ep50 – How to Cope Better During a Global Pandemic & Crisis with Tunteeya Yamaoka, The Ikigai Psychologist

In episode 50 of the SPAITGIRL TALK SHOW PODCAST with Yvette Le Blowitz

I catch up with our very special guest:

Tunteeya Yamaoka, The Ikigai Psychologist

To find out things that we can do which will help us Cope better during a World Pandemic and Crisis in this podcast episode you can learn more about:

How to mentally and emotionally process Anxiety and Uncertainty

What is Empathy and How Practicing Empathy can help improve the way you feel

How to Reach out and ask for Help

How to express how you are truly feeling instead of bottling it up and pretending everything is ok

How to Keep yourself Mentally Healthy throughout a global crisis

How to Stay Positive even if the news is continually negative

How to grow and develop even if you have to stay home

Things to think about should the situation in your country or community worsen self care steps you can put in place now before the crisis peaks

How to stay connected so you don’t feel isolated and all alone when working from home.

Plus we talk openly about so much more.


A very big thank you to Tunteeya Yamoka, The Ikigai Psychologist who is a regular contributor to the SPAITGIRL TALK SHOW PODCAST for giving up her valuable time to help you and the rest of our #spaitgirl community and audience.

Stay in contact with Tunteeya Yamoka, The Ikigai Psychologist via website at www.ikigaipsychology.com   and instagram @ikigai_psychology

I truly hope that tuning into this weeks #spaitgirl podcast show was of help during this global pandemic.

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After you tune into this brand new episode 50 of the #spaitgirl talkshow with Yvette Le Blowitz and our very special guest Tunteeya Yamoka, The Ikigai Psychologist……

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ep50 of the #SPAITGIRL TALK SHOW PODCAST with Yvette Le Blowitz – How to Cope Better during a Global Pandemic and Crisis with Tunteeya Yamoka, The Ikigai Psychologist


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