Bali’s BEST Clifftop SPA – Karma Spa at Karma Kandara in Ungansan Bali

Karma Kandara is located in Ungasan Bali and is a Luxury Cliff Top Resort with Direct Access to a Stunning Beach on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula and is known globally as ‘Billionaire’s Row’.

It’s the ultimate spa destination for an intimate getaway or suitable to share with your family and friends as they offer a series of private villas, each formed from pavilions arranged around their own tropical courtyard and private pool.

Along with the choice of three and four-bedroom villas feature natural stone, teakwood decks and indigenous grass or ironwood tile roofs.

If you press play on my #SPAITGIRL Travel Show you will be join me behind the scenes as I take you to Karma Kandara with me and thanks to the team at Karma Kandara we show you around the private villa No.33 that I stayed in.


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When you stay at Karma Kandara and you walk around this luxury resort on your way up to their main restaurant you will be greeted with white stone and then expansive clifftop ocean views will make you feel like you are in a James Bond Film as that is how luxury and beautiful it is.

di Mare is the main resort restaurant and it offers a range of Mediterranean cuisine served in a stunning cliff-top setting overlooking the Indian Ocean.

They offer a fine-dining menu that focuses on fresh ingredients, exotic flavours and classic cooking techniques, complemented by list of international wines.

Every day I woke up and had the pleasure of walking from my private pool villa to di Mara and I absolutely loved having my morning breakfast and coffee here as the clifftop views are so spectacular it instantly makes you feel well just looking out towards the endless views of the beautiful ocean.

If you press play on my #SPAITGIRL Travel Show you will be able to see what I mean when it comes to the beautiful breakfast view it was so feel good looking out towards the ocean then over to Karma Spa whilst overlooking their main resort pool too.


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All of the staff who attended to me each morning had a happy smiling face and nothing was ever a problem which I also loved as I truly believe it’s the staff who also make the travel experience along with the gorgeous one of kind feel good views.

Whilst staying I made a trip down in the Hill Tram to their private Karma Beach and that was so much fun and a Must when staying as it gives you direct access to their gorgeous turquoise beach you can reserve yourself a private cabana and sun lounge with an Umbrella overhead which I totally recommend and you can immerse yourself in the ocean and then relax by reading a book they also offer water sports if you are feeling a little bit more advent ours.

During my stay their beach club that normally serves food and drinks was undergoing renovations but from what I could see when the renovations are finished it will be set to look fantastic and that will be another great spot to eat and drink but for now they are brining food down via their Hill Tram from their main restaurant which still allows you to eat when you are spending the day at their Karma Beach.

Karma Spa is the soul of the Karma Kandara Resort and it is a spa and wellness sanctuary where you can slow down, breathe, and be at ease.

Their spa team are all highly stilled and trained offering a deep state of healing and relaxation and they offer a wide range of spa treatments, so it might come as no surprise that I couldn’t wait to visit their Karma Spa and to experience it first hand as I had heard so much about this spa over the many many years so it was finally good to be visiting.

Karma Spa wasn’t to far at all to walk from Villa 33 so the perfect stroll and the Karma Spa is located on the way to di Mare and right before the walk way bridge to the main restaurant and resort swimming pool and access to Karma Beach.

Any time I see the word Spa I get excited but combine Karma Spa together and I was super excited to be entering.

I loved entering the Karma Spa as it was through this arch way door way and then I had to step along what was like a stepping stone wooden pat way to get to the main spa reception open air pavilion area.

When walking in all I could see was the beautiful ocean views and also Anika’s smiling happy face behind the spa reception desk.  Anika made me feel so welcomed and I loved how attentive she was to my every need.

When I got shown around Karma Spa I instantly feel in love with their spa as it had such a feel good energy radiating.


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Their private spa, sauna, ocean view shower area is truly one of a kind and I could help think what a unique spa offering it was so relaxing having a shower and spa bath overlooking the gorgeous ocean feel good views.

Their spa treatment rooms had the most beautiful views overlooking the ocean and as they were right on the clifftop all I could hear was the ocean they had two spa treatment beds in the room which I loved.

I also how in the spa treatment villa clifftop rooms they had this beautiful sweeping white curtains from the ceilings not to mention the treatment rooms were also air-conditioned which is perfect for this time of the year especially as it is starting to heat up in Bali at the moment.

I absolutely loved the openness and clifftop spa design as all of the treatment rooms, reception and spa area look out towards the beautiful ocean and it’s so feel good everywhere you look and to be honest quite hard to believe you are even in Bali because if you have ever visited say the streets of Seminyak well it’s worlds apart.

My Spa Therapists was Wursiti who has worked now at Karma Spa for 8 years which was so amazing to hear.  She was so beautiful kind and caring and for my spa treatment and spa massage was so professional having a spa massage in this gorgeous spa treatment clifftop villa was amazing as all I could hear was the ocean plus the beautiful soft playing spa music.

My Spa Therapist massage technique was so amazing her flow and pressure was perfect and I felt really comfortable and as a result I was able to deeply relaxed and I was able to surrender and let go.

Because Karma Spa is also run so professionally when it came to clean linen and then professional spa therapist who are passionate, highly skilled and trained naturally Karma Spa ticked all of the boxes which is so important because I know when you are coming from Australia these are the simple things you expect but these kind of spa professional standards is truly why it’s worth visiting a spa like Karma Spa not only for the spa setting but the quality of the spa therapists and overall how the spa is actually maintained, managed and run.

Because I loved my Karma Spa experience so much it might come as no surprise that you will be hearing me singing their praises for many years and decades to come.

If you click on the play button below you can also take a sneak peek into Karma Spa with me and also take a look at their spa treatment room which is perched right on the cliffside over looking the ocean you will also be able to see some of the amazing Karma Spa team who also made my stay.

As this is such a sort over spa destination I totally recommend trying to book in advance at least even one day prior to wanting to get in whilst when you look at my video it might look like it’s not that busy I can definitely share that it is a very busy day spa setting as people who stay from outside the resort can also book in along with those who are staying at the resort so with the holiday season just about to start do keep that in mind.


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