FV by Peppers is a Perfect Spa Party place

FV by Peppers is set in the heart of one of Brisbane’s busiest entertainment precincts, Fortitude Valley and it resembles a large gold skyscraper and they offer short or long term self contained apartment stays.

When you stay at FV by Peppers you can book one of their private spa suite’s on Level 6 – which doesn’t come as an extra add on cost – it’s actually complimentary when you are a FV by Peppers Guest.

On Level 6 you can find their u-shaped skyline pool, plus in the hallway to the pool you will find either side doors to the private spa suites and all have different names assigned to them. FV by Peppers also have a state of the art gym on Level 6 that guests and residents are able to use.

I stayed in a one bedroom – self contained apartment at FV by Peppers and on arrival – I found it to be very clean, neat tidy and presentable.

In my apartment I had a workable kitchen and it had everything I needed, I even had a washing machine so it was very much set up for short or long term stay.

My apartment was situated one the corner of the FV by Peppers building on a very busy road and as FV by Peppers is located in one of Brisbane’s busiest night life precincts especially when it comes to the weekends – it really does have that valley humming vibe and feel.

During my stay at FV by Peppers I made the most of using their private spa suite.

All I had to do was book it through their front desk reception and when it was time for using it.

All you have to do is  pop down to the front reception to pick up the access swipe key.

Before you use the FV by Peppers private spa bath and suite – you do have to fill out a little bit of paper work and go over a few things with the front desk receptionist but it’s actually really good as they explain everything and how it all works – which as a first time visitor – I think is really important.

Naturally as a Spa Blogger and founder of #SPAITGIRL – I was super excited to check out the FV by Peppers private spa suites and to find out what all the Private Spa Party fuss was about.

When I opened the front door I was eager to explore. I must admit I was very impressed in deed because the size of the Spa Bath Pool and Spa Suite overall was a lot bigger than what I imagined.

It had a very big above ground rectangle spa bath and then automatic windows that could be opened or closed with the touch of a button. It also had bar stools along the spa pool which screamed – SPA PARTY anyone?

To the left it also had a really big size entertaining kitchen and bench with more stools and it was the perfect spot for putting lots of entertaining platter food or hosting a dinner party.

I also loved how you could ring through to organise any catering or drinks that you wanted and how that it would be delivered to your own private spa suite – talk about Spa Service.

In the FV by Peppers – private spa suite it had a Flatscreen TV on the wall so you could watch TV in the Spa if you felt like it and access to the actual spa bath was up a set of stairs which had a railing to the side of it.

As for the spa bath I found it to be very warm which I loved especially because it was the start of Spring.

If you have been following my behind the scenes daily videos on my instagram page @spaitgirl you might have seen how I was using the private spa suite at FV by Peppers during the day and even at night.

On arrival to my private spa suite –  I was greeted with city views and a lovely bottle of French Champagne along with a delicious cheese and fruit platter and the spa bath towels  had been made up into two swans.

My friend actually though it was the perfect honeymoon setting and wondered if I should be bringing my Spa it Boy with me instead of her which was very funny!

The FV by Peppers Chef & Restaurant staff did an amazing job preparing for my private #SPAITGIRL spa party and my FV by Peppers – Spa Party Host made sure everything was perfect and that we had everything we needed.

The spa bath at night had this lovely light blue turquoise glow and when I looked out at the open windows, I could also see the blue lights on the Storey Bridge along with other Brisbane City Lights.

When it came to my private spa party it looked a little bit like this:

Relaxing in the warm Spa Bath

Catching up with my beautiful #spa #beauty #Girlboss friend

Enjoying a nice glass of french champange whilst eating a little bit of Australian cheese and fresh fruit.

Sharing my real life experience live on my instagram channel  @spaitgirl

I found the warm spa bath to be so relaxing and like all spa baths there comes a time when it switches off and someone has to get out and then turn the spa jets back on.

As the button is down the stairs and on the actual side of the wall – I would recommend keeping a dry towel near the top step or some place near by – so when you first get out of the spa bath you can dry your feet and self off first before walking down the tiled stairs.

Also everything in moderation and drink some water in between your glasses of alcohol.

As the spa suite has tiled floors – you just need to be really carefully that you don’t slip over!  I know I might be sounding like a bit of a spa party nanna but it’s all about having a good time and a safe time.

When it comes to listening to some music you can connect your own music via blue tooth and while we could have done this because it was actually Saturday night in the Valley – we ended up just listening to the Live Music that was playing in the Valley – whilst sipping a glass of nice french champagne and chatting away.

We couldn’t help think whilst listening to the live music that we had the best party seat in house at FV by Peppers – private spa suite.

I should mention that when I talk about booking your own private spa suite at FV by Peppers.

What that actually means is – when you book a spa suite at FV by Peppers you are the only apartment guest who has the swipe access key to that particular spa suite room at that time and for that duration of the time that you have booked it.

During the time of your booking no other apartment guests or residents have access to it – only FV by Peppers or security staff.

For safety reason each – FV by Peppers – private spa suite has a CCTV fitted in the corner of the room and on Friday and Saturday nights they have a security staff member who does a  couple of routine checks to make sure everything is ok.

The private spa suite also closes at 10pm and on that Saturday night when it was close to closing time we got a gentle knock on the door and  a remember about the closing time which we didn’t mind at all because we actually lost track of the time we were having such a ball.

I think the Private Spa Suite at FV by Peppers would be great for a girls night or hens party – any kind of catch up party really.

If you are planning to invite your Brisbane based friends then off-street parking is available and I was suggested to tell my guest to try Love Street which is only two blocks away and lit up the whole way when walking to FV by Peppers.

I must admit having a Private Spa Party at FV by Peppers in the Valley, Brisbane is something totally different – but if you have always wanted to host your own private Spa Party in Brisbane then now is your chance and you can do so by visiting:

If you are not the Party type – that’s ok because this private Spa Suite is still perfect for simply relaxing in.

I found the my FV by Peppers spa bath party experience to be an exclusive one.

I loved how I could call the FB by Peppers staff for anything I needed or wanted and how they would sort it out for me, which is always great when you are trying to run or host any kind of party.

During my stay I found the FV by Peppers staff to all be really helpful.

I found the FV by Peppers front reception staff to all be so lovely and helpful and to be honest they really made my stay and one of the staff members who also stood out was the cleaner on Level 6 – who had the biggest smile even when cleaning up others spa pool messes.

The things I will remember most about my FV by Peppers #SPAITGIRL stay is the people I have met along the way – the FV by Peppers Staff who I absolutely adored and the stories we exchanged.

The private spa suites and my spa party positive experience.

To find out more about FV by Peppers visit: www.peppers.com.au/fv/

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Review by: Yvette Le Blowitz
Founder of @Spaitgirl

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