Tracie Martyn is a Spa it Girl #GIRLBOSS Inspiration

She is a New York beauty expert who actors and actresses, music industry icons, members of royal families, media moguls, and supermodels entrust their faces; not only before important events such as award shows and red carpet appearances, and also for their non-invasive yet effective approach to beauty.

Celebrity A-Lister Kate Winslet shared that “Tracie’s Resculpting Facial tightens up your skin so much you look like you’ve been on a two-week retreat to Thailand”

Tracie is a pioneer in designing a skin care concept that is both effective and results oriented, using the best anti-aging technologies, while simultaneously creating treatments that are restorative, pampering and holistic, leaving you rejuvenated and uplifted.

Tracie Martyn’s salon is situated in a beautiful private location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and it offers truly uplifting and extremely effective face and body treatments, as well as our own natural, advanced skin care products that are based on our new proprietary technology.

Her celebrity clients love the unique calming feeling experienced when they step through the doors.

The peaceful and beautiful atmosphere of the salon is a result of the incredible attention to detail.

Interior Design by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz has helped to bring harmony to each of the treatment rooms.

Beautiful flower arrangements, calming music and warm ginger tea combine to create a truly nurturing and transformative space.

Tracie Martyn’s Salon offers the PURPLE RAY TREATMENT™

The Purple Ray Treatment™ is the result of extensive light emitting diode treatment research. It work wonders while soothing and regenerating unlike many anti-aging treatments.

Combining red and blue LED lights and using them simultaneously has a most profound, revitalizing and purifying effect on the skin.

Biologists have found that cells exposed to red light from LEDs regenerate 150 to 200 percent faster than cells not stimulated by such light.

The light increases energy inside cells that speed up the healing process. NASA first discovered in the late nineties that plants in space were thriving with red and blue LED lights.

Since then, studies have been conducted at the NASA Marshall Center on wound healing and tissue regeneration with very promising results.

Furthermore, they discovered that oxygen enhances these results. Independently, studies show that blue LED light has the remarkable ability to kill acne-causing bacteria.

Red light also has a therapeutic effect on acne-caused inflammation. The speed at which the skin heals is greatly increased when exposed to the light.

The Purple Ray Treatment™ is very soothing and includes our peptide infused oxygen mist. Apart from benefiting the skin, color therapy has been used extensively to improve well-being so you can continue your day energized and centered.

Purple Ray Treatment is an upgrade add-on to other treatments.

For appointments call: 212.206.9333 or visit: 

Address: 101 5th Avenue, 11thFloor, New York, NY, 1003

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Photo Credits: Tracie Martyn