ep.54 – How to Live a Modern Yogi Lifestyle with Jess Gabler & Sophie Parienti, co-founders of YOGI TIMES

Welcome to Episode 54 of the #SPAITGIRL Talk Show with Podcast Host Yvette Le Blowitz

I am proud to announce that our very special guest’s are the co-founders of YOGI TIMES yogitimes.com Sophie Parienti and Jess Gabler who had an idea about 20 years ago to create a space for local community to share their knowledge, creativity, and passion around the emerging yoga lifestyle.

Back when access to yoga, holistic medicine, nutrition, and sustainability was limited, their mission was to make this knowledge accesible to everyone.

This was well before the internet was grooving and Yoga became mainstream.

They relied on the involvement and contributions of the local community in its creation, aspiring writers, photographers, Yoga Teachers, holistic practitioners and anyone that wanted to enhance people’s lives.

YOGI TIMES was a pioneer, a liberal media that took on the slogan, Lifestyle for the Modern Yogi, because they knew back then that yoga and wellness would become and essential way to stay grounded and happy and part of our modern life.

YOGI TIMES www.yogitimes.com is the Lifestyle Guide for the Modern Yogi and it attracts those who are curious and insightful, worldly yet present independent yet connected.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Los Angeles, France and Bali, YOGI TIMES is 100% founder-owned and highly committed to remaining free and independent media.

Sophie and Jess love serving the readers with compelling content because inspiring people is in their DNA.

Sophie grew up being influenced by her loving mother and grandmother, who surrounded her childhood with books and magazines to feed her soul.

Jess knew that he always wanted to help and give back on a bigger scale than the small french village he grew up in.

Their Journey has not been easy and there were times they felt disappointed and had to learn to get over it.  They secured some ventures and failed at others.

But they learnt a lot and realised those hard times grew them into a company that they are today.

Despite the ups and downs they have faced over the 20 years of YOGI TIMES one thing stays and remains the same that their mission to empower people to be at their highest potential so it is with absolute pleasure, gratitude and honour that I share this brand new and very special and heartfelt #spaitgirl podcast episode 54 with you.

In this episode 54 you can learn more about Sophie and Jess’s

– their YOGI TIMES co-founder story which started from humble begginings

– self care tips that they do and how you can try them too

– how to cultivate your own daily self care practices from the moment you wake up

– how to practice yoga, mediate even if you don’t think you can

– how to work effectively as a team, partner relationship

– how to feel grounded in amongst the chaos

– how to deal with things that happen out of your control

– how to feel less stressed and anxious

– how to feel more connected

– how to elvaute your feel good vibrations

– how to shift negative energy

– how to overcome a negative mindset

– how to overcome self doubt, self hate and fear

– how to be kinder to yourself and others

– how to set your own powerful intentions

– how to connect to your inner-self and feel more spiritual

– how to make a difference to your own health and wellbeing

– how to practice gratitude

– how to build a healthy loving relationship with your partner, family, friends, followers

– how to build an online and global community of like minded people in harmony vs in competition

– how you can develop your own self through so many incredible courses and online resources now available through YOGI TIMES University which is so dear to their heart.

In this #spaitgirl talk show with Yvette Le Blowitz and thanks to the co-founders of YOGI TIMES – Sophie Parienti and Jess Gabler they share words of wisdom, tips, rituals, practices, resources, tools, ideas, thoughts on how to make you feel better during the ups and downs of life.

Are YOU Ready to……

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ep.54 of the #SPAITGIRL TALK SHOW PODCAST with Yvette Le Blowitz – How to Live a Modern Yogi Lifestyle with Jess Gabler & Sophie Parienti co-founders of Yogi Times


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