My Germaine De Capuccini Facial at Niramaya Spa was a SKIN CHANGER

Niramaya Spa is a Beautiful Luxury Day Spa is located in a beautiful lush rainforest setting in the Luxury Niramaya Villas & Spa in Port Douglas, Northern Queensland, Australia.

Niramaya Spa now offer Germaine De Capuccini – high performing spa treatments and skincare products that combat fine lines and wrinkles, acne, dry skin and hyper-pigmentation.

Germaine De Capuccini is now available exclusively in Far Northern Queensland at Niramaya Spa, however this brand is from humble Spanish origins and started out over 50 years ago.

Germaine De Capuccin have now grown to now be one of the world’s leading skincare specialists, sold and recommended in 85 countries, across 20,000 spas, salons and clinics and it’s also the number one selling professional skincare brand in Spain and Italy.

Niramaya Spa chose to use Germaine De Capuccini in their Spa Treatment as it delivers Skin Results thanks to their high quality ingredients and after just one facial treatment your skin feels firmer, more hydrated and less visible wrinkles – it’s like Botox in a Bottle, it’s were science meets skincare results.

I had heard so much about Germaine De Capuccini from the Niramaya Spa owners so I was feeling very intrigued and excited to try their brand new spa menu offering.

On arrival to Niramaya Spa, I noticed all of the Spa Staff were well presented in their uniformed and that their Spa Reception was clean, sleek and everything was carefully placed.

I loved from the moment I walked through the door, I could instantly see out to the lush greenery and rainforest setting it was so beautiful.

It had been three years since I last visited the Niramaya Spa and all I could think was how good it felt to be back.

I found all of the Niramaya Spa to be warm, welcoming, calm and friendly.

They all had a beautiful gleaming happy smile on their face and I felt that all of their in-house services from the get go flowed beautifully and very professional and they were defintely offering that full luxury spa experience that they truly pride themselves on.

Niramaya Spa offers you the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and to reconnect with my own self Body, Mind and Spirit.

It’s a very personal and private luxury spa experience and the spa environment is very much all about the client and your own ME times and your own personal needs.

Niramaya Spa is all about Relaxing, Letting Go, Disconnecting, Slowing Down, and Feeling at Calm and at Peace whilst receiving also skin benefits.

They focus on the Spa being a places of wellness which can also restore your inner balance.

Niramaya Spa is one of a kind due to it being located in one of the most beautiful natural settings at Niramaya Villas and Spa.

When you arrive at Niramaya Spa it does really offer that Luxury Australian Spa Retreat, Private Exclusive Setting – but without it being gated when you are visiting as a Niramay Spa guest you can do so with ease.

You can also visit Niramaya Spa even if you are not staying in one of the onsite Luxurious Niramaya Private Villas which is also great because it allows you to experience a full luxury day spa in a setting that is generally off limits for the everyday public and that is often reserved for the Rich and Famous.

Niramaya Spa offer all of the finer things that a Luxury Spa should have like the use of their Women’s only Spa plunge pools (hot and cold) a Sauna, Showers and change room area. Plus the use of the Beautiful Resort Setting pool when you book in for a 60 minutes spa treatment or more.

I think when you visit making use of  their beautiful spa facilities makes it even more exciting.

On site they also have Chapter One Restaurant so if you want to have a champagne or cocktail pool side you can or of course if you want to have lunch or dinner if offers 5* food, service that is to be expected in a Luxury food award winning setting.

When it comes to the Niramaya Spa Villa Treatment Villas they are so Impressive also.

Because from the moment, I walked through the door I was greeted not with a plain coloured wall.

But instead a Beautiful Design of high floor to ceiling glass windows that looked out to a beautiful lush tropical rainforest area full of green trees, shrubs, plants it was amazing.

I felt this immediate sense of freedom, privacy and space due to this natural luxurious setting and I have to say the Niramaya Spa Villa treatment rooms are hard to beat and it’s definitely something you can only experience when you visit here.  I felt a real sense of openness and connection with mother earth and all of the beautiful elements and energy it had to offer.

Everything in my Spa Villa was perfectly presented and I loved all of the finer touches and yes even the flower that was carefully placed on my rolled up towels on my Spa Bed.

Not one thing was out of place and I felt that so much attention to detail had gone into the preparation of my spa treatment villa and even when it came to my spa treatment bed I could she why the Niramaya Spa was ranking as being one of Australia’s Top Luxury Spa’s.

When I was in my very own private Spa Villa treatment – I felt a million miles away and yes {public free}

It definitely was a space and placed that felt all about ME and that invited me also to focus on my own spa health, wellness, body, mind, spirt and skin needs.

My Spa Therapist was Danni and she was absolutely beautiful inside and out, she went through everything about Germaine De Capuccini and my facial spa treatment prior to starting it and as soon as she started my treatment all I can say is WOW WOW WOW – I knew it was going to be something truly special.

Danni was a true professional spa therapist and I felt so comfortable with her and at total ease. I felt like we connected on that one on one client level which is really important to me when visiting the Spa as it is a very personal one on one experience.

Danni was truly passionate about being a Spa Therapist and Spa Therapy, Niramaya Spa, Germaine De Capuccini.

I felt prior to my spa facial treatment and throughout that she really did care about my skin and myself.

From the moment I felt the Germaine De Capuccini products touch my face skin and Danni’s facial technique and hands, I knew this was going to be a SPA IT GIRL WOW Factor experience.

Throughout my spa facial treatment, I simply let go and relaxed it was so lovely listening to the birds naturally chirping out outside in the rainforest setting along with the spa music that was softly playing.

I loved when Danni massaged my face, neck, shoulders, décolletage and arms it was so relaxing and Dani’s facial tempo, pressure, flow was spot on.

My spa facial treatment was so nice I never wanted it to stop.

From the moment I arrived at Niramaya Spa to now laying on the Spa Treatment bed I felt like a brand new person again!

I felt so re-freshed and re-energised Body, Mind, Spirt and my Skin Felt Amazing – even though I hadn’t quite seen it – I could definitely feel that these products had done wonders for my skin.

When I arrived to Niramaya Spa my skin felt very dehydrated skin from sleeping in air-conditioning.  I also felt that I had quite a lot of build up of toxins especially around my chin and jaw line area.

My Skin was actually feeling dull and not that plumped.

When it was time for my spa treatment facial to end, I couldn’t wait to see what my SKIN Looked like.

When Danni showed me the results of Niramaya Spa Germaine De Capuccini spa facial treatment – I couldn’t believe it – I was totally blown away and over the moon – because I couldn’t get over how hydrated and GLOWING my SKIN WAS it was a Total SKIN CHANGER for me!

I could definitely see and feel the effects of my skin as I now had glowing, hydrated, firmer, smoother, plump skin it was so unbelievable.  I felt like I had just had some kind of Face Skin Transformation! and like a Natural Glowing Face Lift!

After just one facial spa treatment I had received such amazing results.

I could actually see my plump cheeks again and that yes I did feel youthful!!!

It was like they say Botox in a Bottle as the wrinkles I felt around my eye’s and mouth was much smoother and less noticeable.

I can now see why Niramaya Spa are raving fans of Germaine De Capuccini it all made sense and after just one facial treatment I am now a raving fan too.

If you are ever visiting Port Douglas in Northern Queensland, Australia be sure to book in for a Spa Treatment at Niramaya Spa and to try a Germaine De Capuccini facial treatment.

It’s been a couple of days since, I had my spa facial treatment but I can see and feel the results with my SKIN and I have to say it’s the best my skin has ever felt – especially now that I am ageing and in my 40s.

Having this facial treatment at Niramaya Spa made a massive difference and my skin looks better now then before I arrived.

I totally recommend having a Germaine De Capuccini facial at Niramaya Spa because it changed my SKIN and also the way I felt from within.

I arrived to Niramaya Spa wearing make up and after having my spa facial my skin looked so much better without the make up on as I now had naturally glowing, plump, hydrated, firmer, smoother SKN and yes it made me feel so good inside that i now can’t wait for you and others to try.

I so excited that Niramaya Spa is offering the Germaine De Capuccini brand and that they are also offering non invasive anti-ageing facial treatments.

Because up in till now I had felt and seen these results after having just one facial treatment.

When they say Germaine De Capuccini is like Botox in the Bottle they were not kidding.

I have never had one needle in my face so to find that I can now have a spa facial like this and it truly does target all of my ageing concerns is utterly amazing and I am sure anyone else who isn’t a fan of needles will love this beautiful relaxing facial that also delivers skin results at the same time too.

I now can’t wait to go back to visit Niramaya Spa so I can have another Germaine De Capuccini facial treatment as it’s Simply the BEST and it did wonder’s for my SKIN and yes it really was a SKIN CHANGER.

If I lived in Port Douglas, I would be definitely aiming to have a Germaine De Capuccini facial treatment with them every four weeks – that’s how good it seriously was.

To Book for a Spa Treatment at Niramaya Spa Phone: +61 7 4099 1855 & Press 2 for the Spa or email

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Love Yvette xoxo

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