UpYours – ChinUp Mask

Non-surgical alternatives to reverse the visible effects of aging.

The UpYours Gravity ChinUp Mask is Korean-inspired skincare products designed to give you visible results in just 30 minutes of use.

Their ChinUp Mask is non-surgical that helps to reduce the appearance of your double chin, sagging neck in 30 minutes which can then last for days.

Using 5 of the best cosmetic ingredients, 10 natural fruit extracts they have their own patent-pending Skintronics serum and the ChinUp Mask is designed and produced to provide maximum lifting and smoothing effect to your chin, neck and jawline.

Their Proprietary patent-pending formula uses rapid-action skincare technology to address visible signs of aging and loose skin.

This unique delivery system is designed to contour the look of your jawline and under chin area in as little as 30 minutes and it also:

  • Facilitates fat release and aids in the contouring process.
  • The Skintronics serum helps to convert fat into stabilized fibrous tissue.
  • Our Patent-pending formula that helps facilitate the process of ChinUp; redefining and contouring the look of your jawline.
  • Boosts the density of collagen, increasing cell tension to provide a lifting and firming effect.

ChinUp Mask is the revolutionary new beauty treatment that can improve the appearance of a double chin by over 2cm+, by lifting and firming around the face area to give a more contoured looking jawline.

It’s loved by celebrities and the media alike especially in the countries it has already launched in which is the UK and USA.

Their ChinUp Mask aims to give people the confidence and happiness that they often seek with cosmetic surgery but without the pain, risk or cost.

For years, they had read statistics and studied reports that always came to the same conclusion – women, and men, worry about the excess fat under their chin a lot and there wasn’t a product available that could combat one of the hardest places to achieve success, without resorting to expensive, painful surgery.

With a background in technology and innovation, the ChinUp founders and co-inventors from London have a track record of having their finger on the pulse, monitoring trends and successfully bringing to market revolutionary, problem solving new products.

Their particular interest in this area started when one of the co-founders’ mums mentioned how the ageing process was having a negative effect on her chin/ jawline and in general lowering her self-esteem. Even though she exercised regularly and had a healthy diet, this was a problem area that she was unsure how to tackle.

While researching the issue in more depth it became apparent that this was in fact a widely common problem – A recent survey stated that 68% of people named excess fat under the chin and neck as one of their top body concerns!

Living in an on-demand world; they wanted to come up with an innovative product that would provide instant results to tackle this ever growing concern.

With this in mind the co-founders headed off to the beauty capital of the world – South Korea – to work with a highly respected cosmetic chemist and begin their quest to banish the double chin. 18 months and many, many, attempts later they finally developed the perfect formula.

Offering instant gratification, with results that are immediately visible and measurable after only one 30 minute treatment, ChinUp Mask was born.

The process is simple. Apply the ChinUp mask to your face and neck, put on the ChinUp slimming band and allow the specially formulated and patented face mask to be efficiently absorbed into the skin.

After just 30 minutes you will see, and feel, the remarkable effects, including a measurable reduction of chin fat. We’re so confident of the results, we’ve included a tape measure in every pack for you to measure your chin before and after using the ChinUp Mask.

The effects will last for several days however, it’s recommended that you use it every other day to maintain and achieve further improved results.

Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl tried the UpYours ChinUp Mask for the very first time and she tells us:

“Just like they packaging suggests when you apply the actual mask it does have a warm and tingling sensation”.

“I have very sensitive skin and I felt that even though it had natural ingredients, was vegan, paraben and cruelty free for me I could definitely feel the warm tingling sensation through the whole 30 min”

“Luckily I had already read this so was actually expecting it but it’s important I think I tell you that as if you think you just pop it on and it’s something like a normal Korean skincare sheet mask that is normally cold – think again!

“I did feel the warming and tingling affects the whole time while I wore and had the UpYours ChinUp Mask on” “so this kind of mask sensation was something brand new to me”

“They recommend you rest for 30 minutes so yes that means no talking for 30 mins!” “But let’s just say when you are wearing the UpYours ChinUp Mask it does feel quite tight on and talking is definitely the last thing I felt like doing”.

What was the outcome after I took the UpYours ChinUp mask off and when I went to remeasure? I received a 1 cm reduction in my jaw line and chin area which I felt was pretty good considering they said that 1 to 2 cms was the expected results and I definitely felt like my face, chin and jaw had been lifted, after I took the mask off also the warm tingling sensation stopped so that was also good!!!

To note though if you want to receive the full benefits for using the UpYours ChinUp Mask they recommend for dramatic result to repeat this mask every 3 to 4 days consecutively.  To maintain desired results they recommend to re-apply 2-3 times weekly.

I think the UpYours ChinUp Masks is for someone who really has chin, jawline concerns and who wants to target say their double chin area that is totally annoying them!

The UpYours ChinUp Mask has been created to lift, firm and contour their chin and jaw line in a non invasive away instead of seeking cosmetic surgery.

I think if any Women is considering going down the cosmetic surgery path that giving the UpYours ChinUp Mask could be worth it as they have patented this skincare technology and have already women in the US and UK raving all about this product.

UpYours ChinUp Mask has only launched in Australia and it’s like any skincare product you have to use it regularly and consistently to see and feel the results.

For me I am use to wearing face, lip, eye, hair masks at home so this was definitely a brand new skincare at home mask experience! but I am very blessed and grateful to be asked to try the UpYours Gravity ChinUp Mask as part of their official launch in Australia and like always I am so happy I get to tell you what I think.

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