ep.53 – Make Peace with Food & Yourself with Avril Carpenter, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Welcome to Episode 53 of the #Spaitgirl Talk Show with Yvette Le Blowitz, Podcast Host and our very special guest

Avril Carpenter who is a Leading Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in weight loss hypnotherapy for women and she helps them reset sabotaging habits with  virtual gastric hypnosis.

Author of Ignite your Thinner Sparkle – 7 clever techniques to conquer cravings, be confident around food + control your weight.

She shares that looking at her photos it’s easy to assume that I’ve always had a happy relationship with my body and food.

But in the kindest sends of the word I have been around the block when it comes to struggling with food and body confidence.

Like so many women, I have a history of dieting, binge eating, and hating my body.

Family-sized tubs of ice-cream, salt and vinegar chips and liquorice all sorts were my hidden shame.

It wasn’t until she stopped dieting and acknowledged some of the ‘stuff’ in my head with hypnotherapy that my relationship with food and body changed.

Hypnotherapy had such tremendous echo in ever part of her life, that she left the corporate world and now spends her days helping women feel comfortable .

In this podcast show host Yvette Le Blowitz – Author of It Starts With Me founder of #SPAITGIRL open’s up about her own body image struggles which still rear at times it’s ugly self hate’s head.

Are you ready to be your happy shape and size to make peace with food, to live the joyful life you truly crave.

Then get ready to plug your ear phones in to go for a walk outside while listening or to lay on the couch if you have to stay in side to this week’s brand new #spaitgirl podcast show

After you tune in I would love to hear what you think…

Did you find this of interest?

Did it bring you value? was it of help in anyway?

Did you love the real talk feel unscripted non pc with both the podcast host and guest saying how they truly feel?

I can’t wait to read your comments and thoughts.

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ep.53 of the #SPAITGIRL TALK SHOW PODCAST with Yvette Le Blowitz – How to Make Peace with Food & Yourself with Avril Carpenter 



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