Base Coat is your new anti-aging regimen

Base Coat Nail Salon™ is a non-toxic nail salon founded on the idea that the time you spend with us should be the most relaxing part of your

They strive for a healthy nail spa experience for each of our guests and believe you can have beautiful happy, healthy nails without sacrificing style and having to expose yourself to toxins & chemicals.

We had our #SPAITGIRL LA Contributor Alexa Coughlin visit a Base Coat Nail Salon and here is the low down:

#SPAITGIRL LA Contributor Alexa Coughlin

Nestled off the congested streets of Fairfax between the cultural gems lining Los Angeles and vibrant array of fashionistas and foodies on Melrose, comes this literal breath of fresh air – Base Coat Nail Salon.

No really, not only can you escape the smog, fumes, and hustle-bustle, but Base Coat also uses non-toxic scrubs and polishes so you can treat yourself without that usual nail salon hangover.

Think acetone headache, face-mask wearing technicians, and questionable bitter taste when you bite your fingernails and some polish flecks off – I mean…I never bite my nails…?

I was so excited to try out Base Coat not only because of their cruelty-free, safe approach to beauty, but also because I was in desperate need of a manicure.

The night before, my boyfriend decided to “pamper” me which consisted of him trimming and filing my nails in directions I didn’t know were possible.

As my nails took on acute angles, they got shorter and shorter in attempts to “fix” the situation. Despite his best efforts (and seriously amazing foot massage) my nails were jagged, and somehow sharper then they had been before.

I don’t even know how it’s possible but the shape best resembled a half-pipe with the edges sloping higher than the middle.

I tried to fight back laughter and horror when he proudly revealed his work to me…instead of waiting for it to grow out, I went straight to Base Coat to see what they could make of this mess…

I walked into a calm, quiet, minimal space that reminded me of a Japanese bath house.  Palm printed pillows & accent wallpaper lining the crisp, white salon were the only reminder I was still in LA.

I silenced my phone, kicked off my vans without any judging stares (why did I wear shoes?!), and was escorted onto a to a wide plush chair elevated on a wooden platform containing a matte black basin.

I was given a cool water to sip on as the technicians filled the basin with aromatic essential oils, Himalayan pink salts, and a mineral bath.

I proceeded to plop my feet down into the warm water as the aromatherapy-induced relaxation took away any previous anxiety I had about the current state of my nails, day, (and life?) in general.

I went with the base coat manicure and base coat pedicure. While two technicians immediately got to work shaping my nails back to their natural arc, I deliberated my color choice more than usual because they were all. so. good.

I ended up picking two neutral, mauve based colors from Rose Inc (a collaboration between Base Coat and Rosie Hunnington-Whitely.

Not only are these polishes non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly, but every color is compliment-inducing.

I went with a neutral blush That’s a wrap on my nails, and a rose-petaled mauve Business as Usual on my toes and daydreamed about hosting business meetings at Base Coat…

The technicians exfoliated using a beautifully scented scrub that reminded me of something that you might be able to get from aesop (conveniently located next door), followed with a hydrating creme massaged into my hands and feet.

We discussed the secret to a healthy relationship (let your boyfriend hack up your nails to show you that he loves you, etc), maintaining stress levels as an anti-aging regimen and the importance of self-care in that equation when it dawned on me…I need to make this a part of my monthly self-care ritual!

This short, 30 minute manicure and pedicure totally lived up to Base Coat’s #treatyoself mantra and offered the escape (plus free therapy session) I needed in less time than it usually takes me to have my lunch. 
My technician told me one of her client’s comes in weekly, has 5 kids, is over 50 and looks like she is 30 so it’s proven–Base Coat is your new anti-aging regimen. 

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Review By Alexa Coughlin
Spa it Girl LA Contributor

Base Coat Nail Salon is now Tried, Tested and #SPAITGIRL Approved

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