EP12: Spa it Girl Talk Show PODCAST – Self Care & Skincare #GIRLBOSS Tips by Juliet, Founder of Julisa a Cruelty Free, Vegan Beauty Brand

Happy Self Love Sunday

I love how today as #SPAITGIRL Community we celebrate taking care of ourselves! YEH

I always look forward to waking up to Sunday’s because I know it’s the one day of the week, that I get to surrender to my To-Do List and I love swapping it with doing simple little self care things that make me feel good from within.

Every #SPAITGIRL #SelfLoveSunday looks different for me, because I always tune my attention inwards on what is it – I need to do to take care of my own Body, Mind and Spirit.

Some Sunday’s I feel like I need to go for a long walk by the beach, or a hill climb, a massage, getting my nails done, popping on a face mask, a body scrub, meditating, yoga, a workout class, reading a feel good book, resting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing, popping in a hair mask, having a coffee at the beach, listening to a PODCAST or motivational youtube talk – every Sunday I simply discover and explore more ways to take care of myself so I feel good from within.

Every Sunday I wake up with the INTENT – to SLOW DOWN, Relax and Unwind and to care of myself – alongside and with you too.

I also love to practice my Skincare Rituals too and one of the tools I like to use is a Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller by Julisa

So it’s with great pleasure that this Week on my iTunes PODCAST EP:12 – SPAITGIRL Talk Show by Yvette Le Blowitz that I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Juliet, founder of Julisa www.julisa.co a Cruelty Free, Vegan Certified Beauty Brand to find out her #GIRLBOSS Skincare, Self Care Rituals and what inspired her to want to go from using cruelty free, vegan beauty products to actually creating her own products and online global brand – click on this link to Subscribe to my iTunes: #SPAITGIRL Talk Show PODCAST

In this Week’s #SPAITGIRL Talk Show Podcast   if you tune in –  also have the chance to WIN your very own Julisa.co Crystal Facial Roller, plus you also get given a discount code which is valid off the entire Julisa.co store too!

On that note have a Beautiful #SelfLoveSunday and hashtag #Spaitgirl to share your inspiration too.

Love & Light
Yvette xoxo


EP12: Self Care & Skincare Tips by a Cruelty Free, Vegan Certified #GIRLBOSS – Juliet, Founder of Julisa