Meet: Nicola Le Lievre #GIRLBOSS of In Therapy

Spa it Girl had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Nicola Le Lievre from In Therapy to find out more about the #GIRLBOSS behind Australia’s Leading Cruetly Free Beauty Salon.

Here is our exclusive Spa it Girl #GIRLBOSS interview:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I was born and raised in South Africa where after school (1996) I studied beauty at the elite Camelot Academy.

In 1998 I was presented with a unique opportunity to work for Steiner Transocean and further my career aboard Cruise ships and literally embarked on the biggest adventure of my life. Over the years I worked for many different lines such as Silver Seas, Orient, Celebrity, Norwegian, Carnival, RCCL and Holland America Lines.

I advanced my position from Beauty Therapist, Head Therapist, Assistant Manager and Manger co ordinating  a Spa with 28 staff consisting of Beauty and Massage Therapist, Nail Technicians, Hairstylists and Fitness Instructors.

I absolutely loved meeting people from so many walks of life and travelling across the world it was life changing.

I was blessed because years later on Valentines I met my now husband who was Chief Electrical Engineer, he is from the Netherlands and is so supportive of my career.

What Inspired you to become a Therapist?  I remember it like yesterday. I was 6yrs old living in Johannesburg, South Africa, and my mum used to go to a beauty therapist working out of a pharmacy for her waxing (it was big in the day to have a beauty room inside a pharmacy).

I used to watch her and think wow this is what I want to do when I am big. True story I thought it was awesome. I enjoyed walking through the pharmacy looking at all the cosmetics and ladies with bright lipstick and that’s who I wanted to be.

What Inspired you to become a GIRLBOSS and want to have your own Salon?  It was always a career goal of mine to own salon and originally I had a business plan to open a Balinese style Spa in Cape Town.

Unfortunately in 2006 my sister and I  were robbed at gunpoint in Johannesburg and that moment created the biggest turning point in my life. Because my Father was Australian I acquired citizenship at a young age and therefore in 2007 immigrated to Brisbane. I managed In Therapy located in Red Hill Brisbane for over 4 years and in 2014 bought the salon and put my own stamp on it.

What Inspired you to want to only use cruelty free products in your Salon? One of my biggest core values I have initiated into my business is that I do not and will not support any products tested on animals.

I feel with todays technology and advancements there is absolutely no need to test on animals. I am also against animal cruelty so the RSPCA is not just a personal charity of mine but my business. Every August we participate Cupcake day and have a big event at the salon. Last year we raised almost $1000 (we baked over 250 cupcakes) it was so rewarding that our community supported us in helping, sick, injured and abused animals.

Why did you want to also offer Chemical Free Products in your Salon too? Chemical free products are so readily available and such great quality it is an obvious choice for me to use them.

I am also passionate about protecting the environment therefore In Therapy has become the first salon in Queensland to join Sustainable Salons Australia.

We separate all our waste daily into separate bins and once a fortnight all the different bags get moved into a big purple bin outside which gets collected. Once all the staff at SSA has been paid the rest of the proceeds go to Oz harvest to feed the homeless. Such an awesome feeling to be leading by example in our industry.

What is your Favourite GO-TO Treatment off your own menu? Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment. You can feel tired and dehydrated but after you skin has been infused with 98% pure oxygen wow you look a million dollars. It’s amazing before special occasions and often referred to the Cinderella facial treatment.

What does your skincare routine look like? I have always taken great care of my skin. I love a good exfoliate 2x a week, your skin just cannot absorb any active ingredients effectively as well as make up does not look flawless. I believe your make up is an extension of your skincare so choose wisely.

I prefer mineral make up as it does not clog or dehydrate my skin. I always use products on my neck and décolletage as well and always use a SPF. I adjust my skincare seasonally if I notice changes in my skin and love a good hydrating serum under my moisturiser. I love to mask on the weekends it makes me feel special.

Do you have any tips to help us achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin? It is not just what we apply to our skin that makes a difference. It is so important to look after your body and wellbeing as everything happening in our body will reflect on our skin.

It is not only about getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water, stress, gut health as well as medication also effects our skin. Always use the best skincare you can afford. SPF daily is also so important 365 days a year even if the sun is not shining the rays are still coming through and damaging.

Is it true we shouldn’t pick and squeeze our black heads and pimples out, we know you are going to SAY YES – but can you explain a little bit more about why? In an controlled environment like a salon it is fine as we wear gloves and have sterile equipment. We do not recommend trying it at home as often you can spread the bacteria as well as damage the follicle and cause trauma to the skin which in return causes scarring.  I know blackheads are so annoying but a great reason to exfoliate.

What Makes You Happy? Inspiring people and making woman feel beautiful and confident in being the best versions of themselves.

What is couple of things you couldn’t live without? My gorgeous little girl Chloe, my supportive husband Erik and of course my Red Lippy.

When you are not busy being a #GIRLBOSS in your own Salon – what are some things you like to do outside of it? I enjoy spending time with my family and discovering new things with my daughter. I like taking walks, reading inspirational books and of course I am a sucker for a good movie.

Can you share any words of wisdom for our readers who are thinking starting their own Salon? Proximity equals power – surround yourself with people who believe in you and people who are already successful in what you want to do. There is also a lot of noise in our industry so take your time researching and doing a business plan. Believe in yourself and focus on what you want not what you don’t want.

How can we stay in touch with you? You can follow me personally at In Therapy via Instagram @Intherapy and Facebook as well as on


A very big thanks to Nicola Le Lievre from In Therapy for sharing her Words of Wisdom and personal journey too – I hope it truly inspires you.

In Therapy is a one of kind Salon, and like no other – so I can see why it’s Award Winning.

Nicola Le Lievre gives more than she gets to her clients, community and environment – and is a True Professional Australian Beauty Industry Leader.

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