Sweatheory is a #SPAITGIRL Hollywood Hotspot

Sweatheory is a gorgeous healing getaway in the heart of Hollywood and one of my favourite healing gems in all of Los Angeles.

Relaxation begins immediately upon entering this serene space, which now also has an amazing infrared yoga studio too and an incredible organic juice and tonic bar next door.

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I love that there are private sauna stations here, complete with individual showers, organic towels and bath products, and they have my healing essential oil blends, Ajai Alchemy there as well. It’s truly heaven on earth.

The saunas at sweatheory utilise infrared therapy, an innovation and effective way to rid the body of toxins and even excess fat.

Traditional sauna uses high heat and humidity to warm the air, but infrared uses light and radiant heat, which warms the body (instea of the air) and it can do so at lower temperatures which allows you to sweat more.

The sauna at Sweatheory uses infrared heaters to warm your body int he same way the sunlight does.  Among other benefits, this treatment can help you lose weight, increase your circulation, reduce bloating and improve your immune system.

It’s also super relaxing an added bonus: Sweatheory’s sauna are made from eco-certified Canadian cedar, so your experience will smell as wonderful as it feels.

Sweatheory also offers an amazing menu of treatments to tighten skin and help contour your figure, and vitamin-enriched drips and shots to soothe and strengthen your body.

My favourite are the jet setter and immunity boosting shots.  Behind the services is Dr. Barbara Rush, a licensed Doctor who has extensively studio naturopathic medicine.

Sweatheory is a Spa it Girl LA Hotspot and when you are there you are in great hands.

Sweatheory: 1503 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, California – 310-956-2307

To book in visit: www.sweatheory.com

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Review by: Fern Olivia
Spa it Girl LA Contributor

Photo Credits: Sweatheory