ep.59 – Turmeric Wellness with Tahli Watts, co-founder of Golden Grind

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In ep.59 – Turmeric Wellness with Tahli Watts co-founder of Golden Grind

Want to Boost Your IMMUNE SYSTEM naturally.

Turmeric is a proven, all-natural healing spice that can help treat symptoms of inflammation, pain, digestive problems and much more.

Golden Grind is The Worlds Best Organic Turmeric products, Australian Made and Owned.

Famous for their ‘Golden Latte Blend and they sell some of the world’s best turmeric blends and products.

Top Sellers now include the Turmeric Curcumin Capsules and the Superfood Smoothie Blend.

The latest Skincare range also offers proven and effective products to naturally treat and cure acne, scarring and eczema.

The founders of Golden Grind Mission is to Prevent, Heal, Cure, Naturally.

Golden Grind  is

High grade turmeric

Products are developed by a food scientist,

Certified organic turmeric and other ingredients

Vegan products

GMO, Gluten, refined sugar & Caffeine Free

No additives or preservatives

Hand Made in Australia

I have watched the Golden GrindJourney unfold and as I have been spending so much time in age care facilities and up at the hospital more recently it has really made me think about any products are natural ingredients that could help with reducing inflamation in our body.

In this episode you can find out

– what Inspired Tahli Watts co-founder of Golden Grind to want to start up a brand and business that was all about Turmeric

– what are the Health Benefits of Turmeric

– what her self care rituals are as a #Girlboss

– tips on how to avoid burn out when starting a brand and business and building it from the ground up

– how to overcome your own fears and to go for it

– what it’s really like working in a family business

– what makes her happy

– how long it really takes to build a brand in her own personal experience

– what she never leaves home without

Plus we talk all things health, wellness, self care, turmeric, self love, holidays, face masks and what it’s really like being a co-founder and #GirlBoss during Covid19 also.

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