Getaway at Peppers Airlie Beach

Peppers Airlie Beach is located in Airlie Beach the Gateway to the Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia.

I was naturally drawn to staying at Peppers Airlie Beac, because they offer the biggest Spa Bath in their Apartment Bathrooms I  have ever seen and they also have the most beautiful infinity pool and spa that overlooks Airlie Beach and out to the Coral Sea.

Peppers Airlie Beach offer Self Contained Spa Apartments from 1,2,3 Bedrooms and they also have appointed balconies off the apartment so you can make the most of relaxing and catching the fresh sea air.

Having a self contained apartment is great as it allows you to continue your usual eating routines, however I must admit I made good use of their on site appointed Restaurant which offers Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

I had heard so much about the Peppers Airlie Beach Restaurant thanks to the locals who all told me that the Dinner at Peppers Airlie Beach was amazing so of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity whilst staying here and I have to say I absolutely loved the relaxed open air balcony feel and yes the locals were right the CHEF absolutely nailed it and I loved my dinner and food whilst staying here.

When it comes to Breakfast in the morning I do love a good buffet style as it always makes me feel like I am on holidays.

It was so lovely staying at Peppers Airlie Beach and I really felt like I was well away from all of the Hustle and Bustle as Airlie Beach which is yes at times know for being a backpackers town however when you stay up at Peppers Hotel Airlie Beach you are so far away from it that the environment is very tranquil and serene and Airlie Beach is much more than a Backpackers town and you definitely discover this when staying up at Peppers Airlie Beach.

Whilst staying at Peppers Airlie Beach I actually decided to take it very easy and I spent my days relaxing by the pool, and having a swim and spa whilst looking out over Airlie Beach out and out to the Coral Sea.

What I also loved was that I met the beautiful guest, poolside and because of the beautiful relaxed atmosphere we ended up chatting about all things books, family, Airlie beach, Peppers, life and even ended up sharing a drink poolside as it was one very Happy Friday indeed as we were both at Peppers Airlie Beach poolside, relaxing and enjoying ourselves so what more could we ask for.

A couple of other things I also did whilst staying at Peppers Airlie Beach was let go of my very big To-Do List and I choose instead to spend time having a Bath Robe day and lounged around in my spa apartment and of course made use of their beautiful Spa Bath and practicing my self care rituals.

I lost track of time and disconnected from the outside world whilst soaking in a beautiful Warm Bubbling Spa Bath – the Spa Bath Tub in a Bathroom was so big and perhaps the biggest I have ever seen and especially in Airlie Beach.

After spending time being a Spa it Girl my Spa Bath at Peppers Airlie Beach, I emerged feeling well rested, relaxed and definitely like I had let go of any tension or stress and it was a great way to clear my mind and to let go of things that no longer served my highest good.

I felt by spending time soaking in their very big Spa Bath that it was very therapeutic and it did wonders for my Body, Mind and Spirit.

Whilst staying I made time both day and night and yes had a Spa Bath.

If you feel like you need to take time out for your own self and would love to just spend time by the pool, in the spa, or hanging out in your bath robe instead of running around and being non stop and on that go then you will love it her Peppers Airlie Beach is definitely a place that offers the elements of pure relaxation.

However if you feel at times you want to explore Airlie Beach you are only a throws stone away and also if you ask at the Front Desk they will be able to help you and even book you in to one of Airlie’s Beach Best Whitsunday Sailing Tours which is the Lady Eden, plus can give you so many other ideas to make you stay in Airlie Beach one of the most memorable ones.

I found all of the staff at Peppers Airlie Beach to be so lovely, they were all so friendly, down to earth and I was made to feel very welcomed, I also loved how they were happy to make the time to have a chat with me to see how I was and if I was enjoying my time with them.  I truly believe the staff always make a place and when you see a happy smile face it always makes it a Happy Holiday.

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