ep31 – How to Be an Award Winning Girlboss and Mum – Nicola Le Leivere, Owner of InTherapy

In episode 31 of the SPA IT GIRL talk show podcast 

I catch up with Nicola Le Leivere, Award Winning Salon Owner of InTherapy to find out why she was inspired to run her own Cruelty Free Sustainable Beauty Salon in Red Hill, Queensland, Australia.

I also congratulate Nicola Le Leivere and her InTherapy Team on Winning – The Best Beauty Salon Continent Winner – Australia and Oceania Awarded by World Luxury Spa Awards along with the rest of their Australian Beauty Industry Awards also.

Nicola Le Leivere also shares her insight how it is now the Rise of the Authentic, Kind, Caring Woman who wants to help others.  She talks openly about the importance of sisterhood and working together not against each other, choosing community over competition.

We talk about openly about how important it is to surrounded yourself with like minded people who have your back if you want to succeed, plus so much more.



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