts with a vitamin defiency (usually b or d vitamins) or a hormonal shift that sensitized the skin from an excess of heat in the body. Cooling the area and getting in a multivitamin is a great way to start balancing out these issues.

Or Helping To Get Rid of Congestion and Black Heads? Blackheads are inevidable for most people including me. Our skin natually has an amount of oil production to help create a protective barrier on the skin. If we don’t balance out that oil with inner and outer hydration it can create an excess which then clog the pores and leads to potential infection or oxidation (hello blackheads!).

I find that if I’m not hydrating enough or if I’m dehydrating myself with something like too much coffee, I become more oily and therefore more congested. A weekly exfoliation and daily hydration keeps the best balance.

When it comes to Anti-aging can you share any of your Go-To Anti-aging Tips? I actually really distance myself from the phrase anti-aging because it’s a little misleading. We are constantly aging if we’re lucky, it’s just that some of us end up accelerating that process with certain habits that can be stressful to our skin cells. Like smoking, drinking, excessive stress, lack of sleep, poor diet etc. etc.

I do find that there are many preventative ways to balance your skin as you naturally shift into your older, wiser self. I believe that sleep is one of the best ways to help your skin stay youthful because it’s such a great reset for all of your organs and allows your skin to properly detoxify from the day. As well as avoiding excess sugar in your nutrition. Sugar is the number one cause of glycation that can strip your cells of their proper amino acids.

To balance this out you can add in collagen like vital proteins, tocotrienols and/or pearl powder. A great LED light mask and microcurrent session are also excellent to give you that boost you may need to jump start your skin’s luminous potential.

Should we be using a lip balm or cream at night when we go to bed to help with having natural plump lips? Often times when our lips start to chap up or lose a bit of their fullness it’s related to lack of hydration or our mouths are starting to suck out all of our moisture from the wrong toothpaste, foods or our natural enzymes trying to breakdown foods. Make sure to not avoid the lips in your daily care by doing a little scrub with sugar or salt and then adding some vitamin e rich oils to help keep your cells in tact. I love olive oil or coconut oil with a bit of shea butter.

Do you love to pop on a weekly facemask?I love a good facemask for a few reasons. One, it’s time you are taking for yourself! That self-care ritual immediately makes me feel good regardless if my skin is stressed or not. Just taking the time to give myself that type of offering already makes me feel renewed.

Secondly, it’s nice to be able to have a mask to help further penetrate the skin with it’s nutrients. Often times in our daily routines we work so quickly to get the products on that we might miss an opportunity to fully let our skin absorb the benefits. With masking you can be sure that isn’t the case. I love to mix it up by my all-time favorite is Josh Rosebrook’s active enzyme exfoliator.

What are some of your own Daily Self Care Rituals? My skincare routine is number one for sure because it helps me connect with my breath, my skin and how I’m currently feeling about myself. It helps me shift my mind towards a more positive and grounded outlook.

I also like to make sure that at least once a day I take a break from work and focus on expanding my mind. This includes meditation, listening to expanding podcasts while I walk my dog, or exploring new skin techniques or modalities. I want to constantly evolve my mind, body and spirit and I found that those two ways are my most consistent forms of self-care.

Photo Credit: Taylor Souza (insta credit @taylornsouza)

What Makes You Happy? A lot of things. My friends, husband, puppy, the fact that everyday I get emails requesting me to help someone with their skin. If I can make someone feel good about themselves, that is my measurement of success right there. I also love movies and so that’s always a great way to cheer me up if I’m down!

How do you Keep Fit and Healthy? I’m always working on ways to increase my movement since I do find myself working many hours in my treatment room or behind the computer. I love pilates with my friend Alexis Stentz at Natural Pilates in Silverlake as well as going on all the nearby hikes in LA.

I also really go into running stairs over the summer and love finding all the hidden stairs in my neighborhood. Other than that, I try to follow my cycle to make sure I’m not overstressing my body and sometimes my movement is restorative yoga and getting to bed early.

You live in LA do you have any favourite places we should know about? My favourite places I frequent are Griffith Park for hikes, honey hi for food, natural pilates for classes and privates, but my husband manages Equinox in West Hollywood so it is nice to get in there if I want to try different classes or workout on my own. I go to the Now for massages as often as I can. I have several acupuncturist like Tori Amascato, Hannah Fries, Carolyn Barron, Dr. Patti Kim and Russell Brown.

I love matcha so any place that has a great matcha I’m down to try! I love the self-realization center to meditate, WMN Space for their events and treatments (which I offer my facials there every few weeks), and of course I am obsessed with Detox Market, Cap Beauty and Credo which are all green beauty stores in LA.

This year Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl named Self Care as being one of the NO.1 SPA, Beauty, Wellness Trends do you love the sound of this trend she picked? Absolutely, because self-care is an essential part of living a well balanced life. It took me a really long time to understand that this isn’t about being selfish.

The more stressed I get the more I realize that I need to take time for self-care now and I feel so much better everytime I do. It’s like a daily tune up for your whole mind, body and spirit which then helps reflect back in the skin!

Release those shoulders and exhale! Happy Sunday everyone. 😘

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#GIRLBOSSES are expected to share what they do in the treatment room now with the world can you share any words of wisdom on going from a private one on one setting to getting in front of the camera? I’m still adapting to that to be perfectly honest, but I have to trust that after 12 years in this business I must be doing something right. I also trust my analytics which indicate that the more authentic and vulnerable I am with putting myself out there, the more of a positive response I get. It’s all about trusting and going with the flow.

Have you Set Your Goals for 2018? What’s on the Cards?? I’ve always had multiple projects at once where I felt so split in my time and nothing ever got 100%. This year I am 100% commiting myself to my business and I can already see it thriving more than ever. One of the new features I have included is exclusive content for estheticians so they can succeed by being their most authentic selves as well. Besides that I have a lot of video content that will be coming out which I’m so excited to share!

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If you had one wish for everyone this year what would it be? I would wish that everyone would realize how absolutely amazing they are in all of their unique differences. Never have I met two people with the exact same skin, we each have such a unique set of cells and regardless of what we are brought up to think beauty is, that individuality we all have makes us perfect as is.

What’s Your Go-To Mantra for 2018? One day at a time…I’m trying not to overwhelm myself with everything that is to come so I’m staying grounded by taking each day as it comes and giving myself permission to flow with each transition that comes with a new day.

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