Kuramathi Maldives – A Spa Holiday You Will Never Forget

Be a Spa it Girl at Kuramathi Maldives set in Rasdhoo Atoll, on one of 5 islands located in this tiny archipelago.

Kuramathi Maldives is located 56 kilometres west from Male’ International Airport and you can travel by a seaplane to arrive their or their dedicated speedboat.

Kuramathi Maldives offers a naturally beautiful Maldivian holiday experience and it’s suitable for everyone to stay couples, families and solo travellers you name it.

The island is over 1.8km long and the Guest villas are scattered around lush gardens, facing secluded areas of long beaches or poised over water and even when it’s at it’s full guest capacity you will feel like you have so much space and privacy to go with the flow and to discover the island at your own pace.

Many areas of the island remain untouched, which allows you the beauty of simply strolling along the white sandy beach and through the natural vegetation.

I travelled to Kuramathi Maldives on a speedboat transfer from Male Airport.

The Speedboat was air-conditioned and I sat on the bottom floor and spent 90 minutes simply relaxing sipping on their complimentary water and I have to say it was rather relaxing in every way and I found that the time went by really quickly.

You can travel to Kuramathi Maldives in a Seaplane which takes approximately 25 minutes in travel time if you choose too however I have this thing for going in speedboats or any kind of boat when visiting the Maldives.

From the Moment I stepped on to the arrival jetty walkway platform and looked around OMG – I feel in Love.

I was instantly greeted with a beautiful smiling happy staff member’s face and then a Tropical Island Paradise setting think tropical palm trees, a white sandy beach, crystal clear water, bright blue skies and sunshine it was the instant Happy Endorphin pick me up ever.

I was offered a nice cold drink on arrival plus a comfy lounge chair seat whilst I was given an introduction into Kuramathi Island so I could make the most of my trip and time whilst visiting their beautiful tropical Maldives Island.

The presentation of my Kuramathi Island staff member Becky was impeccable and she was such a beautiful soul, she had such a kind loving warm energy and was a true professional.

I loved being in her presence and you could tell how healthy she was thanks to living in such a beautiful tropical maldives island like this.

During her welcome arrival presentation I was gripping on to every word she had to say and was so interested to find out more about this beautiful island I had just landed on.  She knew this Island inside out and her love and passion truly showed.

I discovered that Kuramathi Island was once 3 Island’s that had now been combined all into one, and that every section of accommodation areas had their own reception area so for me that meant I wouldn’t have to come all the way back down to the main reception area but in fact I would have a reception area close to Deluxe Overwater Villa which I loved the idea of.

I also loved how you could just take your time strolling around the Island or you could catch a buggy if you didn’t want to walk.

After the presentation I was kindly transported in a Golf Buggy to my reception area which I loved.

It was so nice travelling the island in a cute little golf buggy I truly felt like I was on a Maldives Island that’s for sure.

Even though when I checked in there was a lot of other people checking in too when we travelled around the Island it felt like I had the whole Island to myself as I only saw a couple of people and staff members along the way yet it was one of the busiest times of the year not to mention the start of school holidays.

Kuramathi Maldives Island had this really lovely Tropical laid back Feeling. It wasn’t pretentious in any way it was so lovely and relaxing and casual island attire was absolutely fine.

I loved all of the beautiful elements of mother earth and everywhere I looked all I could see all of the beautiful natural green vegetation and it was lovely how everything was so vibrant and green.

I was seriously in Awe of the Natural Tropical Palm Trees and even their Banana Trees. Seeing real banana’s on the tree was so cool and I found out that once they are ripen they use them in the restaurant so I would be able to actually eat fresh bananas from the Island’s trees at Breakfast in the morning which I was so happy to hear.

One of the things I also noticed when looking at their Banana Trees on the Island was that they had fruit bats just hanging out quietly in the trees.

It was so nice to get up close and personal and to re-connect with mother nature.  If it’s been a long time since you connected to mother earth then you will love visiting Kuramathi Maldives that is for sure.

I really loved Kuramathi Maldives because it had everything from white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and all of the Vegetation also and because the Island was 1.8km in length it meant you could either walk the island or catch a buggy if you didn’t feel like walking.

When I heard also that Becky was so grateful and blessed to Work In Paradise – every day that really made me even more happier to be visiting and staying here.

I could honestly tell how much she truly loved Kuramathi Island and it wasn’t laid on just for me – she was honestly the REAL DEAL and truly loved working and living here which to me said a real lot about Kuramathi Island because it’s not every day you ever hear someone say how grateful they actually are to work at a place.

What I loved about Kuramathi Maldives is actually how it is suitable for families and yes they definitely cater for the kids as they have special activities designed just for kids, teenagers and young adults and they also offer a Kids Club know as Bageecha for their younger guests of ages 3 and 12.

I must admit during my stay at Kuramathi Maldives I didn’t actually really hear or see any kids during my stay I think the only time might have been at breakfast but event then they didn’t bother me at all as the Island is so spacious it’s amazing that’s for sure.  I think it’s an awesome Maldives Island for Families as you definitely will have plenty of things for them to do.

When it comes to Accommodation at Kuramathi Maldives you have so much choice you can either stay in a beach villa, over water villa, pool villa, there are so many kinds of Accommodation to suit all budgets and travellers from couples, family and solo.

I noticed that all of the accommodation styles had easy access to the beautiful beach and crystal clear waters to swim in which I loved.

I stayed in a Deluxe Water Villa and it was next level amazing as it was set right on the Indian Ocean Turquoise Water.

I accessed it from walking off the main island then onto the overwater walkway and when looked down and out to the water all I could see was this beautiful turquoise water it was so feel good, so surreal beautiful, every place I looked the water was absolutely perfect.

It was truly beyond my wildest dreams as I kid you not, the water was just like their marketing photos I had ever seen on instagram or their website as you can’t beat experiencing Kuramathi Island in REAL LIFE.

It might come as no surprise that I was obsessed with their light and white bathroom twin vanities.

It had a free standing bathtub that overlooked the over water villa deck, outdoor shower and beautiful bright blue Indian ocean which I loved as it was so relaxing and feel good the beautiful bath setting.

Their Bathroom had Bath & Beach Towels, Bathrobes to lounge around in, Bathroom Amenities of course plus a hairdryer, which was attached to the wall.

If you have been following me on instagram you will probably know by now one of my favourite things to do whilst staying at Kuramathi Island was taking a swim off the back deck of my overwater villa and then taking a shower under their outdoor Maldivian Shower.


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It was so feel good feeling the cool water going over my head whilst looking out to the beautiful turquoise water and then looking up and out at the blue skies, sunshine and seeing a couple of the other ocean villas was amazing.

During my stay I found the over water villa that I stayed in to be very private even though it was a bigger kind of Maldives Resort I was staying at I didn’t at once feel like anyone was on top of me or invading my privacy matter of fact I never once saw another guest when I was going for my swims or even using the outdoor shower which was really nice.

I found the outside wooden deck on the villa to be a great place just to chill and to practice gratitude for how beautiful this place truly was.  It had lots of options of spots to chill from the Sun loungers to Deck Chairs or Dining Table it was the nicest place to enjoy a glass of Wine in the Moonlight over the Indian Ocean and then a Morning Espresso Coffee.

Inside the Villa was great also as it was fully air-conditioned, and equipped with all of the modern cons like:

  • Hot & Cold Water
  • Fan
  • Air Conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Wine Chiller
  • In-Room Safe
  • IDD Telephone
  • Espresso Machine
  • Flat Screen TV with Cable, and Lightning Dock
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Rechargeable Torch
  • Iron & Ironing Board

One of the things I really loved was when I arrived there was all of this Beautiful Post Cards and quite big and decent size Postcards from Kuramathi Maldives which had stamps on them already and they were there with pens so you could write out postcards to send to your family or friends I truly loved this somewhat heartfelt and nostalgic touch because who doesn’t love receiving a postcard in the mail from their loved one.

And when I saw their was a postcard that had their overwater Spa Pavilion I was like OMG I have fallen in love with Kuramathi Island even more.

My Villa was Amazing, I loved it. It was so clean, tidy, impeccable, and beautiful and it was serviced regularly by house keeping so always kept clean and tidy and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. It was absolutely perfect and it ticked all of the boxes.  The team did such a good job servicing it and it was always topped up I felt perfectly.

When I arrived at Kuramathi Maldives I have to say from the Get Go all of the Staff were absolutely lovely and even thought I was this time staying at a bigger Maldivian Island Resort I felt that it was still a very personalised check in and full welcoming beautiful guest experienced.

I have to stay every step of the way all of the staff were truly amazing from the reception, housekeeping at all of the restaurants, dining, café, bar you name it they were all so lovely and truly interested in what part of the world I was visiting from and of course they all loved the magical place they all worked at and because they were all happy and delivering exceptional customer service it made my stay one of the most enjoyable ones.

I got to meet quite a lot of staff members from front reception, to the spa, to the restaurant, café, bar, it didn’t matter what area I crossed path’s with I found them all to be really friendly, welcoming and helpful they were all lovely and added to my positive guest experience.

Kuramathi Island is Suitable for SOLO Travellers yes totally and you won’t feel like the odd one out at all. I spent quite a lot of time on my own exploring the Island and I totally loved it.

I fell in love with just sitting by the water enjoy a cup of coffee and I was simply in Awe in Mother Nature and all of it’s beautiful glory.

I think for any of our SOLO – Spa it Girl Travellers out there that if you travelled to Kuramathi Maldives on your own you wouldn’t feel alone because they staff are so happy to have chat but not in an intrusive way but a very happy welcoming holiday tropical Maldivian Style why they will make you laugh, smile and simply be happy to be experiencing Paradise.

By the time I left, of course I had meant many of the staff and in the short time got to know their names, were they were from and a little bit about their own story and journey .

I often feel that when I travel I learn so much from the staff members about their own island, country and I think because they eat, breathe and sleep in such a marvellous place that if you ever want to know what dish to eat, what wine to drink, what place to take the best photo on sunset all you have to do is ask one of the friendly staff and they will help you without any hesitation and point you in the right direction.

When it comes to the SPA at Kuramathi Island

I was greeted by the Kuramathi Spa wooden signed nestled amongst the tropical green leafy island setting.

From this moment I instantly felt my inner kid kick in as I was so excited to see the word SPA and be arriving at Kuramathi Spa as I had travelled far to experience what being like a Spa it Girl would truly be like here.

I walked down a cobblestone like pathway and had beautiful green leafy vegetation either side.

I was then welcomed by this gorgeous pool setting and like a little tranquil oasis as it had sun lounge chairs right around and then another great island juice bar to the left which gave it that real open wellness feel.

I continued to make my way to the spa opening and the first thing I noticed in the distance was this beautiful water fountain not to mention the beautiful flowers in this bowl.

As I walked closer to the Spa Open Entrance, all I could see was this beautiful big smiling Spa staff members face who I soon discovered was Queen.

Queen made me feel so welcomed with open arms and an energy that it was all about ME NOW and taking it calm and slow.  Which I think was just what I needed after lots of travel and another busy year that I have had also.

Next I was shown to the women’s change rooms and I put my things in a locker and got into a comfy bath robe, in the women’s only area you can choose to relax in a spa or sauna but for me I was so obsessed this time around at drinking a nice relaxing cup of tea on their beach front open air relaxation lounge spa waiting area which was so gorgeous.

The Spa at Kuramathi is set in the heart of the island amongst luxuriant vegetation and boasts the ocean as its backdrop.

They have 13 treatment rooms, consisting of 1 couples’ water pavilion massage room, 2 couples’ beach pavilion massage and tatami rooms, 1 aesthetic beauty care couples’ room, 1 manicure and couples’ pedicure room, 7 beach side couples’ treatment rooms and 1 private herbal bath treatment room.

Before you spa treatment you can prepare for your Ritual, soothe your body and quiet the mind in our separate male and female wet areas in the Rain Showers, Herbal Essence Steam Bath, Finnish Sauna, Cool Dip Pool and Jacuzzi.

Then you can move onto the Spa Lounge and enjoy the beautiful ocean air and breeze and listen to the sound of the ocean whilst drinking a pre-treatment herbal tea prepared by the Kuramathi Spa team.

I was in awe of their Spa waiting area and felt an instant connected to mother earth and the calming elements of being right on the Indian ocean.  It was so peaceful, so beautiful and truly nurturing for my soul.

When I laid back in one of the front rows of their spa lounge relaxation beds and I looked around at the beautiful tropical palm tree that was right next to the wooden deck and all I could see was the white sandy beach, crystal clear water and then the over water spa pavilion which was the area I was going to be having my 1 hour Spa Massage Treatment.

I was so happy and grateful to meet all of the Spa Therapist including Queen and the rest of the Kuramathi Spa Team it was so lovely hanging out with like minded Spa it Girl’s too just like me who shared the same love and passion for all things SPA.

Their open spa relaxation area was so beautiful as it overlooked the white sandy beach and I was surrounded by a Palm Tree and all I could hear was the Indian Ocean Breeze.

One of the things I noticed when I was going in was the beautiful pink lotus flower in the bowl and that to me is very significant well one because it symbolises a Spa it Girl which is how you have to in life at times go through Muddy Water’s the dark, challenging times, and then through darkness you come out to light and love and happier days and times again.

I have found that whenever I visit the Spa or do Spa Travel it truly renews my Body, Mind and Soul and always makes me feel whole and connected again it’s truly ancient rituals that will stand the test of these modern days and times.

When you visit Kuramathi Spa it isn’t about your to do list, or what you need to make for dinner, or what you need to do next, all you have to do is simply be, enjoy pure bliss and relaxation, it allows you to disconnect from the outside high tech fast paced world that never stops and it allows you to become fully present.

Kuramathi Spa is all about your own well being and tranquillity and it offers a moment in paradise that will instil a sense of wellness, balance inner harmony and restore vitality.

It’s a Spa that allows you to reconnect with one’s self, and allow the natural flow of pure energy, bringing back awareness into being.

Kuramathi Spa believe in integrated, Ancient Rituals that once nourished our Body, relaxed the Mind and balanced the Spirit, with the highest level quality of European beauty products and Far-Eastern natural essential oils, all in great respect to our environment and location.

All of their Spa Rituals are performed by a highly trained professional team, from Asia.

I loved my time meeting the Kuramathi Spa team and each of the Spa Therapist’s I met were all beautiful inside and out.

Just being in their presence was so feel good and so calming, nurturing and soulful.

This will relax your mind and prepare your body to receive the therapeutic benefits of your ritual.

They recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time in order that you may relax and I totally agree too the more time you can spend relaxing prior to your appointment the better I think.

For my Spa Treatment the Setting was in their open air spa pavilion and when I had to take off my spa robe and then make my way onto the spa treatment table they made sure all of the white curtains were down so no one could see in it was totally private.

I hung up my spa robe and I made my way onto the spa table and it was so lovely then having my spa therapist come in who then got me all comfortable and ready for my relaxation spa massage.


One of the things I really loved about this open spa pavilion setting was listening to the sounds of the ocean, smelling the fresh ocean air and then also listening to the beautiful calming music that was playing slowly in the wind it was so relaxing that the setting was so beautiful.

My Spa Therapist was so amazing her flow and timing was impeccable it was so nice and relaxing but at the same time I felt that she was doing such a great job getting all of the knots out of my tight shoulders and neck.

I found that I drifted away and I totally lost track of the time, there was nothing for me to do, all I had to do was relax and it was pure utter bliss.

I felt that my spa massage was so good for getting rid of any built up tension and I found that when I arrived to the Spa I had quite a lot on my mind but by receiving the spa therapy that had now all disappeared and I didn’t have a care or worry on my mind.

I didn’t even feel pressed to have to do anything or to get anything done which was a content creator, producer, go-getter girl is truly amazing.

It takes a lot for me to stop, but I have found over the many years why I love Spa Therapy so much is that it actually is the one kind of therapy that allows me to stop because when I surrender on the spa massage table that’s it – it’s just me, my heart, body, mind and soul and my spa therapist.

I don’t have to be anywhere, do anything, I simply am allowed to let go and I can be fully present so it’s a really great way to practice mindfulness and I think for anyone even if you are new to Spa Travel you can’t beat having this kind of spa treatment when staying at Kuramathi Island it truly leaves you feeling like you are floating on air.

After my spa massage I felt so relaxed and so good from within I felt a lot less stressed and I felt like I was truly on Maldivian Island time which was going with the ocean flow.

I loved being a Spa it Girl at Kuramathi Spa and I think connecting with mother earth especially during my spa massage was amazing I truly loved it.  A very big thanks to my Beautiful Spa Therapist she was beyond amazing and I loved her healing hands and beautiful flowing relaxing nurturing energy.

When it come to the Food at Kuramathi Maldives and the Dinning experience – I have to say it was Amazing every time I went to eat I was greeted by happy friendly welcoming staff and a variety of fresh food to always choose from.

In addition to their three main restaurants where international buffets are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Kuramathi offers nine à la carte restaurants offering a range of cuisine to suit all palates.

For something more romantic, why not book a Romance Dinner or enjoy a sumptuous Lobster Dinner on a secluded corner of the beach.

They have six bars around the island serve classical and tropical cocktails.

Depending on your mood, listen to mellow sounds of our two-piece band or while away the day sipping flavourful concoctions. Be spoilt for choice.

For ultimate peace of mind, you can choose to go all-inclusive. Kuramathi is one the few Maldives all inclusive resorts which offers two different types of all inclusive packages, designed to cater to your needs.

I really loved dining at the Palm which offered a collection of sensational culinary delights from the Mediterranean shores to island grown salads, antipasti, pasta, traditional Italian pizza with crispy thin crusts and homemade ice cream featuring both tropical and classical flavours.

They say that Palm transforms itself… offering an intoxicating blend of food, wine, culture and ‘joie de vivre’ and I have to totally agree eating their was next level amazing and what can I say it truly HIT THE SPOT and the first mouthful of my entre dish was enough to go WOW this food is Amazing.

Every dish I ate delivered the X Factor, WOW Factor and I truly loved each mouthful it was delicious, fresh, flavoursome the chef and team totally nailed it.

I must admit I am bit of a slow eater and when you are eating food this good I think I was eating even slower savouring every mouthful and moment this was my first time eating dinner at Kuramathi Island I have to say it totally impressed.

I was so blessed to spend time dinner with two very amazing people who really inspired me with all of their knowledge of this beautiful island and part of the world.


I personally loved learning more about the Traditional Maldivian Culture and their way of life and I was so interested in finding out more about their culture and people of their own spiritual land I was so fascinated with this island kind of lifestyle which was filled with eating fresh fish and ingredients and I found it so amazing that their was no cars, population, nothing like that – it was this total island paradise and bliss

I have quite a few Girls from Maldives who are part of the #Spaitgirl Community  who support and follow my blog and have for some time now so I do really feel this great sense of connection to this beautiful part for the world and I have so much respect when always being a guest.

One of the things I loved when having dinner at the Palm was how connected once again you can be with mother earth, the floor isn’t concrete, there are no concrete walls or ceiling yet the complete opposite mother earth is the floor, the ceiling was the night sky and stars I was surrounded by palm trees and I felt like I was truly surrounded by the ocean it was just pure utter magic.

During dinner none of us had cell phones on the table, nor were looking down at our phones to see what the latest news feed was, or nor were we trying to respond to others on our phone, or trying to pretend we were listening to each other but not really.

Instead we were simply present, in the moment and it was so lovely to not be time travelling ahead but it was lovely to actually be mindful and fully present.

I think personally Kuramathi Maldives is a great place to become mindful and present it allows you to let go and to truly relax.

It is such a great place to leave your cell phone in your bag off the dining table and it’s a wonderful place to re-connect with your self, loved one, family or friends.

It’s only when you go and visit and stay at a place like Kuramathi Maldives that you are reminded about how we can all choose to re-connect with ourselves or those we truly love but it takes making a conscious effort to detox and to let go of our mobile phones in order to connect one on one again.

When I was at Kuramathi Maldives whilst I was capturing the moment so I could try and show you things I was personally doing at the same time, I also spent plenty of time without my mobile phone.

As one of the things I really loved to do also whilst staying their was swimming in their beautiful epic infinity pool that overlooked their over the crystal clear blue waters, plus white sandy beaches it was such a lovely infinity pool and every time I looked or went for a swim in this infinity pool it truly did fill my own cup back up.

I loved going for a swim at Kuramathi Maldives it truly was one of the many favourite things I loved doing during my stay.

I also loved having a glass of champagne on their beautiful big natural white sand bank on sunset it was the best Maldivian Tropical Paradise Island experience and I think it’s one experience that is hard to beat as it was so relaxing sitting in the white sand barefoot drinking a nice glass of champagne whilst watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean and Kuramathi Island.

I think you could spend a lifetime at Kuramathi Island and it would never be enough time that is who beautiful it truly was here.

Would I visit and stay back at Kuramathi Island – Absolutely Yes in a heart beat and I would do all of the wonderful things I did plus more.

It’s such a beautiful tropical pristine natural island that has so much to offer and I can see why people choose to go back each year it’s so beautiful that I didn’t actually want to leave.

I hope you loved learning more about this beautiful Maldives Spa Destination and even though I have already shared lots of photos on my instagram page @Spaitgirl I am still a Spa Writer, Reviewer, Blogger at heart so I still do enjoy and love writing from my heart and sharing what I personally think with you.

I want to keep Spa it Girl personal so by sitting down and writing a personal blog especially for you, I hope it inspires you to consider your own Spa it Girl Holiday to Kuramathi Island in the Maldives too.

On that note I am super excited to now share that Kuramathi Maldives and Kuramathi Spa has officially been Spa it Girl Tried, Tested and Approved. 

For More Information about Kuramathi Maldives or to Make a Booking visit: www.kuramathi.com



A very big thanks to all of the Beautiful Staff Members at Kuramathi Island.

A very big thanks to all of the Beautiful Kuramathi Spa Team and my Spa Therapist too.

I will be forever grateful for this wonderful Spa Travel experience.

I will be forever grateful for spending time at your beautiful tropical maldives island and I now can’t wait for my
#Spaitgirl Community to experience the sheer natural Maldivian beauty of you too.

Kuramathi Maldives is one Spa it Girl – Spa Travel experience I will never forget.

I truly grateful and will be forever blessed.

Thank you for your kindness.

Love & Light Always

Yvette Le Blowitz

a.k.a Spa it Girl xoxo