#SPAITGIRL GETAWAY: Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa

Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa is 5-star resort located on the southern end of the beach at Palm Cove, in Tropical North Queensland in Australia and it’s our brand new #SPAITGIRL Getaway Destination.

This private resort features a range of boutique-style accommodation, from studio spa rooms and apartments to luxurious apartments with private plunge pools or private rooftop spas, it’s fully serviced with 24 hour room service too.

With wired Internet, Wi-Fi in all accommodation and wireless connections throughout the hotel’s common areas you can be reassured you don’t have to worry about not being able to upload your instagram holiday photos whilst staying here.

When you stay here you are close to all of the Tropical North Queensland Attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest, Hartleys Crocodile Adventures plus more.  This resort is also located on the beach and walking distance to the Palm Cove Village.

Vie Spa Palm Cove  is also located on the ground floor to the left of the main front desk reception of this resort and it may come as no surprise that the very first thing I did on arrival was Book in for a Spa Treatment.

There was quite a lot of Spa Treatments to choose from and they all sounded really good however, I decided to book in for the Heaven on Earth – 2 Hour Spa Package.

Because that was what it actually felt like when I arrived at Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa.

The Resort had really Beautiful Tropical Feel and I felt on arrival that the staff took the Accor Hotel hashtag #feelwelcome to a whole another level as it was smiles all around and they made me feel so welcomed on arrival that I was actually excited to be staying there. It was the most positive feel good welcoming feeling, I loved it.

I stayed in a one bedroom apartment and on check in I found it to be really spacious and it had a great self contained kitchen, dining room, lounge room and on my balcony I had this really massive day bed and coffee table so it was a perfect place to just sit, relax, read a book and do nothing at all.

From my balcony I could see glimpses of the lagoon style pool, the lap pool and the kids pool, which was lovely.

I loved how from my apartment when the sliding doors were open all I could hear the birds chirping it was so amazing.

Every now and again as the wind swept in I could hear the sounds of happy people playing in the swimming pool or talking but once again I loved it because it was the feeling of happy positive energy in the sweeping in the air.

When I looked out of my apartment I could see the beautiful clear blue skies, Australian Native Trees and the sun was beaming in, I could feel and smell the fresh air and it was so lovely connecting to all of the elements of mother earth and it definitely filled my own cup back up – even though I hadn’t even been to the VIE Spa yet.

Whilst sitting on the day bed I couldn’t admire just how beautiful this place truly was a I loved being immersed in mother nature and Tropical North Queensland too.

I also had the best night sleep whilst staying here because I couldn’t hear any car traffic noise as this resort is suited away from the main street and esplanade and it’s actually nestled down the southern end of the Palm Cove Beach in amongst the native bush and trees.  So it was a magic place to get a good nights sleep.

Every morning I woke up to blue skies, sunshine, birds chirping and I loved the thought of being able to walk straight from the resort to the beach, as it’s right on the beach front.

This Resort is right on the beach front so all you have to do is walk past the lap pool and then there is gate you go out of and then you walk across the board walk and then you are literally right there on Palm Cove Beach it’s seriously so amazing.

It was so nice to kick off my shoes and walk on sand and feel mother earth underneath the soles of my feet. It was such a lovely experiencing walking along the Palm Cove Beach and I found it to so energising.

I have been doing a lot of reading about earthing and how you can increase your energy by simply kicking off your shoes and connecting to mother earth and I have to say after my morning walks I truly believe they are definitely on to something here as it felt so good and definitely beats walking in high heel shoes on concrete floors.

I loved listening to the waves of the ocean and walking barefoot on the beach, feeling the Sun on my skin made me feel so good from within. I felt like I was doing a walking meditation every morning as the walk was so therapeutic.

It was so cleansing, soulful and healing and I seriously loved going for daily walks along the beach it filled my cup back up and I was overflowing with happiness and of course I had to do lots of live feeds on my instagram @Spaitgirl to show off my morning walks because it was just so beautiful.

On my morning walks I got to see lots of beautiful Palm Trees, the blue sky not to mention other people who thought walking along the beach was also a great idea too everyone looked so relaxed and chilled no one was in a hurry and it was lovely.

Walking along the Palm Cove beach has a very relaxing feeling and I loved how it wasn’t overcrowded this is a truly special beach and it was an absolute blessing to be able to wake up every morning and to walk along the beach.

These are morning beach walks I will never forget. Each morning after my morning walk I would then go and grab a coffee and then have breakfast at the resort they had a great selection of fresh tropical fruit and juices and did both a hot and cold buffet style breakfast.

After Breakfast I was off to relax on a day bed by the swimming pool and then when I felt like it I would go for a little swim to cool off and then relax some more.

It was incredible to think that it was actually Winter in Australia, but here I was hanging out in a swimsuit, with a throw over kaftan and a hat and sunglasses on.

I loved soaking up the Tropical North Queensland Vibes and I totally recommend wearing sunscreen as even though it might be a Balmy Winter’s Day you can easily get sunburnt when you are spending so much time out in the SUN.

When I was by the swimming pool I found the other guest to be so friendly and I met a lot of Aussies who were visiting on Holidays from Melbourne, Sydney and basically anyone south of Brisbane.

I also met a lot of overseas guests too and I loved how the pool area whilst the day beds were side by side everyone was so friendly, warm and welcoming and it was smiles all round.

Each day I would spend time relaxing by the pool and it was so nice. I loved it.

Then after I spent time at the pool I headed to the VIE SPA for my Heaven on Earth – 2 Hour Spa Package.

I was so excited to be actually staying at a dedicated Australian Spa Resort – that not only had swimming pools to relax by but an actual SPA to relax IN.

When I walked into the VIE SPA I found the interior to be nice, white, light bright and airy and I was greeted by Sarah my Spa Therapist who was so lovely, calm, relaxed and I felt totally grounded and presented.

At the same time when I looked around at the Spa Shelves I could see IKOU which is a Natural Spa Brand from The Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, along with the Pevonia a Spa Brand the retail space presentation was great.

Next Sarah took me through a frosted glass door and that’s when I stepped into the real haven of tranquility and peace it was nice and quite and instantly I could feel my own hypo upbeat tempo drop into a more slower, calmer state.

Sarah showed me to the change rooms and explained how everything worked also.  Her introduction to the VIE SPA Palm Cove was great.

After I changed into my Spa Robe, I made my way to their quaint spa relaxation waiting room area and I really loved how this area was tucked away and seperate from the main Spa Reception area and at that point in time you wouldn’t have even know you were actually in a resort as it was like your own little cocoon environment.

I took a seat on one of their lovely yellow mustard chair and I was offered a tea of the day or glass of water from Sarah.

Sarah was kind enough to get me whatever I wanted and also she gave some paper work to fill out but explained even more about my Spa Treatment and now it would work and also her knowledge about the brands and products she was using was next level AMAZING – she really knew her stuff I loved it.

Before I was taken to the Spa Treatment Room I was asked to take a moment to smell the essential oils and to choose one that I liked most and that would be the essential oil that would be used during my spa full body massage treatment.

I loved how at this moment in time – Sarah stepped away and out of the waiting room for a moment so that I had complete and utter privacy whilst doing choosing my essential oil for my spa therapy massage ritual.

I am a deeply intuitive person so I personally like to connect with my own heart, soul and senses when selecting my essential oils I think it’s really important to focus your attention inwards and when you are not distracted you can really choose what essential oil you most need.

I choose the IKOU DE-STRESS Geranium & Lavender Essential Oil and it’s funny how things work out because I wasn’t looking at the names of the essential oils but instead connecting to the scent but when I discovered that was the essential oils that I choose I felt it was perfect as I had been travelling so much lately and I have had so much on my plate with work, family, my blog, life that this Heaven on Earth – 2 hour Spa Package was divine timing and just wanted I needed.

After I selected my Essential Oil and told Sarah which was it was I was taken to the Spa Treatment room which was clean and I was in a single treatment room that had a shower in it because as part of my Heaven on Earth – 2 hour Spa Treatment I would be starting with and receiving a:

Body IKOU Scrub which was divine as the product felt and smelt good, however having someone else give you a full body scrub whilst you are relaxing on a spa treatment table is something special and yes it even beats doing a body scrub at home on Spa it Girl Self Love Sunday it was that good.

After my Body Scrub I was asked to wash it off – of course in total privacy and Sarah left the room and then after that I was asked to lay down face down as I was going to be having a full body massage which was amazing as Sarah’s massage technique was so good and well beyond her years her massage technique flowed wonderfully and she never lost contact with me once and the pressure was excellent.

Sarah had a calming, present, grounded relaxing energy and because she nailed the relaxation spa massage tempo along with her soothing hands and the sounds of the Spa music I actually nodded off to sleep which was rather funny considering I was there reviewing the Spa – but that’s what you want a massage that makes you feel deeply relaxed.

After my full body massage it was time to have a IKOU Foot Mask applied and Oh My Goodness as soon as this product touched my feet I loved the feeling of it, then they tie like a little bit of plastic around both feet to seal the product so it deeply hydrates your skin and whilst your foot mask is on it’s then time to have a Pevonia Facial.

I loved my Pevonia Facial I have been experiencing Penoiva Facials now for over 20+ years and writing about them for 10 years now so still to this day I love when I can experience a Pevonia Facial at the Spa.

My Skin was needed a good exfoliant, deep cleanse and mask and having a facial I love how your skin gets naturally worked and really like how the quality skincare facial products helps to clean and draw out any impurities.

I am such a Fan of Spa Facials that I even share how two of my Go-To Spa Treatment when I visit the Spa is a Facial and Massage.

During my facial I was totally relaxed and Sarah did a wonderful job with the flow, tempo and it was perfect.

At the end of my Heaven on Earth – 2 hour Spa Package – I felt totally relaxed and I didn’t feel like I was in a hurry to get anywhere or be anywhere.

I experienced a real sense of relaxation, I felt calmer, less stressed, less tense, the knots in my neck and shoulders, upper back were gone and all of my muscles felt totally relaxed and I felt so good from within and like a whole new person all over again.

My whole body felt deeply hydrated and that was thanks to the body scrub, body massage, foot mask and facial.

I was literally massaged head to toe with beautiful natural spa products it was such a Spa it Girl DREAM.

I truly felt that the Heave on Earth – Spa Package lived up to it’s name and yes it did feel like Heaven on Earth.

After I had my treatment I looked and felt so relaxed and it really showed and whilst spending time walking along the beach was lovely and relaxing in the pool or by the pool was lovely too.

I truly feel that visiting the VIE SPA Palm Cove for a 2 Hour – Heaven on Earth Spa Package lived up to it’s

It really helped me to let go of my to do list, or of the things that no longer served me my highest good to get rid of all that tension or to let go of any negative energy was seriously the best way to start my Spa it Girl Retreat at the Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa.

After my VIE SPA Palm Cove – Heaven on Earth spa package I went and had Lunch by the Swimming Pool and it was so yummy.

I then spent the afternoon relaxing by the swimming pool and when it came to Happy Hour even though I was travelling SOLO I managed to meet the most incredible lady who was actually from the good old days of old school media and naturally we clicked and had an absolute ball toasting a glass of Champagne to new friendship.

After that I went for Dinner with another beautiful friend at the Temples Restaurant at the Resort and the service was amazing and when it came to the food from the moment I took the first bite of my Main Meal all I could say was – WOW they Nailed it.

They use as many fresh quality ingredients as they can in their meals and it really showed. I actually loved dining at the resort restaurant because the setting was open air and it was so lovely and relaxed and I did feel right at home and welcomed.

All in All – it may come as no surprise after reading my review that I loved being  a #SPAITGIRL @pullmanpalmcove and @VieSpaPalmCove

A Very Big Thanks to The Team at Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa for making me feel so welcomed during my stay you were all Amazing in every single way.

I think your Level of Hospitality  will be very hard to beat.

Thanks for creating the most wonderful feel good memories.


To Find out more information or to make a booking at Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort and Spa visit: www.pullmanpalmcove.com.au

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Review By: Yvette Le Blowitz
Founder of @Spaitgirl 

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*Thanks to the Team at VIE SPA Palm Cove for such an outstanding quality and professional Spa Experience you are now officially Spa it Girl Tried, Tested and Approved.

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