WAV Skincare Designed By You

WAV Skincare is 100% custom made skincare that is formulated according to your own skincare requirement.

WAV Skincare do not use pre-made bases and instead your custom made skincare is blended for you only after you order it.  They use the highest quality natural and organic: plant derived oils, extracts, essential oils, vitamins and other bio-active botanicals  and their Formulations are synthetic fragrance free, cruelty free and vegan.

Spa it Girl was so intrigued by WAV Skincare that naturally we had to share more about the #GIRLBOSSES behind this amazing futrist skincare brand. 

Here is our Exclusive Spa it Girl Interview with WAV Skincare especially for you.  

Can you Tell us a Little Bit About Yourself? Daria: We are three founders: full stack developer, PhD chemist and designer/creative director. We all love adventure, learning, and solving problems in new ways. We celebrate individuality and support our clients to be their best-selves.

What is WAV skincare? Jenny: We are a super-new, women-founded, innovative skincare brand, based in Berkeley CA.

We make completely customized all-natural skincare for smart, adventurous people who take pride in self-care. We use all of the information our clients give about their skin to formulate the optimal product for them. Each formulation is made fresh and shipped within one week of ordering, and delivered in a beautiful, personalized jar.

What inspired you to start up WAV Skincare? Daria: I’m an average person who struggled to find the perfect skincare product for me. I was frustrated with wasting a lot of money, on products that cost a lot, but contained inferior ingredients.

I felt like I was giving my money to big corporations for their advertising campaigns, instead of investing in quality ingredients. At the same time I was worried about experimenting with artificial ingredients, excess additives, and chemicals on my own skin.

I always say – if it’s not a rocket science – I can learn it and do it. So I partnered with a PhD chemist trained specifically in natural skincare formulation, and one year later, launched WAV skincare – data-driven, personalised, custom-formulated natural skincare.

How do you start the WAV Skincare processs ? Jenny: Clients complete our online consultation, their data is processed through our proprietary algorithms to produce a model of their skin which is not bound by arbitrary categories or “cut-offs”.

This model is then used to create the optimal formulation for each client, with unprecedented levels of individualization. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients – because they are all we ever want to put on our own skin. We are preparing for the vegan certification so we check the origin of each ingredient to ensure it meets our high standards. Whenever possible we use only organic and nonGMO bioactive botanicals.

You now offer online consultation technology and custom made natural products, this seems so advance and yes futurist what inspired you to go this way?

Jenny: Online consultation is just the simplest, most convenient way for people to access the luxury of customization. The trend of customization and personalization in the beauty industry has been growing rapidly in the two years, and it has been successfully applied in the cosmetics and hair industries. We are the first to offer complete customization in skincare.

Why natural? Each of us have always used natural products because what goes on your skin goes into your body and we believe anything we use should be as fresh and healthy as the foods we eat and pure as the water we drink. The trend toward organic and natural in beauty products is also growing rapidly as people recognize natural skin care is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

Have you always had a thing for Skincare? Daria: Yes, thanks to my beautiful mamma. She taught me the importance of self-care and daily usage of skincare products. What is funny, is that now, I know more than she does, thanks to creating a beauty startup, now I teach her about skincare.

What does your Skincare Routine Look Like? Daria: Every morning I start with a splash of cool water to wake up my skin (and myself) I cleanse then pat dry and apply my custom WAV Day Cream (which targets my concerns about, sun spots, fine lines and enlarged pores), followed with sunscreen. At night, I use gentle WAV cleanser (available soon) and follow with my WAV Essential Night Cream.

As a busy #GIRLBOSS how do you take care of yourself Body, Mind, Spirit? Daria: Today classical music in the car while driving to WAV office (I never call it work) and this made me happy. In general, keeping inner balance is an everyday challenge. Before creating my own company I never experience such high level of responsibilities, hard work, motivation and support for others, sleepless nights and weekends without family.

All this together is very overwhelming and I continuously search for new ways to just be in peace with myself. Sport and yoga keep my body happy and help calm my mind. Go endorphins!

Dinner with family and bath with my baby daughter make my evenings. Support from my co-founders, our many conversations and continuous inspiration for each other – make me stronger.

I’m always growing and striving to improve myself so I can best fulfill the position I hold, and thrive in the world I’m creating around me. Each day, I consider my habits, thoughts, and attitudes and try to give my energy to the most productive and positive ones and let go of, or change the others – All these things together.

How do you keep the balance between Family and your WAV Skincare start up #GIRLBOSS Boss responsiblities? Daria: Thanks to my husband. He is very committed to our family time and keeps me grounded, which helps me not to lose myself in startup.

On weekends we usually a take a whole day for a hike or to visit a museum. In the evenings I love to come home to my 1.5 year old daughter. We also love travel. Soon we are heading to Baja California to see whales, just for a short weekend trip.

Do you have any Daily Rituals you love to wake up and practice? Jenny: I try (and don’t always succeed) to stay off the phone and start the morning quietly with a cup of coffee and a walk with my dogs, Gigi and Mochi. There’s nothing like a dog doing downward dog, to remind you to take time to stretch and be grateful for the body you are in.

Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl believes that Self Care is the New Beauty and she loves the shift – what do you think? Jenny: Absolutely! We are tired of male-owned celebrity driven products that thrive on convincing people that they are not good enough, that they need to look more like the trending brow shape, body size, skin tone of the day. WAV is about celebrating and supporting individuality and #selflove. Give your gorgeous face the love and care it deserves because it’s a part of adventurous, intelligent you!

What is something you could live without?

Jenny: Spending so much time on my phone!

Daria: Fights and negativity – they take a lot of energy and do not bring us anywhere.

What is your Favourite Spa to Visit that we should know about? Jenny: In Berkeley we have beautiful Claremont Hotel Club & Spa with fabulous spa center.

What about Favourite Spa Treatment? Daria: Thank to my Russian heritage the best place in SPA for me is sauna :)

Who Inspires You? Daria: It would be a boring answer but my husband and my parents. Also I love to walk around Berkeley campus and to see all these brainiacs from all over the world who are changing the world and creating incredible things. I’m also a member of women business mastermind group and I’m very inspired by ladies there.

Do you think it’s ok to try things and then if they don’t quite go to plan to try something else? Jenny: Definitely, but not blindly. I always first think, why I’m not happy with it, how can it be improved, is it a problem with me or with the thing? Should I change my opinion or demands and expectations or just change the thing?

WAV data driven models, proprietary algorithms, research, and experience enable us to provide unprecedented levels of individual variation in our formulations. While creating your customized skincare we take into account every detail you provide about your skin. We never use anyone else’s formula for you, or limit you to a collection of pre-existing products. Together we design a skincare formulation that is unique to you and we make it, from scratch, only after you order it. #wavskincare #custombeauty #customskincare #girlsintech #womenwhocode #366inskincare #glowingface #devlife #naturalskincareproducts #nontoxicskincare #adventureph #chemicalfreehome #innovation #developerlife #smartbeauty #366inskincare #glowingface #naturalskincareproducts #nontoxicskincare #adventureph #nontoxicbeauty #womenintech #ecobeauty #cleanbeauty #chemicalfree

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As a GIRLBOSS do you think we are learning every step of the way?

Daria: Yes, but the ways of learning differ. Some things I learn by myself, others – by observing and communicating with my co-founders and other people, and some things, others teach me. On the one hand I’m a very independent thinker, on the other I love to collaborate.

There are some things I know from previous experience, and sometimes I just have an idea of how it works, but I don’t need to learn the whole thing when someone on my team has the knowledge or skills to do it better. I definitely stay involved in every aspect of my company.

For example: Our PhD chemist oversees all of our formulation process, but I’m doing a certification course in Organic Skincare Formulation because it’s important that each of us understand the pros and cons of the ingredients and different formulas, and of course, so I can communicate effectively with our chemists.

Can you share any tips to help with avoiding start up brand #GIRLBOSS burn out? Jenny: Listen to people, talk to people, help, ask and accept help from other. Delegate and find supporters and followers and early adopters and co-founders and perfect workers – people are everything.

And right people are priceless! Continue learning and be adaptable rather than stubborn, analyse and think, but still listen your gut. Don’t forget about food and sleep. Find the balance between: if I will not do it – nobody will do it and can you help me please.

What has been the most rewarding thing since starting WAV Skincare? Jenny: The positive response we’ve received from our clients. Working together for a company we believe in. Achieving our shared vision. Daria: And, of course, having the best skincare products we had in our lives:) when you can not find right product – create a company which will make it for you.

Are there any great books, or motivational speakers that you personally love that could help us also develop and grow? Daria: There are so many of them and as we are gaining so much knowledge during creating business – we have great people around us all the time. I am personally very inspired by Katerina Lengold and Odile Roujol.

How can we order our own customised personalised WAV Skincare? Jenny: visit wavskincare.com Complete the online consultation so we can learn about your skin and create your optimal formulation. Check us out on instagram @wavskincare to see who we are and learn more about our values, clients and products and see if we’re the right fit for you.

How can we stay in contact with you? Jenny: Follow us on Instagram @wavskincare and FaceBook WavSkincare – please message us with comments, questions, praise – we love compliments –  compliments are good for your skin.

Thanks to WAV Skincare for sharing their words of wisdom to our Spa it Girl audience, readers and followers.

Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl shared: “I feel like I have never seen anything quite like WAV Skincare before to think that in 2018 you can now fill out an on-line skincare consultation that only takes 3 minutes and from there it formulates what is required to custom made your own natural organic skincare to order is pretty amazing – it’s actually really mind blowing”

“I have seen some pretty cool stuff in my time when it comes to natural organic skincare – but nothing like this ever before – I love how you can customise your own skincare and have your name put on the jar and then sent to you”.

“I can’t wait to watch the WAV Skincare Brand journey unfold and I am immensely excited to be sharing WAV Skincare on Spa it Girl along with their Founders #GIRLBOSS words of wisdom and truly do hope it inspires you to live your own authentic dreams”.

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