This is how we roll – Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Facial Rollers are about to take over Jade Facial Rollers in 2018.

Instagram Beauties are already showing off their Rose Quartz Facial Rollers and Rose Quartz Crystal photos are popping up everywhere.

Rose Quartz is the mother of all Self Love Crystals and it is believed to emit a strong frequency of unconditional love, joy warmth and emotional healing.

ROSE QUARTZ VIBRATIONS // known as the 'love stone' as the message it emits is a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing. It's energy resonates within the heart chakra related to compassion. We have immersed positively charged rose quartz with lightly sparkled rose water. Coming soon. Made in Geelong Victoria. Hydrate with Madame Dry šŸ’ all jewellery @ernestandjoe rose quartz pillar @oursatellitehearts . . . . . #drinkmadame #madamedry #rosewater #rosequartz #love #peace #positivity #clarity #crystalhealing #spiritual #meditation #holistichealing #raw #hydration #rose #crystal #beauty #healing #rosequartz #drink #wellness #cleaneating #food #meditation #flowers #love #ritual #pictureoftheday #healthy #crystals

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A Rose Quartz Facial Roller is great toĀ de-puff and tighten pores and our pick of the bunch is theĀ Solaris NY – Rose Quartz Facial Roller ($35 via

When it comes to having a facial treatment in 2018, Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl tells us:

“That you will be noticing a change in the Spa Menu’s and the focus will be on offering the use of Rose Quartz Facial Rollers, plus all things Rose Quartz”

“FromĀ body mists, oils, crystal infused rose quartz water”

“You will even see the beautiful laying of Rose Quartz Crystals placed around the spa treatment room, along with your therapist askingĀ permission to see if it’s ok to place a Rose Quartz Cystal on your Heart Chakra”

“Thanks to Celebrities and Social Media IT GIRLS, Rose Quartz Crystals is gathering a Beauty Cult following and it’s really exciting as it’s an all natural product”

“I have already started helping Spa’s introduce Rose Quartz Crystals and the use of the Rose Quartz Facial Roller into their Spa Treatments and Menu thanks to our Spa it Girl Social Media Division”.

“I love helping Spa’s and Skincare Beauties to stay on social media trend so they don’t get left behind” “Social Media is so fast, it’s instant and for those Spa Owners who are busy providing spa services and working back to back appointments one of the things I love doing is giving them fresh and great new spa and social media ideas”

“I love creating new Spa Treatments that don’t cost the earth to a Spa or Beauty Owner either” “It’s so rewarding to see the rise of self care, self love and the use of natural based products in Spa Treatments too”

“If you need any help when it comes to your social media email us at: as we would love to help you grow your Spa, Beauty, Skincare social media presence”

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