#SPAITGIRL Talk Show {PODCAST} – How to Be a Modern Day Yogi

This week on my #SPAITGIRL Talk Show PODCAST

I catch up with Esther Ekhart, founder of Ekhart Yoga www.ekhartyoga.com to find out more about her and what inspired her to want to start her own Youtube Yoga Channel and also online YOGA business.

I ask her things like how often we have to practice Yoga to be considered YOGA and what the most important things when it comes to practicing YOGA and you will be so happy to hear it’s not having to hold an Advance Yoga Pose wearing in a Bikini and then posting it on your Instagram Feed.

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After you listen to this week’s #SPAITGIRL Talk Show PODCAST – I would love to know if sharing Esther Ekhart’s words of wisdom truly inspired you to give Yoga a Go? or even to practice being kinder to your own self also.

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I am so excited to be creating and collaborating with other amazing inspirations in this iTunes PODCAST space! because it’s all about sharing words of wisdom to help inspire you to become your own best version and to feel healthy and happy within.

I also love when it comes to sharing these PODCASTS how it takes me back to the real meaning of blogging which has nothing to do with the way I look or how my Guest Look! which is totally different to Instagram which as you all know is all based on looking good or looking at things for a split second and you are on to the next photo to either like, comment or not.

I have created the #SPAITGIRL Talk Show PODCAST to help you become your Own Best Version and to live your own Healthy, Happy, Authentic Dreams and I truly hope it inspires you listening to real people’s words of wisdom, stories and handy Health, Wellness and Happiness tips too!

Have a Very Happy #SPAITGIRL Self Love Sunday and enjoy taking care of your self and practicing your own self care rituals at home or at the SPA.

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I also hope you love trying out some of Esther Ekhart’s practices on her Ekhart Yoga Youtube Channel which is totally free!

Love & Light Always

Yvette xoxo