Premier57 – What to do in a 40,000 sq. ft spa in NYC

Looking for a healthy dose of relaxation in bustling Midtown? Look no further than Premier57, a 40,000 sq. ft. Korean-inspired spa complex complete with full-range “Sauna Valley,” floors of hydrotherapy pools, a full-service bar, meditation room, massage parlor, and baths.

Premier57 is the luxe sister in the Spa Castle chain of spa baths, the closest cousin being the sprawling Korean spa and wellness center in College Point, Queens.

I thoroughly enjoyed the layout and new offerings of Premier57’s Sauna Valley, a suite of saunas, including traditional Korean clay, and all sporting a pinch of European design flare (think neon lights, glass doors, and shining marble hallways).

After donning my swimsuit and cozy Premier57 robe, I started my visit by basking in the infrared relaxation lounge. Infrared helps clear the skin and reduce stress and swelling caused by inflammation, something I’ve written about in other reviews. Premier57 offers excellent infrared, chromotherapy, and far infrared saunas and lounges just for this purpose.

Of all the rooms, the Himalayan Salt Sauna was my favorite. I loved being able to glide easily between it and the Ice Igloo Room, the perfect escape from the hot saunas and said to help close pores and keep skin firm. I rounded off my sauna regimen with a stint in the Gold Sauna, a room made almost entirely from 24K gold-plated tiling imported from Korea.

After having worked up a decent sweat and correlating amount of zen, I made my way to the hydrotherapy pools. Much like at Spa Castle, Premier57’s hydrotherapy center also features a full-service bar. I was more focused on trying out each jet combination in the larger hydrotherapy pool, though I spotted many other patrons relaxing with tall glasses of wine in hand, too.

I found the jets quite powerful, sometimes, perhaps too powerful, as I occasionally had to brace my legs along the pool edge so as not to be jettisoned. Overall, I would say that the indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy felt more focused more on cocktail hour than aqua massages.

Which brings me to my biggest point. Premier57 is the perfect spa for a ladies day out pampering. With all of the space (this place is CAVERNOUS), alcohol-friendly atmosphere, and eclectic mix of American, Korean, and smoothies served at the Cafe Bistro, this spa makes for a very memorable and very fun, bachelorette or even an exciting date.

I went on a Thursday afternoon and often found myself sweating alone. While lounging in my own private rooftop jacuzzi, I often found myself wishing there was someone (or someones) lounging alongside me.

Overall, go for the suite of excellent saunas and the convenience of Midtown, and stay and relax sipping on Hummingbird smoothies with a bunch of your best friends.

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Review by: Genevieve Wollenbecker
Spa it Girl NYC Contributor 

Photo Credits: Premier57

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