It’s an Australian Travel First at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is the place to stay when you are visiting Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is a Luxury 5 Star Hotel and the best in Cairns and rated No.1 on Trip Advisor and No.1 by @Spaitgirl too.

It’s located by the Trinity inlet and cruise liner terminal making it a short walk to any of amazing day trips on offer out to the Great Barrier Reef or Islands.  It’s also walking distance to the Cairns Esplande, Shopping and Nightlife too.

Each of their luxurious rooms have its own spa bath and garden balcony overlooking the city with mountain backdrop or water views.

They have a roof-top swimming pool, gym, five restaurants and bars, boutique casino, conference spaces and a unique Wildlife Dome that offers the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most Iconic Wildlife like our Native Australian Koala or Crocodiles.

When I was visiting Cairns I had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino and also reviewing it to share what I truly did think.

On arrival I was greeted by really lovely friendly staff, I was asked to take a seat on arrival and the Front Receptionist was so lovely that I felt so welcomed and I was so happy to be checking in.

On arrival to my room I couldn’t help do instagram video after video as I was staying in their Luxury 55SQM corner suite with full water views, it had a double spa bath, separate walk-in shower and I found it to be so big espeically when you compare it to some people’s living apartments.

I really loved how spacious it was and I also loved how I had a balcony that I could sit out on that had the most incredible water views the water views are so beautiful I truly felt for the first time when visiting Cairns that I was in Tropical Far North Queensland and that’s partly because I had the best water views from my luxury corner suite.

In my suite I had the finer touches like a Nespresso coffee machine, bathrobes, slippers, daily newspaper, room service, free WIFI and places to sit or lounge around in.

The double spa bath was so impressive and yes why I was really there because you probably know by now that I am totally obsessed with having #SPAITGIRL Luxury Hotel Flower Baths.


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What I really loved about this Spa Bath was that it was big enough for two and that it had this amazing shutter windows like french doors that opened up and when I was relaxing in the spa bath all I could see was the incredible water views plus during the day it was so lovely as I could also see all of the sailing boats, and other boats cruising along the reviewer, plus combine that with the blue skies, sunshine, and then the mountain views it was absolutely beautiful.

It’s really hard to find spa bath’s theses day’s well especially in Australian and definitely in Cairns that have a luxury double spa baths with such incredible views.

During my stay at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino I really did my best at making use of everything on offer and I did things like having spa flower baths.

Swimming and Relaxing by their pool.

Going for walks along the esplanade.


Having a scrumptious hot breakfast every morning downstairs.

Going out for dinner at Tempers Restaurant which was so delicious, fresh and next level amazing.


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Ordering room service and then just chilling out in my bath robe on the bed.

But I think whilst staying at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino one of the most interesting and cutest things I got to experience was the Exclusive Koala and Keeper interaction which is done under strict guidance of the Wildlife Keeper’s from the Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome (located above the Casino).


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Thanks to the Keepers of Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome – I got to learn so much about VOVO a 2 year old female Koala plus so many more things about Koalas that to be honest even though I live in Australia I didn’t actually know.

It was an eyes wide open experience and I now feel more aware of all of the challenges facing our Koala population so due to learning so much about Koalas thanks to the Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome keepers I now am spreading the messages about how important it is to save our Koalas and with so many of them being hit by cars, or burnt in crown land fires, or urban development or disease I felt that this Koala and Keeper Interaction went well beyond just holding VOVO and getting a photo or video for my blog audience but by taking part in this Australia Travel Experience I was able to raise more awareness to the Save the Koala Foundation and how important it is for such Koloa Programs and whilst there is always much controversy when it comes to any animal not being in it’s natural habitat on this occasion had VOVO not been rescued and cared for no one would even know she existed or that Australia’s Koala Population is dwindling as it has only really made the news since Prince Harry and Meghan meet a Koala Bear and it Marked 60 years of the Royals Cuddling Koalas in Australia.

I remember growing up as a Kid and my Mum had this beautiful black and white photo of her holding a Koala when she was younger so naturally as a kid I wanted to grow up and hold a Koala just like her and one thing I have learnt in life is that I need to always stay true to who I am and I love Koala’s and I only want the very best for them and I do hope one day all generations and visitors to Australia will always have the opportunity to see them or hold or cuddle them should they wish too.

Prior to this experience at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino I had only had one Koala interaction experience however it was on an Island and at Wildlife Park and because I had to line up with so many other people to be honest I didn’t find it that enjoyable nor personal and to be honest I didn’t feel like I had learnt anything really about the Koala so for me this time around I felt it was a lot better and more confident with being one on one with VOVO and her Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome Keepers as they only have one viewing and it’s for a very limited time only.

The other thing to note is this Koala and Keeper Interaction at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is a limited numbers – so no one needs to worry about any of the Koala’s being exploited for Human Entertainment as this is not what this whole experience is about but like I always say if you have something nasty to say at least send a private message to the people who actually take very good care of VOVO and you will learn first hand from them that she is being taken very well care of and in Australia they do have very strict Animal Welfare Laws.

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