Deborah Mitchell’s Bee Sting Facial is a natural alternative to Botox

It is a secret doorway in the heart of Covent Garden that takes you to Deborah Mitchell’s luxurious London retreat, Morgan House.

Its exact whereabouts hidden until an appointment is in the diary, to ensure her clientele, including the elite of London, can enjoy its sanctuary in absolute privacy and comfort.

Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell is loved by royalty, celebrities and our Spa it Girl London contributor Lila Valentine shares why.

The intention is that you can relax completely, be exquisitely pampered and leave with significant results.

I sip on a peppermint tea and take in the elegant interior, the lights are on dimmers, the pallet soft and in harmony with the light wooden floors, details are looked after by Heaven scented candles and a collection of make-up by Hourglass to ensure even the needs after a facial are taken care of. It is clear that Deborah adores both her work and clients.

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell’s is a luxurious range of products which are organic, natural and intended to work instantly. Created by herself to offer “the potent power of nature in perfect harmony with the latest breakthroughs in beauty technology.”

I am booked in for a Bee Sting Facial to first hand experience the rejuvenating effects of the patented Bee Venom Abeetoxin, often named as a natural alternative to botox.

This works to relax the muscles and boost collagen and elastin. The bee venom is collected ethically working with organic hives.

Deborah explains that this facial works to lift and rejuvenate the features of the face, chisel the cheeks, firm and smooth the skin and deeply relax you.

Deborah begins by applying the Hydro Cleansing Milk, with organic rosemary and lavender to deeply cleanse and moisturise.

This follows by an exfoliating and refreshing BeePeel that tingles for an instant as the Abeetoxin does its job. “This literally melts the lines away, closes the pores and tightens the skin,” says Deborah.

It is easy to be curious about every detail, but by the time the sublime massage has been completed, working on my face, chest and shoulders to relax and correct my posture, I am resting in deep peace. Unaware of anything but a new sense of spaciousness in my body and mind.

The facial completes with Prism Age Defiance Cream that works to plump the skin by the release of collagen and peptides, activated by sun light (and even harsher lights like the blue light emitted by smartphones) and finally the Beevenom Mask is applied to seal the bee sting facial.

Everything from the luxurious sanctuary of Morgan House to the impeccable treatment, the scents and textures of the products and Deborah’s warm presence make me feel truly cared for and exquisitely pampered.

All of this would absolutely be enough, but let’s remember there is a clear intention with the bee sting facial.

The results are truly present and instant, my cheek bones appear lifted, my lips plumper, the area of my eyes opened and my expression lines erased. Even so, this is much more than just a facial with fantastic results.

It is an experience that makes you feel good from the inside out.

The love that Deborah has poured into every step is clearly felt and my mind and heart have been nurtured as much as the appearance of my skin. ”

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Review By Lila Valentina
Spa it Girl London Contributor

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