EP18 – Live Your Own Dream – #Spaitgirl Talk Show Podcast

Hello Beautiful

Can you believe it – it’s nearly Christmas and soon we will be spending more time with those we truly love so I can’t wait as this time of the year is so precious.

It only feels like yesterday when I recorded Episode 1 of the #SpaitgirlTalkShow Podcast and today I am sharing Episode 18 – OMG seriously! Time flies.

In Episode 18 – I talk from my own heart and soul with no notes and offer up some Inspiration, Motivation on How You Can Live Your Own Dreams – Click the Link To Tune In  and if you loved tuning into Episode 18 of the Spa it Girl Talk Show by Yvette Le Blowitz a.k.a ME then leave a 5* Rating and Review and tell someone you love too about my brand new Podcast too.

If you don’t have iTunes or the podcast app on your phone you can listen to it via googling it also.

It’s also free audio content created especially for you so I hope you do enjoy tuning in.

Love and Light Always
Yvette xoxo