I had a Red Flower Hammam body treatment at Body by Brooklyn

As I read through my notes about my experience at Body by Brooklyn in Clinton Hill, I’m left with a lasting impression of its people. Everyone, from the receptionist to my LMT to the spa manager, made me feel welcome, cared for, and a part of the community.

That’s what’s most striking about this particular spa located just minutes from the Brooklyn Navy Yard: the sense of service to the community.

For the past twelve years, Body By Brooklyn (BBB) has served a variety of [hospital name] doctors and nurses, school district teachers, and an increasing amount of Brooklyn Navy Yard professionals.

It’s a place to unwind after a long day of work and to treat yourself, friends, and family on celebratory weekends. There’s a lot of heart in this place and it emanates from the staff.

The Facilities

I arrived on a recent Friday afternoon to celebrate my own impending nuptials and indulge myself with a luxurious Red Flower Hammam Body Treatment. The spa facilities are designed with the European sauna complex in mind—their wet lounge boasts Russian, Swedish, and Turkish saunas (more on that later)—and this lavish Turkish treatment immediately piqued my interest as something different and festive.

As with other more “social” spas, like Premier57, Mermaid Spa, and the Russian Baths, weekends as peak visiting hours for BBB, and I was treated to near empty facilities the day of my visit. My tour of the 10,000 square foot spa complex included a showcase of the facilities: the large locker rooms, wet lounge, and dry lounge area complete with full bar and lots of space to relax and eat (they have their own chef on site on the weekends, snacks and drinks are available on weekdays).

These spaces don’t require a reservation in advance and an all-day pass is just $45. I was also shown the private body treatment wing, several private treatment rooms, and the VIP room for couple massages and small parties.

While large, the facilities could use an update, as I found the Wet Lounge and private treatment wing a bit dark, a mixture of old paint, poor lighting, and a need for more cupboards. I did like the products on display in the reception, the soy massage candles smelled heavenly, and guests can purchase BBB hand-made face and body scrubs to use in the facilities, something I always look for at the spa.

Since I arrived an hour early for my treatment, I was able to make use of the Wet Lounge, and highly recommend a routine of sauna and steam interspersed with either a cold shower or quick dip in the small plunge pool. There’s a sizable jacuzzi available, and my LMT and the receptionist both stated that this amenity is a popular feature for guests.

Each of the dry saunas was a great temperature, especially if you are into 187°F Russian saunas, and sizeable enough to accommodate 8-10 guests at a time. Loungers can also enjoy the bounty of seating available in both the wet and dry lounges. I found the complimentary reading selection a nice touch (free Kenyon Review at a spa?!), and I’d like to seem some more current issues available.

The Treatment

Okay, now, onto the good stuff.

First off, let me thank my LMT, Elizabeth, for her calm demeanor and impressive skill during the marathon that is the Red Flower Hammam body treatment. The Red Flower Hamman includes six elaborate steps meant to purify, envigorate, recharge, and relax the skin (and quite possibly the soul).

Not only does it include massages, clay wraps, and naptime, it’s a 90-minute feast for the senses. Moroccan mint cleanser, lemon coffee scrubs, rose jasmine rhassoul clay, and cardamom amber oil provide a decadent bouquet of smells. My favorite product was the lemon coffee scrub, as it polished my skin and woke me up with its earthy scent.

The most dramatic part of the treatment was the rhassoul clay wrap, a mud-like polish that draws out impurities as you soak. While this part of the treatment includes a plastic wrap, and I personally found it cumbersome and unsustainable, I can see the challenge of keeping the wet clay from overtaking the entire treatment room. After the wrap was secured, I sat swaddled in several warming blankets, and was left to meditate (read: sleep) for fifteen lovely minutes.

After the wrap and subsequent rinse, the rest of the treatment was focused on light massage using oils to moisturize and release tension. As anyone planning a wedding will tell you, the home stretch is often most stressful. So, a dedicated thirty minute massage felt delicious. I could have laid out on that massage table for hours. I highly recommend all engaged persons to treat themselves to a restorative massage, as the business of getting married can be stressful and overwhelming.

Overall Impression

I left my massage restored and calm. So at ease that I just hung around the spa in a lovely daze for twenty more minutes.

Body by Brooklyn boasts a wide range of treatments; including, the very popular couples treatment: the Signature Chocolate massage (it is what it sounds like!) and a new deep tissue, bamboo massage treatment that came recommended by my massage therapist. The spa is dedicating more resources to making Body By Brooklyn a social spa destination.  

After speaking with the spa manager about future plans for improvements, expanded amenities, and treatments, I’m excited to see what beautifications the sauna will make for its guests and community.

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Body By Brooklyn is located at 275 Park Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 – Telephone: 718.923.9400

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Review by: Genevieve Wollenbecker
Spa it Girl NYC Contributor 

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