Catalena Beauty & Day Spa in Cairns is a REAL Hidden GEM

Catalena Beauty and Day Spa is a real hidden gem and can be found in the little lane next to Woolworths at 82B Lakes Street, Cairns.

Catalena Beauty and Day Spa is an award winning Day Spa and is run by Cathy a Local Aussie#GIRLBOSS.

At Catalena Beauty and Day Spa they offer a great range of spa treatments, spa packages and spa products too.

There are so many things to choose from off their Spa Menu however I chose to have a full body massage and a facial two of my favourite spa treatments that I love to always have.

When I was taken to my Spa Treatment room it had dim lighting and a warm, inviting cosy peaceful feel.

When I laid down on the spa treatment bed it was so nice to hear the relaxing spa music playing and also the soothing sounds of the water feature which is located in their reception area.

My Spa Therapist for my spa massage was Cathy and her technique was amazing, she was highly trained, overly experienced and a real spa industry professional.

Cathy had healing hands and the Flow and Pressure was perfect and throughout my spa massage – I felt really comfortable.

I loved all the personal touches that Cathy also did like warming up the body oil considering I had walked in wearing a light jumper – as technically it’s Winter in Cairns even though it’s only about 24 degrees!

During my spa massage I found that Cathy went well beyond just getting my tight knots out and that she more of a spa therapist healer.

Her massage was more of an intuitive one which might be because she is so experienced however I found that she was great at helping get rid of any negative energy or emotions that I might have been holding on to.

I have had so many massages over the years but I have to say not every is a fan of massaging your feet but when it comes to Cathy it’s part of her spa massage therapy which I loved as I am always on my feet and it’s always one area that probably gets over looked.

Having a foot massage it’s really great for improving your circulation, stimulating muscles, reducing tension, easing pain and it can help you to feel more relaxed, to sleep better and it can also help decrease feelings of anxiety.

At the end of my full body spa massage – I felt so much lighter, brighter – happier and healthier from within.

I felt so good from within – calm, relaxed and at ease from within.

I only booked in for one hour but to be honest I think having an hour and half with a Spa Healer like Cathy would have been even better.

After my massage – I enjoyed a nice cup of peppermint tea and some water before my next Spa Treatment which was a Pevonia Facial.

Before my facial started I had a skin consultation and that was a great way to check up personally on my own skin and what was going on with it.

From there my Facial was tailored to suit my own skin needs.

As for my actual facial it was so relaxing and everything flowed nicely. It really was like having a relaxing massage for my face.

After my facial my skin felt amazing, so fresh and clean and my skin was absolutely glowing. I also felt really good from within.

Both of my Spa Treatments were amazing thanks to my Spa Therapist Cathy.

One of the things I also discovered when I visited this Day Spa was that they actually had a spa bath – which was a real surprise as there is not many day spa’s that have a spa bath offering these day’s.

I also discovered they had an infrared sauna too which is great for detoxing and getting rid of toxins too.

I found visiting Catalena Beauty and Day Spa to be a very personal, quality day spa experience and I think because Cathy is so passionate about Spa Therapy and offering the best Day Spa experience ever that truly flows and shows.

Catalena Beauty and Day Spa is a Real Hidden Gem – which I actually stumbled across when I was literally on my way to Woolies in Lake Street Cairns.

On that note – I am happy to share that – Catalena Beauty and Day Spa in Cairns has now been – Tried, Tested and #SPAITGIRL Approved.

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