ep.57 – Navigating Your Reflection on ZOOM with Tara Well Ph.D, Motivational Psychologist

Welcome to episode 57  of #SPAITGIRL Talk Show with Yvette Le Blowitz

With our very special guest Tara Well Ph.D Motivational Psychologist, Professor of Psychology at Barnard College of Columbia University and creator of Mirror Meditation which is based on the neuroscience of mirroring and psychological research on stress-management, self compassion and emotional resilience.

Based on the three principles of mindfulness meditation:

– Attention in the present moment

– Open awareness

– Kind intention toward oneself

Mirror Meditation is a mindful practice for increasing your self awareness, managing stress and emotions, developing self-compassion and increasing your confidence and personal presence.

During COVID19 you may have been invited to attend a ZOOM video conference for a work meeting or to hang out with family or friends and whilst it sounds super exciting that you can stay in touch with anyone via your mobile phone, laptop, tablet at home or anywhere globally what if you are not a Fan of Looking at your Own Reflection when joining into a ZOOM video call or even going live on Instagram which also shows your relfection and when you are using most video conferencing apps and talking to others you do get to see your own reflection so it is very much looking into a relfection of yourself and looking into a mirror when you see yourself.

What happens when you you are in a Zoom meeting and you find yourself focussing not on what your boss is actually saying but how you look in the reflection video mirror you see.  All of the sudden his message is a blur and all your mind can do and think is how you should have comb your hair, put your fake eye lashes on.

With many businesses globally now realising that they can actually save money on flights and accommodation travel meals by now holding regular Zoom meeting’s compared to face to face meetings in the office it seems that Zoom Video Meeting calls could not be only a thing that businesses did in CVOID19 but actually for many years to come.

As Tara Well, PhD, Motivational Psychologist and Mirror Meditation shares practical tips and things you can do that will have you Navigating Your Reflection on Zoom with Self Love, Self Acceptance, Self Compassion, Kindness and Confidence.

If you are not a fan of seeing yourself on camera, or looking at your reflection in the mirror than you don’t want to miss listening to this episode 57

ep.57 – – Navigating Your Reflection on Zoom with Tara Well Ph.D, Motivational Psychologist – #SPAITGIRL Talk Show with Yvette Le Blowitz 


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