EP13: Spa it Girl Talk Show PODCAST – How to Take Care of Yourself with or without kids by Tara Lee, founder of Tara Lee Yoga

This Week – Yvette Le Blowitz, Host of the #SPAITGIRL Talk Show PODCAST catches up with Tara Lee, Founder of Tara Lee Yoga and finds our her Self Care Rituals, Favourite Mantra, Skincare Routine and how she feels after teaching her own yoga classes.

Tara Lee, Founder of Tara Lee Yoga also shares a handy tip as a busy Mum when it comes to fitting in her own Meditation practice, plus she offers up words of wisdom when it comes to helping her own daughter fall to sleep when she is feeling all worked up or having trouble getting to sleep at night.  These practical tips anyone could try in their own day to day life and are suitable for anyone with or without kids.

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On that note – I hope you Enjoy this week’s #SPAITGIRL Talk Show by Yvette Le Blowitz PODCAST – Episode 13: How to Take Care of Yourself With or Without Kids – Words of Wisdom by Tara Lee, Founder of Tara Lee Yoga www.taraleeyoga.com

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