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Are you looking to focus your energies in the doldrums of this winter season? Try Haven Spa’s new Harmony Massage to reset and recharge.

Using a selection of sound therapy, Ayurvedic & Swedish massage techniques, this treatment left me feeling healthy and more grounded.

I left Haven Spa feeling split about my favorite part of this treatment. The first thing I loved about the massage was the use of Ayurvedic principles.

I’ve never tried ayurveda healing, but the release I felt during this gentle, Swedish-like massage feel healed. I also liked the focus on marmas, the physical meeting place for the ligaments, vessels, muscles, bones and joints. With each rhythmic, circular motion, I could feel the ache behind my knees fade away before I realized it was their in the first place.

For me, the most intriguing part of the treatment was the sound therapy portion with its use of tuning forks to release blockages and realign frequencies within the body.

This treatment utilized weighted and unweighted tuning forks that subtly releases stress and relieves emotional as well as physical pain, respectively. My eyes were closed for most of the treatment, so I spent my time tuning my breathing to the vibrations I could feel from the weighted tuning fork as master massage therapist, Ariel gently held it to my marmas, like the temples and inner knee.

The treatment centers on the body’s meridians, or energetic pathways, allowing physical, and even emotional, pain to flow from the body. The Harmony Massage focuses on parts of the body that aren’t typically targeted in a massage treatment, like the heart, knee, and base of the neck.

The unweighted fork creates a sound that I could feel in my inner ears first and that radiated out to my ears and heart. As someone that practices meditation, this was a welcome bell of reflection and focus at the close of this healing session.

The cherry on top of my experience was the soothing blend of essential oils used throughout the treatment. I enjoyed both the earthy ylang ylang blend that started the treatment as much as I did the bright, sweet orange mixture at the end of my massage. In fact, I’ve been wearing the gifted mixtures clients receive with their treatment all week!

By the end of the Harmony Massage,  I felt more awake than I had all day: alert, but calm. While I didn’t feel what many describe as an emotional unblocking of energy, I felt more in tune with my body and went home to cook myself the healthiest meal I’ve had in 2019. At the end of this treatment, I felt compelled to honor the journey my body had taken and the work of realignment.

Spa it Girl NYC Contributor Genevieve Wollenbecker

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Review by: Genevieve Wollenbecker
Spa it Girl NYC Contributor 

Photo Credits: Haven Spa + Spa it Girl Media