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SHA Wellness Clinic is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea between the bay of Altea and the natural park of Sierra Helada.

The SHA method integrates the most effective natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, without neglecting the latest advances in Western medicine, especially in preventive medicine, genetics and anti-aging.

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The coordinated and supervised fusion of these therapies significantly enhances the positive impact that these therapies would have on an individual basis.

Their Programmes include detox, stop smoking, de-stress, help with fertility, and more.

They have an extensive spa menu of treatments including Hydroptherapy services and even Watsu.

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Watsu is a deeply relaxing kind of hydrotherapy. Movements are combined with gentle streching, with the oriental accupuncture points and the shiatsu massage, whilst you are gently cradled in the water at 34ºC.

In Watsu the lightness of the body in the water is taken advantage of to decompress the spine, mobilize the joints and stretch the muscles in a way that isn’t possible out of the water.

The rhythmical movements are carried out in harmony with your breathing to favour the natural regeneration of body and mind. To kick off 2019 why not try a Detox Programme which will help Cleanse the body of toxins accumulated from bad eating habits and external contaminating agents.

Ascertain the body’s level of oxidative stress by performing specific tests with a view to taking corrective measures.Learn new healthy eating habits in order to optimise natural detoxification mechanisms. Length: Minimum 7 days – Recommended 14 days.

Core Principles at Sha are:
Healthy nutrition “Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food” Hippocrates.
SHA Nutrition is a healthy, natural, energetic and balanced nutrition inspired by millenary principles, adapted to modern life, with a flexible, practical and attractive approach, respecting what nature offers at every moment of the year and in each place, personalizing it depending on the needs of each person.
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 Natural Therapies The search for balance

SHA offer you effective natural therapies that aim to enhance the healing power of our body, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to transform us into managers of our own health.
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Re-education of habits A journey of ten thousand kilometers begins with a single step

At SHA their goal is to ensure that you maintain indefinitely the state of health you achieve in SHA. For this they have created SHA Academy, a selection of conferences, healthy cooking classes, relaxation, meditation, yoga, breathing, mindfulness session and other group activities that will provide you with the tools and knowledge to enjoy optimum physical, mental and Long-term.

Inner Balance Disconnect to connect with yourself Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, pilates, tai chi, stress management and coaching are some of the therapies that allow you to achieve a perfect inner balance to enjoy good emotional health, which directly affects the general well-being of the human being.

Healthy-aging, Regenerative Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Genetics How to live more and better
At SHA their goal is not only to prevent or reverse premature aging after diagnosing its causes, but also to stimulate and recreate the natural processes and metabolic systems.
The anti-aging therapies of SHA are oriented to allow the enjoyment of life with health and vitality, regardless of the stage in which we are in.
Aesthetic Medicine Natural beauty
In SHA it is possible to delay the signs of aging by providing a healthy, youthful and natural shine to our skin, improving not only the physical aspect, but also the confidence in ourselves.
All the methods used share the philosophy of SHA: minimally invasive with excellent results, allowing the patient an immediate return to the daily routine.

In addition to manual techniques, SHA uses the most modern, innovative and effective latest generation of devices for body, facial and capillary treatments.

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Fitness “We must cultivate the vigor of the body, to conserve the spirit” Luc de Clapiers.
Physical activity is essential for the maintenance and improvement of health as it contributes to prolonging life and improving its quality.
At SHA they have assembled an outstanding human team composed of professionals specialized in physiotherapy, osteopathy and personal training, with whom you can perform trainings according to your needs.
Cognitive Stimulation Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
Their goal is that you enjoy your full potential not only physically but also at the mental level, and they are concerned with using the most valid current scientific knowledge that, together with new technologies, to help enhance the cognitive capacities.

To Find Out More visit:

Sha Wellness Clinic
Address: Carrer del Verderol, 5, 03581 L’Albir, Alacant

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