SPA Wumurdaylin at Hamilton Island

If you follow me on instagram @Spaitgirl you will no doubt know by now that I visited SPA Wumurdaylin at Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, Queensland Australia and that I truly loved my Spa it Girl experience.

SPA Wumurdaylin is pronounced – woo-mer-day-lin meaning dragonfly and it symbolises renewal freedom and beauty, alongside strength and happiness for all.

Dragonflys are often found near water and the dragonfly is at heart natural Hamilton Island environment and SPA Wumurdaylin choose to draw upon the natural aspects of mother nature so unique to their own tropical island surroundings.

SPA Wumurdaylin is located on Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday’s one of Australia’s Icon Tropical Island Destinations.

You can visit when visiting Hamilton Island by simply catching a Ferry with Cruise Whitsundays over from Airlie Beach, or when you fly in direct to Hamilton Island from one of Australia’s Major Capital City Airports.

I decided to catch the ferry over from Airlie Beach which only took one hour and I have to say it was so nice just cruising on the water looking at to the turquoise water and then feeling the fresh air and sun on my skin it was just what I needed especially after spending so much time sitting behind a computer and creating social media.

When I arrived at SPA Wumurdaylin I have to say I was very impressed as when I entered through their SPA door I was greeted by one of their Beautiful SPA staff Mel and her greeting ticked all of the Spa it Girl boxes!  I loved Mel’s happy, feel good smile, vibes and kind caring SPA loving nature.

Mel had a real genuine, passion for SPA Wumurdaylin, Hamilton Island, their clients, offerings along with their partnered Australian Spa products by Waterlily.

Mel and I were complete utter Spa Junkies so I think we could have talked for hours about all things SPA.

Mel made me feel such at ease and relaxed and she made me feel so happy that I was visiting their SPA and on holidays at Hamilton Island.

Just being in her presence made me feel so good and as they say First Impressions last forever.

When it comes to their SPA decor is light, fresh and relaxed vibe and yes you can see their connection to their SPA dragonfly on their sliding door to their little waiting room and beyond.

I loved how before my Spa appointment I just got to chill and take time out in their relaxation waiting room, it was really nice just to sit their and unwind.

When I looked out of the window all I could see was clear blue skies, sunshine and natural Australian trees along with people driving past on their Golf Buggies as that is the iconic way to travel around when you stay and visit Hamilton Island.

For my Spa Treatment I booked in for a Island Spa Package:

The Ritual of Rejuvenation and I went for the 1 hour and 30 mins option which includes a full body massage and facial.

I have to admit when it came to meeting my Spa Therapist I was actually very excited because I couldn’t wait to disconnect and take a break and practice being a Spa it Girl at SPA Wummudaylin.

When I met my Spa Therapist let’s just say I was like a kid in a candy shop and I couldn’t wait to SPA IT GIRL.

SPA Wumurdaylin has a number of Spa treatment rooms and when I was presented with my Spa Treatment room I loved the simplicity of it and how I could see outside and connect with the elements of mother earth.

I felt I could connect with mother earth bath at the same time I was in a space that allowed me to have a break from the general public which is really what I needed at times when always being in the public eye!

The Spa treatment room oozed a feeling of it’s time to let go and unwind it’s all about your ME TIME.

My Spa Therapist who Melinda and she was amazing as she gave me a great run down about the treatment I was able to have, the products she was going to be using which was Waterlily and more about the brand, ingredients, ethos, plus she gave me really clear instructions on how to get ready for my treatment before leaving the room and I liked how her presentation naturally flowed and she really gave me confidence that she knew her stuff plus I loved how for the next 1hour and 30 minutes I was encouraged to relax and to enjoy the treatment whilst letting go.

When it come to receiving my Spa Treatment – what more can I say other than it felt AMAZING, DIVINE it made me feel so relaxed and one of the things I really like was when I was having the treatment all I could hear was the beautiful relaxing SPA music and I couldn’t hear any other guest or noise of people coming and going from the SPA Treatment rooms.

I must admit I thought perhaps because it was a SPA at one of Australia’s Island Holiday Destinations that the Spa Treatment rooms might not be that sound proof however the good new was they aresound proof so that allowed me to totally switch off and just enjoy the beautiful calming music along with the beautiful aromas of Waterlily and the natural flow of my Spa Therapist hands.

I felt so relaxed after my SPA treatment I think the hardest thing was having to get off the Spa Treatment table. I felt so deeply relaxed and I felt so good inside it was like taking the best Holiday Break ever for my Body, Mind and Spirit. I was so grateful for my Spa Therapist’s amazing Spa Therapy work!

I felt that she was highly trained so I couldn’t help ask who she did her Spa Therapy Training with and when she said at Elly Lukas it didn’t surprise me as she seemed to have that natural Spa ability, focus and touch.

The Spa products used during my treatment was Waterlily and they felt and smelled naturally divine I loved that I was having a Spa Treatment in a leading Australian Holiday Destination and they were offering me a truly unique and authentic Australian Spa experience.  I think it’s so important if you are travelling from overseas and visiting Australia or even as an Australian that if you go to the Day Spa that they can offer you Australian Made products and an Australian Spa experience it’s my GO TO MUST!

At the end of my spa treatment I was so relaxed and I didn’t actually want to move that was how relaxed I was.

My Spa Therapist told me to take my time before getting dressed and let’s just say I followed her guidance and advice.

When I felt ready to leave my beautiful spa sancutary treatment room I emerged feeling re-energised, calm, relaxed, well rested and Rejuvenated.

I loved how my Spa Therapist, Melinda was also waiting for me and who she made sure that everything was fine and how she took me through the products she used during my Spa Treatment which I was very interested to find out more about.

I felt that her presentation of the Waterlily brand and products wasn’t at all pushy and that she wasn’t trying to push the products on me which was great.

After my treatment I spent more time having another lovely cup of tea and water and I was inspired by my Spa Therapist to take even more time out in their little waiting room.

I found by taking even more time out at the end of my Spa Treatment I was able to become fully present and I practiced my deepest gratitude for being at SPA Wumurdaylin I enjoyed that very special moment and soaked in all of the marvellous health and wellness benefits for The Ritual of Rejuvenation and I felt so blessed for choosing to be a Spa Reviewer, Writer, Blogger, Influencer turn founder of Spa it Girl.

One of the things that also stood out for me when after my Spa treatment was even though SPA Wumurdaylin was a busy little DAY SPA there was no one trying to rush me out the door and there was plenty of seating and the vibe and environment was so quite, relaxed and calm.

When I was sitting in the little waiting area it was so lovely to actually meet some other like minded SPA girls who were visiting Hamilton Island from all different parts of the World.

When I asked them how their Spa Treatment was they responded with: So Good, Amazing, I loved it, Unbelievable!!!!

To hear this instant client feedback was AMAZING!!! It made me so proud to be Australian!! and yes to be proudly sitting side by side with them and also sharing the same positive Australian Spa Experience!

To Book in for a Spa Treatment at SPA Wumurdaylin phone (07) 4946 8669 (opening hours are 9am to 7pm daily).

When you visit say hello to them for me! I now can’t wait to visit again and be a Spa it Girl at SPA Wumurdaylin.

A very big shout out and thanks to the Spa Team you totally nailed delivering a beautiful quality Australian Spa experience!!! Thank You – your love, passion, customer service was dearly noted!

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