Beauty for THE PERFECT V™

If you are a Instagram Babe who loves to rock it in your Bikini or Swimwear when on holidays then this NEWEST CATEGORY OF BEAUTY  THE PERFECT V™ is definitely for you!

The V is that pretty little triangle sometimes neat, at other times unruly, but always perfect and unique in its’ own personal way. In fact, just like an iconic haircut, how you style your “V” can be a clue to a particular moment in fashion.

We wax, shave, laser, sugar, trim or dye and sometimes even sunbathe – and after all that we expect it to remain beautiful? The delicate skin on our face and décolleté receives our attention day and night after far less strenuous treatment, but when it comes to our V – forget it. Until now….


The Perfect V™ product line is for anytime or après any kind of hair-removal and always for beauty’s sake. It is pure, indulgent pampering and love for your “V.” It is a multi-tasking luxury skincare formulated to rejuvenate, enhance and beautify the “V.” It’s PH-balanced, dermatologist and gynecologist tested – clean beauty and paraben-free.

Channeling the clean and pure Scandinavian design aesthetic and color palette, The Perfect V™ is a beautifully packaged collection of gentle, effective beauty creams, exfoliators, firming serums, freshening sheets and more.

It’s made with Scandinavian-sourced ingredients and vitamin-infused with anti-aging properties. Each product is as beautiful on the inside as the visible results it produces on the “V.” At home, in the salon, the spa—or even on the run our line of products are beautifully designed in sizes for all occasions.

Beauty for the V – it’s luxury skincare to make that V area look as beautiful as the rest of a woman’s body.

The Perfect V™ was both inspired by and embraces the Scandinavian woman’s lifestyle. Scandinavian women feel comfortable, carefree and confident in their skin, strip in public whatever their age or shape and are at ease with themselves—a very alluring trait. It’s in their DNA, integral to the Scandinavian love of all things natural & simple and makes for a more liberated and beautiful, lifestyle.


The brainchild of Avonda Urben—beauty brand specialist, entrepreneur, and innovator, a New York City native currently residing on the outskirts of Copenhagen—this visionary new product line, was inspired by her experience on both continents and…our “V.” American super polish meets Scandinavian effortless freedom–a compelling combination that created something radical, relevant and definitely overdue.

The Perfect V™ range of beauty products is designed to keep your ‘V’ in shape, and make you feel good all over – whether you want to bare it all, or lose your underwear anywhere, anytime, Fifth Avenue or Strøget.

In the words of the legendary Diana Vreeland, “give them what they never even knew they wanted…” and The Perfect V™ does.

Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl shares “until now not much emphasis has been put on self care of your V Line when at home! However thanks to The Perfect V a new luxury skincare line for the V this is all about to change and the latest Beauty Industry Buzz word is Vanicure!

The Perfect V is suitable for any hair removal or you can be used any time. I love how The Perfect V have brought style and luxury back into this V line area especially when it comes to the packaging.

I have often looked at home V products and thought of my goodness they could really do with an update so I am so happy to say The Perfect V is going to make girls want to take care of their V line at home as they have nailed it when it comes to their instagram worthy, eye pleasing, feel good packing not to mention that they have an amazing selection of products to also choose from too.

I am super excited to be trying The Perfect V and can’t wait to share more about it on my instagram channels @spaitgirl @spaitgirlmedia you know when it comes to anything brand new and exciting I have to try it, test it and then of course share it.  After all these years I still love to this very day unearthing exciting brands like The Perfect V there is never a dull moment in the Spa, Beauty, Skincare, Media Industry!

I also can’t wait to catch up the founder of The Perfect V, Avonda Urben to find out more about her personally so I can share more about this amazing #GIRLBOSS inspiration with you as I really feel she is making a real difference in our Global Beauty, Skincare, Spa, Self Care Industry and not to mention making her mark when it comes to inspiring others to take care of the V line!

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Photo Credit: The Perfect V