Meet: Danuta Mieloch – Founder of Rescue Spa

Spa it Girl finds out what Danuta Mieloch, Esthetician and founder of Rescue Spa Skincare Tips and Self Care Rituals are – plus so much more. 

What Inspired you to start your own Luxury Day Spa in NYC? I started in Philadelphia and have been into skincare since I can remember.

As a child I had a little apothecary that I played with, with little potions and lotions. The passion for skincare goes all the way back.

Why did you call your Luxury Day Spa – Rescue Spa? When I opened my spa in Philadelphia in 2004 I felt that a lot of people’s skin needed to be “rescued”.

That’s my mission to rescue skin.

What does your skincare routine look like? press on the play button below to watch my youtube to find out


Do you think we should be trying to do our skincare routine morning and night for the best results? Yes. It’s non negotiable.

What Facial Treatments do you like to have for your own Skin? I get a Biolift Facial once a month. But I also like to change it up with a Fix-It-All  every now and then.

Do you have a Favourite Spa Treatment from your own menu? The Fix-it-All Facial & Biolift Facial are my go-to’s….but everything on the menu is fabulous!

How often should we have a Facial – ideally? It’s between 4-6 weeks for proper skin regeneration which happens every 28 days, and you want to tap into that cycle.

You are known for having the Best Facials in New York City, how did this all happen? 30 years of experience.

What can we expect when we visit your Luxury Day Spa? The best service and products. Expertise drawn on experience.

What Skincare Brands do you love to use in your Spa and Why? Biologique Recherche, Valmont, MBR, Environ… each brand is carefully selected and they all work in synergy together. We should change up our skincare routines from time to time to avoid hitting a plateau.

Can you tell us some of your Self Care Rituals? First of all I’m into rituals and in Self Care it’s all about consistency. So I try to practice daily what I preach by eating well, exercising, and taking care of my skin on a daily basis.

New York City is always non stop – how do switch off as a busy #GIRLBOSS? I practice yoga and attend a vast array of meditation and spiritual workshops.

Do you think it’s important take time out for ourselves, stop and just BE? Absolutely

What are a couple of things you never leave home without and carry in your handbag? Valmont powder cream with SPF allows me to touch up and reapply sun protection throughout the day. Chantecaille lipstick.Small BR Silk Plus in case I feel dehydrated, I just dab it on. Keys, Phone, and my headphones to listen to podcasts.

Do you have any Foods that you swear by eating for great glowing skin? Old fashioned oatmeal with flax seed. I also love flax seeds and hemp oils. Anything that contains omega fatty acids. Green juice, plenty of liquids, plenty of water to stay hydrated.

In NYC do you grab a coffee in the morning or head straight for your SPA tea of the day? I love to drink coffee in the morning, I usually do a soothing tea in the evening.

Can you share any of your Go-To Skincare Tips? Drinking plenty of water is fantastic… but you still need to double cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect your skin from the sun. You cannot skip any of these steps and expect to have great skin.

What is something we wouldn’t know about you – when we look at your Instagram Photo? That I’m 52!

Who Inspires You? People with passion!

What Makes You Happy? That I’m alive. That is a gift.

What’s on the Cards for the Rest of 2018? I tend to live in the moment.

Can you share any words of wisdom for those wanting to live their own dreams? Find your expertise and what you love to do and keep mastering that.  We can’t be good at that but once you find your niche you will achieve your goal. I know I’m good at facials and that’s what I focus on.

Do you have a Favourite Mantra to Share? Beautiful skin is a matter of choice, not chance. A good skincare regimen starts with a first step. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself. Start by cleansing. Ease into it if you must, but just like working out showing up is the most important part! Just like running a marathon, work your way up to it.

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Rescue Spa is located at:

29 East 19th St, New York, NY 10003


1601 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102