Ushvani is a Malaysian inspired day-spa in Knightsbridge, London

Spa it Girl London Contributor Lila Valentina just had her very first treatment at Malaysian inspired day-spa Ushvani in Knightsbridge, London and she gives us the low down on what it was really like:

I had a Balinese massage at Ushvani and it was HEAVENLY.

The promise of relaxation started the day before when I received a confirmation email for my treatment and an invitation to bring my own music if there was something special I wanted to listen to.

This attention to detail echoed all the way through my experience. Things I always need at the spa but have a tendency to forget were already taken care of, like available hair bands and a plastic bag to pack your wet swimwear in upon departure.

But let’s go back a bit. The entry is No1 Cadogan Place, an easy walk from Sloane Square. Once you’re on the inside of the big wooden door, the elegant experience begins. The reception is beautifully exotic in dark wood and specially commissioned Malaysian artwork is displayed throughout the spa, the lighting is soft and calming.

I was warmly welcomed with a refreshing hot hand towel of Ushvani’s signature scent of nutmeg and ginger before being taken on a tour. First we visited the beautiful, airy and spacious Sentosa studio upstairs that hosts yoga classes on Tuesday evenings.

Next we went down the elegant wooden staircase to the changing rooms where I was given a locker and key. There are showers in the changing room and each locker provides a bottle of water, disposable underwear, robe, jewellery pouches and two towels.

The downstairs facilities of spa pool and steam room are reserved for ladies only.

Next, I was in my comfortable robe waiting for my treatment in the relaxation room, complete with dried fruits, nuts, water and cranberry juice.

My massage therapist greeted me and took me through to our room. The Balinese massage is a full body treatment promising to leave you feeling both relaxed and energized, through releasing tension and boosting circulation. The bed was heated and one of the most comfortable I have ever been on.

I started face down and took three deep breaths. Inhaling eucalyptus, menthol and camphor which are especially good for releasing tension. It wasn’t long until I was deeply relaxed. I forgot where I was and everything that had been going on in my day before. My mind soothed by the soft melody reminiscent of ocean waves and exotic travel.

My massage therapist’s perfect pressure, consistent movement, warm, friendly and professional presence all helped me let go and sink far into the deeply satisfying treatment.

Hydrating cold pressed coconut and hibiscus oil was used for the massage and deeply moisturizing coconut and kemiri butter was used to soften the skin on my heels. Both Ushvani products including the Ushvani balm of eucalyptus and menthol that I had inhaled at the beginning of the treatment are available to buy.

When I opened my eyes I felt completely refreshed, like the best kind of days on holiday, with a carefree mind and flexible body. All those worries had been washed away and a new sense of vigour emerged from within. I was reminded to drink plenty of water, take it easy and stay hydrated.

Back in my own clothes I was invited for fresh hibiscus tea in the serene and luxuriously furnished tea room where I could gently prepare myself for the world outside. I left on cloud nine marvelling at just how light, happy and different I could feel after just one hour of treatment. It shouldn’t surprise me, because this place is very special.

@Spaitgirl London Contributor – Lila Valentina

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Review By Lila Valentina
Spa it Girl London Contributor