EP 20 – Amy Hughey, Founder of Self Love Mama – It’s All About SELF LOVE

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How are you? I hope you are well and excited about your Easter Holiday/s.  I can’t wait after showing you around so many amazing Spa Travel Destinations in Bali I am actually going to be taking some time out to spend with my beautiful Mum family and those I love.

But don’t stress I will be back after the Easter Break Sharing even more amazing Spa Travel Destinations with you too and giving you lots of sneak peeks in not to mention sharing even more amazing Spa it Girl Inspirations on the Spa it Girl Talk Show – Podcast also.

Talking about Spa it Girl Inspirations in Episode 20 I share one absolute beautiful babe Amy Hughey who is the founder of Self Love Mama.

I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Self Love Mama actually via Instagram many years ago now and instantly went we connected we clicked – the energy, vibe, intent, Self Love, Real Girl Talk Messages and everything felt so right and from that moment I have loved everything about this incredible Girl, Women and everything she creates and stands for.

I discovered that the best thing to come from me using Instagram has been the ability to connect with like minded people like Amy.

To Think when I was a little kid growing up in Australia I had to fill out an International Pen Pal Friends Form and Then Send a Money Order Cheque off in the Mail to Be Processed and it would take weeks or it seemed like months to be processed and then eventually someone would choose me to want to be their pen pal and then from there we would write hand written letters and send them in the mail and if we were lucky we would try to send just one photo of ourselves quite often a head shot and I would be intrigued by seeing for the first time my pen pal friend and what they look liked to now being able to connect instantly across social media like instagram and being able to video via Skype or mobile phone is really incredible.

So looking at it from that point of view I do think technology and these apps do play a very important part also in now everyone having the opportunity to share their own story, passion, dreams and self and whilst when I grew up what we saw as girls and women when it came to body imagine was heavily controlled by the high end fashion magazines or even high end brands that has now all changed and whilst many people are very negative about body image getting a whole lot worse due to magazines and brands still only supporting the kind of body shape or size like they have always done – I say POWER TO THE GIRLS because as long as you believe in yourself and believe you are worthy enough not to mention as long as girls we choose to be kind not only to ourselves but also one another we can truly make a difference in this world as I truly believe that all girls, women of all shapes and sizes should be included on the cover of any FASHION magazine and whilst we have a long way to go!

I know even at my Body, Shape or Size still to this day one modelling agency told me even when I started my journey of blogging – I was to old to model or I wasn’t the right size but it’s rather funny as then Instagram came out and that is what all bloggers had to start doing and now anyone can be a Model of their own life and share the things they truly love and you don’t have to be told by anyone if you are good enough, or to old or not.  I always knew deep inside that one day it would be Power To The People I always believed this in my heart of hearts so regardless of people’s beliefs I got that they needed to stick to a very standard Fashion Model Industry look – which I still know to this day – is so old and out of date.

I do believe in time the whole instagram bikini model blogger is going to get tired so right about now if you are beating yourself up for not being the most popular girl on instagram and you feel it’s due to your looks or your body, shape or size don’t. You can live your best, happiest, life from the inside out and it has nothing to do with your instagram account – that’s only one small part to your LIFE.

One that note I now hope you enjoy listening to Episode 20 of The Spa It Girl Talk Show Podcast with Self Love Mama

In this Podcast Show we talk openly about our own Body Image or Health Struggles.

I hope after you tune in you appreciate HOW REAL GIRL TALK this PODCAST truly is.

I believe that we all have a story and we all have motivational tips and words of wisdom that can help others to feel good from within.

I truly by listening to Episode 20 it provides you with a source of inspiration that no matter how tough life gets you will always get to see and feel the SUNSHINE and LIGHT again.  I hope it inspires you to keep it REAL no matter what.  To be your own Authentic Self and to OWN IT.

You don’t need a magazine, industry, or influencer agency, brand or anyone else to tell you if you are good enough but you do need your own self.

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