Petrichor Day Spa an organic, vegan spa like no other

Petrichor Day Spa is an organic, vegan spa and can be found on Level 1, 48 Orchard Street in Hawthorn, Queensland – Australia in a 100 year old renovated Queenslander that features fresh Scandinavian interiors and is equipped for facials, massages and body treatments, plus a Vichy spa for relaxation and muscle tension release.

Esse is the skincare range that they use in the spa.  Esse comes all the way from South Africa, founded by a pharmacist and it is based on science and research.

Esse is certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free and they support fair trade and are a carbon neutral company.

I was so blessed when visiting Brisbane to catch-up with the Liz who is the #GIRLBOSS of Petrichor Day Spa and it was so amazing as we have been following each other for some time now on instagram and what I love about Petrichor Day Spa is there is no confusing if this place is a beauty salon or spa – it is 100% an organic, vegan spa and I love how crystal clear their spa brand, marketing and identity is – it’s so refreshing and music to my ears.

When I arrived at 48 Orchard Street in Hawthorn – I was super excited to finally be visiting Petrichor Day Spa in person as I have been wanting to visit this spa for some time now and they have been on my must visit and #Spaitgirl review list because when I first spotted this day spa I knew already that it was going to be some truly special so I had to find out more.


Petrichor Day Spa is located on Level 1 and to access the day spa – I had to walk passed a little fish mongers shop which is located on the ground floor but to be honest that didn’t bother me one little bit because all I was looking at was the Petrichor Day Spa sign on the renovated Queenslander wall, then the Spa Menus that was in the little basket and without even having to think I instantly grabbed one and couldn’t wait to read it.

From there I hopped into the lift and no it didn’t smell like fish or chips but instead like a beautiful day spa aroma so credit to the Petrichor Day Spa team for doing their very best to make their day spa experience start from the ground up.

I loved hoping into the lift and then pressing the button to Petrichor Day Spa it was seriously like being a kid in a candy store and right about now I was getting really excited as I had never visited this organic, vegan day spa before.

When the lift door open it was on the opposite side to the way I came in – so instantly I felt like I had left the hustle and bustle of the Brisbane City behind.

It also felt like I was stepping into another world, a Spa it Girl world, a very special and private place of exclusivigty – it had the best feeling every and when I arrived and stepped out I could instantly feel the positive energy, the wave of good vibrations and it felt like a proper day spa!

I was greeted by Liz the owner of Petrichor Day Spa and she was absolutely beautiful – she had the kindest spirit, energy and such a beautiful kind hearted soul. Her smile light up the room. I have been following Petrichor Day Spa for some time now so it was finally great to meet Liz and her team.

I loved how when she showed me around she went through everything and I felt that this 100 year old renovated Queenslander had so much character and the presentation of this Day Spa was immaculate and perfection to the tee and very hard to beat.

Everything was so beautifully presented and everywhere I looked it felt good – Petrichor Day Spa had the most incredible feel good positive energy and it flowed through every room.

I could absolutely feel how harmonious the team was too, and how much they loved their spa and everything they had to offer it was such a feel good environment and you could tell they all loved what they did it wasn’t a job, or just a business – it was their absolute calling.

Petrichor Day Spa had so much character it had lovely big high white ceilings, polished floors, french doors, glass stained windows, beautiful light features and it reminded me of the old Brisbane but now with it’s beautiful renovated touch it was like connecting to the real Brisbane, Queensland and definitely the good old Brisbane that I remember when I moved their to live at 18 years old.

On arrival – Petrichor Day Spa ticked all of my #SPAITGIRL Boxes when it came to all of the elements of what a Spa should be like – from the ambiance, music, lighting, décor, the front desk presentation not to mention – Liz’s and her staff’s outstanding presentation.  Every place I looked, every corner I took, everything I reviewed was perfect.

So much love and attention to detail had gone every aspect of this day spa  and every spa treatment room looked amazing. To think that this day spa is now also owned by a Liz who is a Spa Therapist turn #GIRLBOSS and she is married with 3 young kids was also another amazing thing about Petrichor Day Spa too you couldn’t help want to support a real girl boss who was working in the spa following her passion, calling and #spa #girlboss dream.

I was totally inspired when I learnt more about Liz’s own spa journey and story and I loved also how she too recognised all of the hard work and dedication from Jackie who was the original Petrichor Day Spa – the level of honest respect was outstanding and it showed Liz’s most beautiful soulful character.

For those of you who might not know I have been recognised and been a Global Spa Awards Judge and had to make decisions on which Top Luxury 5* Hotels, Brands, Resorts,Hotels, Wellness Retreats, Skincare brands  are the best. I use to live in London also and I loved exploring spa’s and flying to Budapest to spend time in the baths was one of the many things I use to do, or sipping morocon mint tea whilst in Morroco.

I did so much spa travel whilst I living overseas but it was back in the times when social media didn’t exist and print magazines were King! so all of these marvellous experiences has had me checking out amazing travel destinations for a really long time now and because I have reviewed so many spa’s too in resorts, hotels, retreats and then I have done my own personal spa travel – even yes work free when it comes to the presentation at Petrichor Day Spa – I can honestly say they absolutely nailed it.

Every spa treatment room was beautifully presented and I loved the woven cover that draped over the ends of spa treatment bed, every spa treatment bed had a beautiful white rolled up towel with Petrichor Day Spa embroideed on it and it’s all of these finer things like quality linen and knowing that it’s crisp clean, fresh and white that makes you feel like you are at a luxury day spa.

I loved seeing also their nice white cotton waffle spa robes hung up on a wooden hanger on the wall.  They looked beautiful and such a great choice for a day spa that is located in Queensland.

In every treatment room you can find a beautifully appointed white cotton spa robe that is super clean and it is nicely hanging on the wall. Next to that you will see a lovely wooden chair with a basket underneath it. I also got the opportunity to check out their vichy treatment room and OMG it was beautiful the design was amazing.

I have to admit I have seen so many photos of @petrichordayspa on instagram but there is nothing quite like being here in real life, in person because it’s not until you arrive here and you are immersed in this beautiful space that you can feel the real energy of this place.

After all of that OMG  – I love your Day Spa excitement went on and I checked out the outside balcony which was another amazing space for bridal shower parties it was time to finally arrive and to settle down and to get ready for my own spa treatment and being my own Spa it Girl.

I was booked in to have a Petrichor Anti-aging Probiotic Facial and my Spa Therapist was Jasmine.

Before my spa treatment – I had a chance to relaxed in the beautiful appointed waiting room and I was asked to fill out a little bit of paper work and I had the option of glass of tea or water.

After that I got to meet my Spa Therapist Jasmine had the most beautiful smile and vibe. I felt so relaxed just being in her presence.

Jasmine’s Spa Therapist presentation was spot on. She was so neatly presented and so attentive when it came to going over all of my personal skin needs, health and wellness. She was a true spa professional.

I was shown yes to one of my favourite spa treatment room’s at Petrichor Day Spa it was the front one with the beautiful stain glass windows which I absolutely adored –  however I think I would be happy to have a spa treatment in any of their beautiful appointed spa treatment rooms.

On arrival to my spa treatment room I was asked to change into my robe and then take a seat on that chair that was awaiting me in the corner.

Next Jasmine invited me to a nice cup of tea and the asked me to place my feet into the nice warm water and it was so lovely,

Next she started started massaging my feet and it was so relaxing – I absolutely loved it.  I seriously thought omg this is the best foot massage ever.

It was such a lovely way to start my Petrichor Probiotic Anti-aging Facial and also it was a nice and relaxing way to connect one on one with my spa therapist also.

I loved sipping on my nice  up of tea, whilst sitting in my comfy robe, expressing my gratitude to Jasmine and the Universe for my lovely spa bath foot massage that Jasmine was treating me too.

It’s moments like this that I will remember for ever – because it felt so good.

After my foot spa – Jasmine kindly dried my feet off and then it was time for me to get ready to get comfortable on the spa treatment table so I could now have my spa facial.

During this time  – Jasmine left the room so I had complete privacy and when I got up onto the spa treatment table I found the linen to not only looked good but to also feel good.

When I climbed underneath it was liking I was getting ready to go to bed it was so comfy and snuggly and the lovely luxe feeling was definitely up there and I have to say it definitely beats just pulling a towel over you and if you have only experience that at a walk in pop up massage shop at the supermarket – OMG you have to book into the Pretichor Day Spa – ASAP.  As this is a whole nother experience in itself.

Before my spa facial started – Jasmine went over a few more things and I felt that she really knew her stuff when it came to this Anti-aging Probiotic spa facial that I was having here. She also knew the Esse Brand and all of their products that she was using and the skincare befits inside out.

Here skincare knowledge was amazing and because she taught me so much and yes educated me so much I was really looking forward to my spa treatment and it was clear to me that this was one spa that really valued the important of training their staff.

I was very excited to have my very first Probiotic facial as I have been hearing so much about this along with Probiotic Skincare this year especially on the beauty media scene and whilst most of us associate probiotics (good microbes) with maintaining a healthy gut.

Leading scientist’s have now discovered that optimal skin condition also depends heavily on the probiotic microbes living on it and in it.

Your microbes permate deep into the skin structure and your work with your own cells to perform the complex chemistry that keeps your skin radian.  Without mircobes, your skin can’t perform it’s basic functions and the rate of skin ageing increase sharply.

Probiotic microbes form a barrier on the surface of your skin, like natural body armour. A balanced skin microbiome will improve barrier function, locing in moisture and keeping toxins out.  This reduces subclinical inflammation and slow ageing significantly.

When my Probiotic Anti-Ageing facial treatment started – I must admit I loved the aromas of the Esse products and the way they felt also, because they were organic and vegan they felt also so divine on my skin.

It was the nicest luxirous feeling and I loved how Petrichor Day Spa also was the only spa that I know that was offering Esse Anti-aging Probiotic facials as generally within the beauty or spa industry across the board people tend to follow what is the norm.

So I loved how this day spa – wasn’t following anyone else – but they were standing out – I loved how this Spa had a point of difference.

My Spa Therpist Jasmine – had such amazing facial massage flow and technique it was so relaxing – it was like having a massage for my face! it was definitely a beautiful natural face lift and a great way to help with detoxing for the start of Spring.

I felt that Jasmine’s spa massage techniqe went well beyond her Beauty College training and I was intrigued after my spa treatment to find out more her own spa journey and story as Jasmine was definitely a very gifted and talented spa therapist and she had such a spiritual touch – the flow, energy and were would you have me go was totally in sync.

What I loved during my facial was when every new product was going on to my skin I knew because the product had such amazing aromas it was a really sensory experience and this was so relaxing and it really enhanced my spa and wellness experience.

The combination of the beautiful organic, vegan probiotic products and the Jasmines soothing hands whilst, being snuggled under the comfy spa treatment table linen and listening to soothing spa music playing softly with my eyes softly closed was very calming, soothing and nurturing.

During my spa facial I also experienced a relaxing hand and foot massage, and my treatment was enhanced with cold stone eye therapy to treat dark circles and fine lines, which was one area that I really wanted to work on so I felt this spa facial did that.

The products used during my facial also had a lot of antioxidant’s and it was an omega 3 rich treatment loaded with vitamins A and C to reduce and prevent the signs of ageing. That also helps with lifting, tightening and evening out skin tone.

During my spa facial I could feel the active ingredients working however it was uncomfortable at any stage as they are all natural, organic and vegan.

Relaxation and rejuvenation is at the heart of Petrichor Day Spa and that is definitely how I felt by having the Petrichor- Anti-aging Probiotic Spa Facial.

We have just gone from Winter to Spring in Australia so I felt it was perfecting time to have a spa facial treatment as it was the perfect way to have a good deep cleanse and to also knock off that dead winter build up of skin. My skin felt deeply hydrated and like so much goodness had gone back into it.

Whilst I think I could have had that facial go on for hours and hours becase it was that good and so relaxing. Like every good spa facial there comes a time when we must both say goodbye.

At the end of my spa facial when I things I really loved was instead of Jasmine tapping me on the shoulder to say – thanks times up, or thanks how did that make you feel she got out a sound bowl and gave it a very lovely dong and then from that I could feel the energy vibrate through my heart chakras and then because it was radiating at such an amazing frequency I could also feel the presence of the energy cleanse all of my chakras so It was definitely a very amazing Body, Mind, Spirit, Skin experience.

As for why Jasmine had such great hands it of course I had to find out her own personal spa therapy story and it turns out her grandfather started teaching her at the age of 6 of how to massage his shoulders and he taught her over the many years all of the things to do with massage.

I knew when she first started massaging my face that she had done a lot more training then just at the Beauty School or in the spa.

I honestly thought she had done some training with a someone Zen Master so a big credit for her Grandfather teaching her so much at such a young age as now her talent and gift is a real blessing.  Maybe this a great lesson for all spa therapist start teaching your kids from a young age how to massage you so they can grow up to be just like you.

After my Anti-aging Probiotic Spa Treatment my skin felt amazing and like it was deeply hydrated, plump, clean, fresh radiant and glowing. But more importantly I felt so good from within, I felt so relaxed, calm and at ease, I felt like a brand new person again and I definitely felt like I had filled my cup right back up.

After I took a little while to wake up it was time to re- emerge to get dressed and then to take a seat back out in the little seating area which to my surprise and to my surprise a nice glass of champagne was awaiting with me a beautiful sorbet and this was something I really didn’t expect and once again Petrichor Day Spa new how to make an everlasting feel good spa impression.

I honestly loved my spa experience at Petrichor Day Spa so if you live in Brisbane or ever visiting and you get the opportunity to book in to be a Spa it Girl or Boy here you should.

A very big thanks to #GIRLBOSS Liz and Jasmine at Petrichor Day Spa for such a beautiful spa experience and thanks for reminding me of what a proper day spa experience should be like.

I love how you are truly a day spa and every element is linked back to the real essence of what a spa truly is about self care, health, wellness, skincare, relaxation and rejuvenation – Body, Mind, Spirit and Skin.

A Spa Treatment is not a quick fix, or a beauty thing, it’s got nothing to do with vanity, but it’s got everything to do with you overall health and wellbeing and not only the benefits of your skin but also your own emotional, physical, spiritual wellbeing and how you feel from within.  It all about getting rid of the stress and tension you are holding on and freeing your soul.

Taking time out of our busy lives is key and it’s so important regardless of all our job, titles, career, identity to make time to practice self care.  It’s so important to connect with the real you and to connect to your own heart and soul, to clear our minds and to become present and bask in the moment.

We spend so much time on line and I know that it is such a good feeling living live in the real world and I have found that whilst it is so nice to see a photo of someone having a spa treatment or at the spa there is no better experience then experiencing it yourself so I hope also after reading my blog post or following me on instagram that it inspires you to become your own Spa it Girl too.

I think when it comes to having a really beautiful Brisbane Day Spa – Experience – Petrichor Day Spa is perfect as it is located in a 100 year renovated Queenslander which resembles the history of Brisbane Living.

To think now that this 100 year old Queenslander has been renovated and become an actual day spa – is SPA IT GIRL Amazing and yes a dream come true! So well done also to the founder Jackie and now Liz and her amazing team for everything they do, offer and for all the spa, self care and wellness they have to give. You are really changing the way people feel and making such a difference in the Brisbane Community.

I was utterly impressed and because you made me feel SO GOOD and yes because you ticked all of the #SPAITGIRL Boxes and I so happy to now officially share that Petrichor Day Spa is now officially tried, tested and Spa it Girl Approved.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  Connecting with like minded girls like you that are going above and beyond to delivery the most amazing spa experience reminds me that when a team of passionate girls are all genuine and passionate about helping others to feel good from within and all things SPA and when we are willing to support each other and to collaborate that is when the real magic happens.

You are all Spa Industry Stars! I am now excited to share that Petrichor Day Spa is also become one of our #SPAITGIRL Hotspots to visit when in Brisbane.  I can’t wait for you to visit if you ever get the opportunity too.

If you do visit Petrichor Day Spa besure to to take a photo you so you can post it on your instagram page and hashtag #spaitgirl so I can hear all about your own spa experience too.

Petrichor Day Spa – You all beyond Amazing and I can’t wait to see you again.

Love & Light Always

Yvette xoxo

To find out more about Petrichor Day Spa visit: www.petrichordayspa

Hashtag #SPAITGIRL to share your spa travel moments too and remember @Spaitgirl we love you – you are never alone but supported and surrounded by beautiful like minded people just like you.

Review by: Yvette Le Blowitz
Founder of @Spaitgirl

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