e49 – How to Stay CALM – During COVID19 with Audrey Sutton Mills, Founder of Soul School

In episode 49 of the #SPAITGIRL Talk Show with Yvette Le Blowitz

Our very special guest is……

Audrey Sutton Mills a Yoga Instructor, Soul Mentor, Podcaster, Writer, Lululemon Ambassador and New Mom.

Learn how to come home to yourself, your soul, your truth and to realise that you are enough and you matter.

Audrey Sutton Mills shares her story of how she once felt so unfulfiled, alone and how it took a marriage breakdown and her whole world spiralling out of control for her to discover her true self up until then she had been living a life that was not her own.

She now shares in this podcast things that you can do to help with the feelings overwhelmed like your whole world is crashing around you

Things you can do when you feel like you have no control and nothing is certain.

If you are feeling lost and like you are on a total emotional roller coast ride and you feel worried, anxious, unsettled, you can feel your mood go up and down.

You are finding being at home in self isolation or lockdown is really getting to you and you want to know how you can work through one of the world’s plus your hardest challenging times then hit the play button to tune in.

You might want to make yourself a cup of tea or grab a coffee because it’s a long one this podcast show but I truly feel that there are so many words of wisdom, practical handy tips that don’t cost the earth that anyone can do at home and globally that is was well worth forgetting how many minutes the podcast even went for.

I truly believe the universe has a way of sending people sign’s, messages and I have been really open to receive so many since the World Pandemic COVID19 reached crisis point and I hope you pick up on some of the things I have learnt and discovered also and it helps you to put things into perspective and makes things so much easier for you when it comes to practicing gratitude or feeling blessed for your current situation.

I hope all of the things we talk about from;

– how to stay calm, positive and grounded when the whole world around you is changing so far is of help.

– how to meditate even if you think you can’t

– how to surrender and accept that with the COVID19 right now if we can’t work, run our businesses that is just the way – we dive deep into this conversation and I hope it is of help to you also.

– how to practice Self Love during a World Pandemic and how to realise it’s not your fault don’t beat yourself up

As a gift to you starting tomorrow – 1st of April 2020 Audrey is starting a free on-line 10 Day Self Love Retreat which will allow you to join her on a virtual Self Love Retreat follow her instagram page @blissfulaudrey

You can also gain access to her Free 5 Steps to Meditate Guide via her website at: www.audreysuttonmills.com

Now that I have given you the low down I can’t wait for you to listen in – link below

ep49 of the #SPAITGIRL TALK SHOW PODCAST with Yvette Le Blowitz – How to Stay CALM – During a Global Pandemic with Audrey Sutton Mills


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