Waterlily SPACEUTICALS: Lime Caviar + C Spa Facial

I visited the Waterlily Concept Store in James Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland Australia an caught up with Natasha who is WaterLilly’s Business Development Manager, Brand Ambassador and Spa Therapist Trainer too.

I have been experiencing Waterlily Spa Treatments at Beautiful Australian Spa’s for some time now so it was great to finally get the opportunity to check out all of the beautiful Waterlily and SPACEUTICALS products in their concept store.

The presentation and interior design of their store is so beautiful. Very elegantly presented I loved it so much and couldn’t help think how it reflected Michelle Reeve the Founder and Formulator of Waterlily.

The Waterlily Concept Store is located on the corner of James Street quaint Queensland Cottage Style Shop Front the feel inside was absolutely beautiful and as it had all of the Waterlily products it was a real Spa it Girl dream.

While The Concept Store is used mainly for brand new stockist, or exisiting stockist training or business things I really enjoyed seeing what the Waterlily brand had created for their Spa, Salon owners stockist and thought what a wonderful idea and place to be.

Before my Waterlily Spa Treatment started I had the pleasure of sitting down and relaxing, filing out a little bit of new client paper work, I also got to have a beautiful cup of Waterlily Tea and to clean my hands with this little warm hand cloth and the starting spa ritual was absolutely beautiful.


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After I settled in, Natasha who was going to be my Waterlily Spa Therapist went through everything really thoroughly he was so knowledgeable about their SPACEUTICALS, range, products, ingredients and the benefits for my skin and because she was so confident from the absolute get go and when talking to me it gave me so much confidence in the treatment and the products that would be getting used on my skin.

I felt like a sponge soaking all of her wonderful skin and self care knowledge in also.  I truly loved how she took me on a real WaterLily spa journey and how she emphasis creating space for daily rituals of self care which is the first step towards luminous, beautiful complexion and a lifestyle that embraces health and vitality.

Michelle Reeve Founder and Formulator of WaterLily is committed to creating authentic Spa Wellness solution entwining true rejuvenation with relaxation and the Waterlily philosophy and foundation is based on purity and integrity and this starts from the ingredient selection, to product development, holistic and sustainable practices while delivering a luxurious sensory aromatic journey.

Product creation is a very personal experience for Michelle Reeve and she has dedicated years of research and development when she launched SPACEUTICALS, a luxury line of corrective and regenerative cosmeuticals.

From the very first active ingredient the SPACEUTICALS reflects green science, creativity, transparency and superiority in formulation.

Michelle Reeve’s vision was to capture the therapeutic properties of Aromatherapy in a high performance collection to proactively protect the skin from the precursors of ageing while delivering remedial healing benefits to combat the signs of premature skin damage.

Each formulation is thoughtfully imagined considering texture, aroma and the sensory ritual of self-care to create a results driven skin ceremony layered in decadence.

Naturally I couldn’t wait to have a Seasonal Spa Treatment to Kick Start Spring off it was a Spa facial with the ingredients being Lime Caviar + C Spa Facial which feature clinical doses of Vitamin C Ester and Ferulic Acid with Vitamin E drenched in exotic botanicals of Lime Caviar and Kakadu Plum designed to visibly brighten, smooth and firm.

My Spa Facial was so relaxing, grounding and I loved the spa rituals that Natasha did as it truly allowed me to switch completely off and become present.

All of the products she used during my spa facial felt so amazing on my skin and I could actually feel that the active ingredients were working so for me that’s exactly what I wanted a natural spa therapy, plant based however with active ingredients that worked a treat.

Natasha was so highly trained, skilled, a true Spa Therapist Professional that I could see why Michelle Reeve has her as her Waterlily Business Development Manager and Brand Ambassador too she was so passionately intuned and I really felt that Waterlily got what a Spa Wellness Facial Treatment was meant to be like and feel like.

I really loved my Lime Caviar + C Spa Facial experience it was so lovely, I felt so good from within and when my spa facial treatment came to an end I felt deeply relaxed and my skin felt so amazing too.

I honestly could feel that my SKIN had just received the GLOWING WOW Factor and when it was time to look at my SKIN – OMG it was absolutely glowing and when I mean GLOWING – I mean next level AMAZING GLOWING.

The Transformation of my skin was unbelievable it’s a real credit to the products that Michelle Reeve has cleverly formulated along with Natasha who was carefully and passionately applying them to my skin.

After my Spa Facial I didn’t feel like I even needed to wear makeup that’s how healthy, plump and glowing my skin was.

I couldn’t help think OMG why have I not been using SPACEUTICALS in my day to day self care rituals so when I got to take a travel pack home let’s just say I was very pleased because I really wanted to keep my age proofing skincare routine up after my Lime Caviar + C facial

To this very day I have never had a needle in my face, never had botox, cosmectic work, or anything like that.

But I have been on the hunt for an all natural Cosmeuticals that ticked all the boxes which SPACEUTICALS does.

Thanks to Natasha for making me feel so good from within – Body, Mind, Spirit – Skin.

A Very Big Thank You also to Michelle Reeve the Founder and Formulator of WaterLily for creating such an Amazing Brand that focuses on high quality natural active ingredients that are results driven.


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Michelle Reeve is such a #SPAITGIRL #GIRLBOSS Inspiration I can tell everything she has created has come from her own heart and soul her passion and she stays true to who she really is and in this day and age that Spa Industry Leadership is Priceless.

To think that in this day and age we can use such natural based products on our skin and get such amazing results is so impressive and if I do say so myself I think the results I received from even just one treatment far out weight any needle or cosmetic works anyone could ever get – because being a Natural Aussie Spa Skincare, Self Care Beauty is ALWAYS IN.

For More Information on Waterlily visit: www.waterlilyskinbodyspa.com.au to become a Waterlily Stockist email: enquires@waterlilyskinbodyspa.com.au and quote: #SPAITGIRL so they know I referred you.

Love you all
Yvette xoxo

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