ep.55 – How to Create Positive Vibes with Selene Crystals Australia

In episode 55 of the #SPAITGIRL Talkshow with Yvette Le Blowitz

I catch up with our very special guest Lestari Nurlaila founder of Selene Crystals Australia to find out how we can

– increase our positive energy and vibrations

– set our intentions and positive affirmations with crystals

– what crystals can actually be used for

– how to cleanse your crystals

– what’s all the hype of the full moon about

– what her self care rituals are now and during Covid19

– plus what it is really like being a Mum with two young twin boys and being a start up business during challenging times like Covid19

Stay in touch with our very special guest Lestari Nurlaila via:

website at Selene Crystal Australia www.selenecrystals.com

Instagram page @selenecrystals.au


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