ep.56 – Sustainable Self Care Rituals with RITOLOGY

Welcome to episode 56 of the #SPAITGIRL Talk Show with Yvette Le Blowitz and our very special guest

Renee Mets co-founder of RITOLOGY www.ritology.co

RITOLOGY was Imagined in 2017 – Founded in 2018 and Launched in 2019.

Co-founders Daegan & Renee of RITOLOGY started out as work colleagues which than blossomed into a flourishing friendship as they both loved minimalism, the outdoors, wellness, travel with a touch of wine and coffee.

Daegan is Canadian and Renee is Australian after  researching and investigating personal care products they realised the product they wanted wasn’t really out so that is when the real co-founder start up #girlboss journey began.

Their first RITOLOGYproduct is a plastic free razor that facilitates a closer shave with less irritation and ingrown hairs than it alternative.

The purpose behind their first launch is to eliminate the 2 billion disposable razors that go to landfill ever year.

They believe that our actions do matter and that we can all make a difference when it comes to our self care rituals.

RITOLOGY is a committed to offering zero plastic effective personal care solutions that fit seamlessly into our daily routines and travel itineraries.

Their product is a minimalist design, with quality materials and proudly sustainable.

Their purpose was and is to simply your personal care rituals with quality products designed for minimalist sustainable living.

RITOLOGY priority is your time, your health, your body along with the environment.

RITOLOGY is premium sustainable personal care.

When you use RITOLOGY you can feel good and do good at the same time with no compromises to quality, design + our planet.

In episode 55 – I catch up with Renee Mets co-founder of RITOLOGY to find out

– more about herself and co-founding start up brand journey

– how the whole RITOLOGY product brand idea started and more about the product development phase also

– what her own self care #girlboss rituals are

– tips on how to avoid start-up #girlboss burn out

– favourite place she has travelled to – give you a little hint it starts with a capital M

– why she is so passionate about making a difference

– why she is so passionate about taking care of the environment

Plus like always we talk about so much more all things real life – from business, building a brand, travel, wellness, self care, Covid19 – you name it.

Are YOU Ready to……

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ep.56 – Sustainable Self Care Rituals with Renee Mets, co-founder of RITOLOGY – #SPAITGIRL TALK SHOW with Yvette Le Blowitz


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