Getaway at Peppers Beach Club & Spa in Palm Cove

Yvette Le Blowitz @Spaitgirl Peppers Beach Club & Spa Palm Cove

It all started with the word SPA

Peppers Beach Club & Spa in Palm Cove is right on the esplanade over looking a tropical palm-fringed beach.

It’s only a 20 minute drive from the Cairns Airport in North Queensland, Australia.

At Peppers Beach Club & Spa in Palm Cove they offer a range of accommodation options, from suites and Spa Rooms, to One, Two and Three Bedroom Penthouses with private rooftop terraces, BBQs and a plunge pool or jacuzzi.

Not to mention an on-site exclusive spa, restaurant, bar, spa tubs on their balcony rooms, a beach style resort pool with a swim up bar in a beautiful lush green tropical Palm Cove setting.

You may already know by now that you only have to mention the world SPA and I am there, and when I heard about Peppers Beach Club & Spa in Palm Cove I had to check it out and tell you what I really did think.

So here goes…..

When I drove into the Peppers Beach Club & Spa in Palm Cove driveway the first thing was the Australian Gum Trees and then lots of happy faces – smiling, laughing and having Friday afternoon drinks on their restaurant open air deck.

I made my day on foot and walked down their wooden deck walkway entrance and the first thing I instantly noticed from a distance was their beautiful swimming pool and gorgeous water feature.

To the right was their Front Desk and I was greeted by a really lovely Peppers front desk staff member who made me feel instantly welcomed with a big happy feel good smile and it made me feel like the travel and drive to arrive here was all worth while.

I couldn’t help myself by keep looking outside to the right of me because it was such a beautiful day with bright blue skies, sunshine and the swimming pool and day beds were calling my name it’s time to relax and enjoy the tropical summer shine vibes even though it’s technically Autumn in Australia and we are coming into Winter it definitely didn’t feel like it – so it was like I have found a nice warm summer spot.

The weather was magic – not to hot, not to humid – simply PERFECT.

After I checked in at the Front Desk, I had to park my car which is done by simply going around the block and entering the Peppers Beach Club & Spa from the back which is really easy to find and if you do make your way there in your own car they did offer secure parking which was part of my accommodation and stay.

Of course I was eager to get my bags and make my way from the Carpark to my Room – and because the Peppers Staff at Front Desk had offered to take up my bags for me thanks to their Concierge – I didn’t have to worry about lugging my big oversized Away bag up any steps.

I was super excited to be staying at Peppers Beach Club & Spa in Palm Cove – because I felt that it offered all of the elements of a Perfect Spa it Girl Getaway.

Plus I was staying in a Ocean Spa Room, so I mean who wouldn’t be super excited to be staying here.

My Ocean Spa Room was located in the first building and at the front of Peppers Beach Club & Spa and it was easy to find – as long as I remember the number I was staying in.

When I swiped my key through the front door it opened up to a little entrance and there was two doors both with a sign saying spa suite and it was clearly numbered. It also had a side table and a mirror.

I choose my spa suite door and swiped my key and WELLA – I am Spa it Girl In.

The first thing I noticed was how tidy and clean my room was not to mention how big my bed was.

But more importantly for me as an absolute SPA junkie – my attention went straight to the above ground spa bath tub that was definitely big enough for two people and it was like OMG this is so exciting!

Hello Spa it Girl’s and Boy’s – I just found you – your next Spa it Girl Getaway and it has a Spa Bath big enough for you – or two.

My Ocean Spa Room balcony was long and so spacious and I honestly felt that it was large enough to host a small yoga class – however I did feel that this Ocean Spa Room was perfect because in the morning I could roll out my yoga mat and practice my yoga flow over looking the Palm Cove Esplanade, beach and ocean.

From my balcony I also had a really great view of the Beautiful Australian Gum Trees and when I looked up and around and down the street I could also see Tropical Palm Trees and more lush green bushes, trees, grass and it was a very lovely tropical natural setting and it did give me that sense of connection with all of the elements of mother earth – which I really loved because I am definitely a Down to Earth Aussie – Natural Beauty at heart.

Straight across the road was the beach and ocean and I could see it from my Ocean Spa Room balcony which I loved.

It was so nice listening to the birds chirping and feeling and smelling the fresh sea air and it definitely beat the hustle and bustle of the city.

When I looked around at the people walking the Palm Cove Esplande everyone was just pottering around and in Holiday slow mode.

As for the Dress – think casual, tropical beach and swimwear with a pair of thongs (a.k.a) sandals, flip flops!

As for my #SPAITGIRL Getaway – Peppers Beach Club & Spa Palm Cove – Self Care Rituals – it started like this:

Filling up my spa bath with warm water, then immersing myself in it, pressing the spa button in and letting the spa bath jets do all the work for me.

I spent time in the Spa Bath on sunset and also in the evening at night and it was so relaxing. Spending time in the spa bath also did wonders for my tight neck, shoulders and back – so naturally I loved it and I felt like there was no better way to chill then in the beautiful spa bath that was in my ocean spa room.

When I wasn’t relaxing in the Spa Bath or taking an instagram #SPAITGIRL spa flower bath moment especially for you!

You could find me in their massive big swimming resort style lagoon pool or one of their day beds underneath an umbrella.

The resort pool was huge! And it had a gorgeous big white sandy beach style lagoon and plenty of day beds to pick from.

I loved how they had so many day beds to choose from both situated on the tiled or wooden decking or sandy white beach.  The swimming pool was so big and it was also surrounded by tropical palm trees and there was plenty of green plants, bushes and even frangipani trees so it had the nicest tropical relaxed feel good feeling and I really loved how spacious it was.

The Peppers Beach Club & Spa Resort Palm Cove also had the most epic swim up pool bar and I have to say if you love to indulge in a cocktail or two on holidays well you will LOVE it HERE!!!

What I loved most about their resort pool was even though it was busy and there was a mix of families, couples, solo travellers it didn’t feel once over crowded and I was still able to read a feel good book and relax on my day bed and I found my own peace and quite.

When it came ordering poolside food from their pool bar – I couldn’t go past trying a bowl of sweet potato friends which totally hit the spot.

During my stay I also visited the Day Spa – OF COURSE – that is always a Given!

The Day Spa was right behind the main pool area and you can’t miss it as it is clearly signed DAY SPA – which I loved seeing especially as an absolute Spa Junkie, The Original Spa Blogger Turn Author and yes founder of Spa it Girl!

The Day Spa on site is actually called SPA Peppers Beach Club Palm Cove and it is run and managed by Exclusive Spa’s.

On arrival to the Spa, I was greeted by Kim who is actually the SPA Manager and who was also going to be my Spa Therapist for my Utopia Spa Treatment.

The Spa was quaint and had a lovely down to earth feel, and it had a very relaxing and calming, grounding vibe.  Everything was nicely place and the energy was warm, inviting, kind, nurturing and day spa caring.

Kim was so calm, down to earth, easy to talk to, very grounded and presented and I couldn’t help think was she a massage therapist and yogi – as she just oozed that spiritual grounding touch!

Before my Spa Treatment, My Spa Therapist Kim – took me through everything my treatment, the brand and products she would be using and I loved hearing more about LI’TYA  which is an exclusive Australian Spa Brand that uses pure native botanical ingredients and also honours the Aboriginal Culture.

It’s been around for some time now and actually I remember it when it first launched on the Australian Spa scene so in 2018 I was really happy that it was still being exclusively used in our Hot Spot – Mecca Australian Tourist Destinations like Palm Cove – as it was a great gift for everyone who visited Australia plus anyone who also lives in Australia.

Kim showed me to the Spa Change room which was to the left of their relaxation waiting room – and it might come as no surprise but I loved seeing all of the Spa Robes hanging up on the Queenslander style timber white wall and yes and creatively I had to share the excitement that there was a Spa Robe not just for me – but also awaiting you!

As for my treatment room it was lovely – it had a nice dim soft lighting and the presentation of my spa treatment bed and everything in my spa treatment room was superb. There was no rush job in and out going on in this day spa! But instead absolute attention to detail and presentation perfection!

It was a real credit to Kim and her amazing team – and I have to say that my eyes and the things I pick up on – perhaps the average person wouldn’t however after reviewing Spa’s for 10+ years you only have to have one towel not neatly pressed or lined up correct and boom – instantly I can spot it.

Kim started my Utopia Spa Treatment by asking me to take a seat which was really nice, then I was asked to put my feet in a round golden foot bowl so I could have my ancient foot spa.

While I was sitting in the chair, Kim asked me to close my eyes and I had to inhale and exhale – three different kinds of LI’TYA oil blends.

From there I had to then intuitively choose what LI’TYA oil blend suited me best, and it’s funny how things work out, because I had only been speaking to a girlfriend saying with all of the travelling I had been doing lately – that I was really in need of a detox – so that was the actual LI’TYA oil blend I chose from the three oils blends.

After I chose my oil blend and had my ancient foot spa ritual, it was time for the indigenous inspired ‘smudging ceremony’ which is a blend of bush botanicals of Paperbark, Eucalyptus & Myrtle Leaves infused with lemon essential oils and it started with Kim lighting a match and setting the botanical leaves on fire in and then smudging the smoke around me.

I felt that it was a very unique and spiritual Australian Spa experience and definitely like no other. It was a great way to become fully present and a wonderful way to prepare for my spa treatment massage and facial after that,

When it came to my spa massage it was amazing – thanks to My Spa Therapist Kim who was highly experienced, skilled and professional trained. My massage was very relaxing thanks to Kim’s ability to continually make my massage flow and even though I had lots of knots to get out of my shoulders, neck and upper back it didn’t once hurt when they were coming out – instead it was beautiful and relaxing.

I loved the smell and feel of the LI’TYA body oil during my spa massage treatment along with the beautiful LI’TYA spa music which was playing very softly.

After my massage it was time for me to roll over – which was done very slowly on my behalf because after my spa massage – thanks to Kim I was now feeling very relaxed and yes very sleepy! As for my To-Do List? what to do list – all I had to do now was roll over for my facial and that was it – I was seriously present and living in the present moment! connected Body, Mind and Spirt.

The LI’TYA facial products felt so nice on my skin and I could feel and smell that they were all indeed native botanical ingredients.

When it came to my facial massage – Kim definitely had her massage moves down pat and everything flowed so well again that – it was like having a relaxation massage for my face.

I also felt that they facial massage helped with getting rid of toxins that had built up and that were being stored in my chin area.

By having the Utopia Spa Treatment and it being a combination of a body massage and facial I felt this did wonders for my circulation and that it was definitely going to help with getting rid of built up toxins.

When it came to the end of facial my skin felt amazing and from Head to My Toes I was feeling very relaxed, calm and I felt so good from within.

Of course Naturally I didn’t want my Utopia Spa Treatment to come to an end I think I could have easily stayed a couple more hours having Spa Treatments thanks to KIM – being highly skilled, passionate, and a true spa professional.

After my treatment I  enjoyed a nice cup of  LI’TYA tea along with a few marshmallows that are on offer in their relaxation day spa pre and post treatment room.

After signing a signed copy of my Book: It Starts With Me as a Thank You Gift for Kim being such a Spa it Girl Inspiration and then signing one especially for their Spa Guests and waiting area.

I got dressed and said my heart felt thank you’s and good bye and headed down to the POOL  down stairs and for the rest of the afternoon it went like this: Swim, Rest, Read – Repeat.

As for the poolside pool snacks and foods – I couldn’t go past the sweet potatoes fries they really hit the spot.  As for my morning walk I did this along the Palm Cove Esplanade and it was so lovely and like always I met another gorgeous lady along the way who was visiting from Victoria and we couldn’t help admire how beautiful Palm Cove was and how warm and lovely it was at this time of the year.

Throughout my whole stay at Peppers Beach Club & Spa in Palm Cove I found all of the staff to be really nice and helpful – and they all went out of their way to help with whatever I needed and whenever I needed it.

Would I go back to Peppers Beach Club & Spa in Palm Cove and stay? Yes in a Heartbeat.

Would I consider meeting up with other Spa it Girl’s here for a Spa it Girl Retreat one Weekend: Yes as it has all of the elements of a perfect Spa it Girl Getaway!

Would I recommend my Family, Friends and Spa it Girl Blog Readers & Followers or anyone I meet along the way to stay at Peppers Beach Club & Spa in PALM COVE – YES, ABSOLUTELY I loved staying here it was a beautiful resort situated in a beautiful part of the World and in Australia!

A very big thanks to: the SPA Peppers Beach Club Palm Cove (by) Exclusive Spas who are offering also my: SPA IT GIRL Blog readers/followers this very SPECIAL OFFER as follows:

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Till My next Spa it Girl – Getaway Blog Post.

Love Yourself Always.

Make Time For Yourself Always.

Be Beautiful.

Stay Beautiful.

You are Beautiful.

Love from Australia

Yvette xoxo