London Grace offer Nails, Coffee & Cocktails

London Grace Marble Arch nail bar is a gem that oozes with feel-good factor.

From the interior decoration in modern pastels, the good-vibes music to the loveliest nail technicians, Alexandra and Laura, and then of course I’m yet to mentioned the manicures and pedicures on offer, which are the icing on the cake!

That’s how good London Grace makes you feel. If you wanted to just cool down in the summer heat or catch up with friends, it would be worth seeking out one of their London or Essex branches, each equipped with a cafe and cocktail bar.

They even offer an event planning service online to help groups of people select the right party package.

But of course the heart of London Grace is nails. I was booked in for the Top Notch Pedicure which includes shaping, cuticle care, moisturizing, nail buff and polish.

London Grace pedicures are dry, which means that hundreds of litres of water are saved per week, helping to look after our planet.

A clean thinking theme that repeats in the bio degradable straws used in their cocktails and the formaldehyde free nail lacquers.

With my feet in the care of Alexandra she offers advice on how I could improve the health of my nails, which is also the thinking behind their own collection of ‘free from nasties’ nail polish.

But of course the first thing you notice when you see the collection are the exceptionally beautiful colors.

Some of my personal favorites are pastel yellow ‘Daphne,’ classic nude ‘Mable,’ and their signature color violet-blue ‘Grace. Also available to buy and take home, together with other gifts for hands and feet.

It was hard to choose but after a sample on my nails I went with sky blue ‘Florence’ and it is stunning. Next time I’m going for a rainbow because I love so many of them.

London Grace is a beautiful nail bar with excellent services including polish and gel polish (shellac) that comes with a fun social experience and open doors until 9pm.

The results are perfectly pedicured feet that I can feel proud of in open toe sandals. But more than that, London Grace made me feel SO good that as I left I nearly forgot that I had top notch nails to boot.

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Review By Lila Valentina
Spa it Girl London Contributor

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