It Starts With Me – Monday Motivation

When I wake up each day the First Thing I do is Practice My Morning Self Care Rituals.

I choose to always do my Self Care Rituals First before my Work and I do this because I know it set’s me up to have the best possible day I can truly have.

I also do this because I know if I leave it till after work my energy levels tend to be low and plus I too have day’s after work when I can’t be bothered to work out and I just don’t feel like it, I too am only human like you.

Knowing that I don’t feel the greatest after work or the most energetic, I had to make a choice to workout in the morning and to practice my meditation, gratitude and basically as many of my morning rituals that I could possibly do and each day I wake up and seize the day because I know if I don’t seize the day the day will seize me.

My Mantra is It Starts With Me and as you know by now as it’s also the title of my brand new self help book: It Starts With Me and that is what it is actually all about working on yourself first before everyone else and also how we all have the power to create our own self care daily rituals regardless of our circumstances we must always make time for ourselves first.

It Starts With Me is a bit like this I want to walk up a hill no one is going to do it for me the only person that can do it for me is ME.  If you haven’t had a chance to read my brand new book It Starts With Me then I invite you to grab a copy as I share my GO-TO tips so I can help you Feel Good Within and Become Your Happiest, Healthiest Self.

Creating your own self care rituals takes commitment, determination, it takes a certain level of effort, focus but once you start practicing your self care rituals over and over it becomes part of your day to day life and unlike fad diets, or 12 week challenges your self care rituals that you set up now and practice will see you through for the rest of your life.

I truly hope you have the Most Amazing Monday and that you Make the Most of this Beautiful Precious Day.

Every Day is an Absolute Gift life and all things are sadly Temporary so don’t wait for tomorrow or till you feel better start today and use the Mantra of It Starts With Me plus another Mantra I truly Love which is I can and I will, I can and I will if you need any extra get up and go simply repeat this mantra over and over again and it will ignite your inner warrior self love spirit.

Or you can watch one of my favourite I CAN I WILL I MUST youtube motivational videos too it is so powerful that when I am jogging up that Hill that feels like a mountain I listen to this.


If you are finding it hard to get out bed at the moment another really great technique is by Mel Robbins who explains how in her darkest days when she wanted to give up on life how she tried the 5 second practice which is counting back from 5,4,3,2,1 to launch out of bed.

This is one of my favourite Motivational Speakers and Motivational youtube speeches also so I thought I would share it with you as I truly believe we can all learn from one another in order to create our own best versions.


As a Spa it Girl’s we are not in competition with each other instead as girls and women it’s the complete opposite we unite and help lift each other up, inspire each other, support each others, love and care for one another so we can all feel good from within and become our Happiest, Healthiest self.

On that note I am off to seize the day and I going to be jogging and walking up a hill 298 metres above sea level and I am doing it twice it’s going to be tough, no walk in the park but just like my mantra It Starts With Me – I can and I will.

Have a Beautiful Day.

Love from Australia

Yvette @Spaitgirl
Spa it Girl xoxo

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